I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 203 - Modern Legend

Chapter 203 - Modern Legend


Seeing Zhou Yalong being held like a cloth sack by Chongming Demon Monarch, the entire city erupted into loud clamor.

Countless people cried out as they were unable to believe their eyes and ears.

“Life-Devouring Demon Chief? Heavens, this turn of events…”

“Could it be that Zhou Xuanji really is the Tanhua Sect’s Vice Sect Lord?”

“Are you dumb? It’s evidently the Tanhua Sect trying to rope Zhou Xuanji in. With this kind of talent, what faction would not be interested?”

“That’s right, Sword God Zhou has never committed any bloody atrocities before.”

“Experts rely on their own strength; Sword God Zhou doesn’t need to attach himself to any faction.”

Voices sounded out from every corner of the city; Zong Kuiming’s betrayal was much too shocking.

Now, even if Emperor Yan of Zhou came down, he would not be able to turn the situation around.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Huang Lianxin and said, “Go and take revenge.”

He then turned his gaze back to Zong Kuiming.

That fellow was looking at him with a smile that did not seem like a genuine smile, which made him feel quite frustrated.

“Tanhua Sect’s Vice Sect Lord… things have become troublesome…” Zhang Lanya muttered to herself. Now that the Tanhua Sect had their eyes on Zhou Xuanji, her Hanyin Divine Sect would not dare to try to fight for him.

The Tanhua Sect’s people were all bloodthirsty, and the Hanyin Divine sect did not want to wade into those muddy waters.

Xu Xianxuan did not think so much. Seeing that Zhou Xuanji was out of danger, she felt at ease.

Lu Longlin, Yang Zhongtian, Xitan Changshi, and the other experts were all pondering about the relationship between Zhou Xuanji and the Tanhua sect.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji and the others’ expressions, it seemed that they were also caught off-guard.

“Zhou Yalong, there is a perpetrator to every injustice and every debt has a debtor. Back then you cruelly slaughtered countless innocent people; today, you must pay. Live as a good person in your next life,” Huang Lianxin said in a low voice. After saying this, she drew her sword and chopped off Zhou Yalong’s head.

After all of his spirit energy was drained by Zong Kuiming, Zhou Yalong was unable to project his Astral Spirit. He immediately died above the Great Zhou Royal City.

One of the Northern Wilderness’ Twin Dragons had fallen just like that.

He had died a miserable death, without being able to retaliate at all.

The entire city fell silent.

Everyone looked up, wanting to see Emperor Yan of Zhou’s reaction.

Emperor Yan of Zhou’s face was ashen and he gripped his hands within his sleeves into fists, evidently trying to quell his fury.

He was already 10,000 feet high in the sky and would enter the void at any moment. What would be the point in charging down at this moment?

“Zong Kuiming, you will regret this,” Emperor Yan of Zhou said in a low voice. He was ascending first and would wait for Zong Kuiming in the Upper Realm.

When that time came, he would annihilate Zong Kuiming!

“All I know is that you’re the one regretting this right now,” Zong Kuiming said uncaringly, “Tanhua in the human world, Asura in Hades! The Tanhua Sect will once again sweep across the Northern Wilderness; watch well from above!”

Emperor Yan of Zhou was incredibly infuriated, but he did not have the courage to step out of the sunlight.

Soon, Emperor Yan of Zhou disappeared above the clouds.

“Wielding the halberd within the household, mutual aggression in the harem. Zhou Zisu, in the end, it was you who didn’t have enough ability; you can’t blame anyone else,” Daoya Old Man said as he sighed and stroked his beard. He knew about Emperor Yan of Zhou’s matters clearly.

A big part of why Emperor Yan of Zhou could become the Emperor was because of Merciful Melody Cliff and Lin Guanyu’s help. It was because of this he was incredibly patient with the Empress.

He was also a passionate person from the beginning, and all of this had led to the disaster today.

The true victims were Zhou Xuanji and Zhou Yalong.

However, Zhou Yalong’s death was partially because he had wicked designs and slaughtered the innocent.

“What should we do now? Should we leave…?” Xiao Jinghong asked Zhou Xuanji. After all, Zhou Yalong was dead now.

Now that the Great Zhou had no leader, they could leave as they pleased.

It was all up to whether or not Zhou Xuanji wanted to seize the throne!

Zhou Xuanji smirked as he said, “What’s so great about being the Emperor? It’s much better to be the person the Emperor relies on.”

Everyone was stunned.

Zhou Xuanji waved his hand at Zhou Chengxin and said, “Zhou Chengxin, hurry up and come over here.”

The Great Zhou’s Seventh Prince!

Even though his cultivation talent was poor, he had a decent character and a good eye.

Hearing this, Zhou Chengxin felt quite startled, and he nervously flew towards Zhou Xuanji.

Xitan Changshi frowned; he started to think about how to persuade Zhou Xuanji.

Zong Kuiming remained where he was, looking around in amusement.

With him here, no one would dare make a move against Zhou Xuanji.

Of course, Zhou Xuanji’s own strength was enough to make anyone wary of him.

“I greet… Senior Sword God Zhou…” Zhou Chengxin said carefully as he cupped his fists. If Zhou Xuanji wanted to kill him, he could only accept his fate.

“Do you want to be the Emperor of the Great Zhou?” Zhou Xuanji asked calmly. He had already started plotting.

He wanted to be the man at the top of Great Zhou.

If he was to be the Emperor himself, just thinking about all the political affairs made his head ache.

Moreover, once he became the Emperor, he would not be able to run around as he pleased.

More importantly, being the Emperor would not bring him many benefits.

Zhou Chengxin was stunned, looking as if he could not believe his hears.

On the other side, Lu Longlin could barely hold in his excitement. He took out a scroll and his right hand trembled as he wrote.

“Northern Wilderness’ Top 100… Northern Wilderness’ Top 100…”

Today’s battle had made Zhou Xuanji a legend, beyond a doubt!

Once news of this spread, it was difficult to imagine just how much the Northern Wilderness would be shaken.

The youngest member of the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100 in history!

Surpassing the ancients and dazzling contemporaries!

Yang Zhongtian looked at Zhou Xuanji with a burning gaze; it was unclear what he was thinking.

A while later, Zhou Xuanji patted Zhou Chengxin’s shoulder. He had completely sunk into shock and was dumbstruck.

He looked towards the Great Zhou’s Royal City and said, “I recommend the Seventh Prince Zhou Chengxin to become the Emperor. If he becomes the Emperor, I will help the Great Zhou if there is ever a crisis. If it’s not him, I will have nothing to do with the Great Zhou!”

After saying this, Zhou Xuanji turned and left, with Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, and the others following behind him.

Seeing this, Zong Kuiming hurriedly followed after him, while everyone in the air was left stunned.

They were just leaving like this?

Princess Xuanya stared with her beautiful eyes and said unhappily to Princess Lingling next to her, “If he knew how much you were suffering, he would definitely bring you with him!”

In response, Princess Lingling gave a slight smile as she said, “It’s not his fault; he has his path and everyone has their own fate. He has already given me a good example to follow.”

A person who everyone had thought was dead had suddenly appeared, shaking the world and turning what everyone knew upside down.

This was rare to see, even in those ancient legends.

Indeed, Zhou Xuanji could be called a legend.

She had a feeling that in many years, Zhou Xuanji would be like the bright sun, shining high above on the world below.

At the same time, Xu Xianxuan stared into the distance, watching as Zhou Xuanji left. She did not feel disappointed or sad, and instead felt quite inspired.

She had always been hoping that someone would save her, and now that her prayers had been answered, she did not expect anything more.

“Perhaps I should be brave like him. His situation is much more difficult than mine,” Xu Xianxuan muttered to herself. She remembered what Zhou Xuanji had said before.

There was no such thing as an absolute genius.

Hidden behind every genius was immense suffering and hard work that ordinary people could not imagine.

Xitan Changshi did not try to stop Zhou Xuanji’s group, and he could only look at Zhou Chengxin.

He frowned; was Zhou Chengxin suitable to become the Emperor?

But Zhou Xuanji’s words were simply too enticing.

As long as Zhou Chengxin became the Emperor, he would be the Great Zhou’s backer!