I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 202 - Life-Devouring Demon Chief

Chapter 202 - Life-Devouring Demon Chief


Chapter 202: Life-Devouring Demon Chief

“Do you have the confidence to deal with that fellow?” Chongming Demon Monarch asked Daoya Old Man in a low voice. Zong Kuiming did not seem like someone who was easily offended, and he could tell Zhou Xuanji’s condition at a glance.

It was dangerous!

Daoya Old Man glared at him and said grumpily, “Zong Kuiming is an existence in the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100; how am I meant to deal with him?”

He could not even beat Lin Guanyu, so how could he defeat Zong Kuiming?

Hearing this, Jiang Xue, Huang Lianxin, Xiao Jinghong, and the others all felt quite nervous.

They prepared to act at any moment; even if they were to die, they would die together with Zhou Xuanji.

“Teacher, can you save him?” Xu Xianxuan asked Zhang Lanya with a soft voice. She could tell what Zhang Lanya was thinking, but did not state it explicitly, and instead took this opportunity to try to get Zhang Lanya to act.

Zhang Lanya frowned and said, “It’s not that I don’t want to save him, but that I’m not a match for Zong Kuiming.”

Unless their Sect Lord personally came, who would be able to deal with Zong Kuiming?

Zong Kuiming looked at Zhou Xuanji with a ruminating gaze, as if he was looking at his prey.

Zhou Xuanji looked quite calm and was not in a hurry to act.

The Tianxia Map was quickly providing him with spirit energy, so he did not panic.

If worst came to worst, it would be a life and death struggle!

“What are you waiting for him? Him to recover? He could kill Lin Guanyu with a single strike!” Zhou Yalong urged, not wanting to give Zhou Xuanji a chance to turn the situation around.

Zong Kuiming ignored him and looked up at Emperor Yan of Zhou in the sky and laughed as he said, “Emperor Zhou, why do I feel that this younger son of yours is stronger? If he can become the Emperor of the Great Zhou, perhaps the Great Zhou will be comparable to the Hunyuan Empire in the future.”

As soon as he said this, the Great Zhou’s Ministers and Generals’ expressions all flickered.

It was fine if there were no comparisons drawn, but now that a comparison was drawn, things became quite frightening.

After this battle today, everyone could see that the gap between Zhou Yalong and Zhou Xuanji was not that small.

As Ministers and Generals who were loyal to the Great Zhou, they were all convinced by Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji’s attitude and strength were both superior to Zhou Yalong’s, and he was indeed more suited to being the Emperor of the Great Zhou!

However, this was a matter for the Royal Family, and it was not good for them to speak of it.

Emperor Yan of Zhou was expressionless and did not say anything.

He looked at Zhou Xuanji, a trace of pity in his eyes.

He had to admit that he was moved by Zhou Xuanji’s talent, but now that things were like this, he could not change anything.

“Zong Kuiming, don’t do anything foolish. He’s an evil demon; how can he become the Emperor?” Zhou Yalong shouted; he started to hate Zong Kuiming as well.

Saying this at a time like this—Zong Kuiming was evidently toying with him and making him lose face.

At that moment, Zong Kuiming lifted his left foot, preparing to walk towards Zhou Xuanji.

Seeing this, Zhou Xuanji gripped the Sky Extinguishing Sword tightly, and the dozens of legendary swords blocked in front of him.

Zong Kuiming grinned and said, “I like tormenting geniuses the most. It feels so good to have future peerless experts fall at my hands!”

His words caused many people in the surroundings to feel quite shocked; why were this guy’s words so evil?

Everyone in the Royal City was sweating profusely for Zhou Xuanji.

Jiang Xue rushed in front of Zhou Xuanji, and the others followed behind her. They formed a line, blocking in front of Zhou Xuanji.

“If you want to kill my Revered Teacher, you’ll have to ask my sword first!” Xiao Jinghong said as he raised his sword and said coldly, his voice filled with killing intent.

The little black snaked cursed out, “Even though this boy always bullies me, I won’t allow anyone to harm him!”

Daoya Old Man looked at Zong Kuiming and said, “I’d advise you not to do anything rash, or you’ll definitely regret it!”

Zhao Congjian, Huang Lianxin, Beixiao Wangjian, Chongming Demon Monarch, and Han Shenbo did not say anything, but their gazes were resolute and showed no fear.

“Who do you think you are? You think you can save him?” Zong Kuiming said as he coldly laughed, looking quite condescending.

Behind him, Zhou Yalong was nearly anxious to death, inwardly roaring: Goddamit, can’t you act faster? Will you die if you speak less?

Suddenly, Zong Kuiming moved!

His body was a blur and he disappeared.

Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, Chongming Demon Monarch, and the others all felt quite nervous.

Zhou Yalong let out a sigh of relief; this old man was finally going to make a move.


A hand suddenly stabbed through Zhou Yalong’s chest, causing blood to fly everywhere. The hand was holding on to his heart…

Zong Kuiming had appeared behind Zhou Yalong, and placed his hand on Zhou Yalong’s shoulder as he said softly in his ear, “Surprised?”

Everyone stared in shock; even Emperor Yan of Zhou and Xitan Changshi’s expressions worsened.

Zhou Xuanji frowned; what was going on?

“You…” Zhou Yalong’s body trembled. His face was pale, and he wanted to say something but he could feel his spirit energy quickly being drained away.

Zong Kuiming was draining his cultivation!

He looked over with his peripheral vision and saw Zong Kuiming smiling at him with an eerie smile that caused his hairs to stand on end.

“Zong Kuiming, what are you doing?!” Xitan Changshi furiously roared as he griped his saber, preparing to act at any moment.

Zong Kuiming ignored him and looked up at Emperor Yan of Zhou.

Emperor Yan of Zhou’s face was incredibly dark, and his eyes were filled with savageness.

Zong Kuiming’s actions were equivalent to slapping him in the face!

In the future, how would the world ridicule him?

“My name is Zong Kuiming, but I also have another identity that I forgot to tell you about,” Zong Kuiming said as he looked at Emperor Yan of Zhou and coldly laughed.

“I’m one of the Tanhua Sect’s Three Demon Chiefs, the Life-Devouring Demon Chief!”


The entire city seemed to shake and the 10,000 people in the air subconsciously retreated, all of them looking terrified.

In the Tanhua Sect, Xian Xianghua was supreme, and below her were the Three Demon Chiefs.

Their strength was terrifying—turning one hand, they could make clouds gather; flipping it, they could make rain fall.

After the Tanhua Sect had gone into decline, they had vanished without a trace. Some people said they had already fallen, others said that they had ascended. By now, very few people thought about them.

Who would have thought that Zong Kuiming was the Life-Devouring Demon Chief!

Emperor Yan of Zhou stared at Zong Kuiming and gritted his teeth as he said, “You hid it well!”

With the Life-Devouring Demon Chief’s cultivation, he did not need Emperor Yan of Zhou to save him at all back then!

This was all part of a massive scheme!

Zong Kuiming laughed sinisterly as he said, “Originally, I didn’t want to reveal my identity, but how could I just watch you deal with my Tanhua Sect’s Vice Sect Lord?

“Emperor Yan of Zhou, you invited so many of your friends to help, but how many were willing?

“You were too stupid; you didn’t even think about why I would agree!”

His words were like massive slaps that landed on Emperor Yan of Zhou’s face incredibly loudly.

Zhou Xuanji’s expression also fell, and he inwardly cursed, “Fudge! Not again!”

He had finally purified his reputation, but now a Life-Devouring Demon Chief had jumped out and also called him the Vice Sect Lord!


Couldn’t Xian Xianghua change her tactics?

Jiang Xue, Huang Lianxin, Zhao Congjian, and the others all looked at Zhou Xuanji with a strange gaze.

“Xian Xianghua treats you very well,” Jiang Xue said unhappily, her voice sounding incredibly jealous.

Zhou Xuanji had nothing to say. He did not know whether to laugh or cry.

On the other side, Zong Kuiming withdrew his hand from Zhou Yalong’s body. His hand then ignited with an intense black flame that burned the heart to ash.

“I’ve already drained all of his spirit energy. Vice Sect Lord, I’ll hand him to you to kill!”

After saying this, Zong Kuiming tossed the weakened and strengthless Zhou Yalong to Zhou Xuanji.

Chongming Demon Monarch caught him and spat on Zhou Yalong’s face as he cursed, “Boy, weren’t you very arrogant just then?”

Zhou Yalong, who had fallen into despair, was snapped back to his senses by Chongming Demon Monarch’s spit. Sensing the gazes from all directions, he felt incredibly ashamed and wished that he was already dead.”