I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 201 - Senior Is Mighty

Chapter 201 - Senior Is Mighty


“How is this possible…” Zhou Yalong was flabbergasted and he muttered to himself, unable to stop trembling.

That was Lin Guanyu, his greatest supporter!

The Beiba Blademaster!

He had been killed instantly, just like that?

Millions of people were completely shaken by Zhao Fu’s domineering sword strike.

At that moment, the Ascension Stage suddenly split apart. A crack that was 1,000 feet long directly caused the Ascension Stage to split into two halves, and countless rocks fell down toward the Royal City.

The Ministers, Generals, and guests were all terrified and hurriedly distanced themselves from Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji remained in the pose after slashing out, looking incredibly domineering, but inwardly he was awed as well.

“Goddamn, isn’t that a bit too much?” He was expressionless as he yelled out.

This was not in reference to the Sky Extinguishing Sword’s might, but in response to how much spirit energy he had used up.

He had almost instantly used up all of his spirit energy in one go.

Luckily, the Tianxia Map’s effects activated, continuously providing him with spirit energy, which was why he didn’t just fall down.

As expected from an ancient, supreme treasure—it was completely overpowered!

Zhou Xuanji inwardly rejoiced. Even though Heavenly Soul legendary swords were powerful, the cost was too great. No wonder why he could only use it after he reached the Astral Projection stage.

If he had slashed out that strike with only Astral Infant Level Ten cultivation, he definitely would have died on the spot.

He glanced over and saw that the Sword Monarch was scared out of his wits.

It felt so good!

Old fellow, now you know how powerful I am?

Just as Zhou Xuanji was feeling pleased, the Great Zhou Royal City erupted with the sounds of shouting.

“Lin Guanyu’s dead?”

“Heavens! What was with that strike? Is there something wrong with my eyes?”

“What a terrifying sword technique… as that black sword qi flashed past, even though we were so far away, I felt as if I was so close to death…”

“So, Zhou Xuanji has been hiding his strength; just how strong is he really?”

“Perhaps even if Emperor Yan of Zhou had personally come down, he would’ve been no match for him…”

Everyone excitedly discussed, and most people were so excited that they became red in the face.

Chongming Demon Monarch and the little black snack excitedly yelled again and again.

Zhao Congjian gripped his fists and gritted his teeth as he said, “Too powerful!”

He wanted to learn this strike as well!

Xiao Jinghong breathed in deeply; he felt that Zhou Xuanji was becoming more and more unfathomable.

He had been watching Zhou Xuanji grow every day, but Zhou Xuanji’s power greatly exceeded his expectations.

The others also sighed in amazement, and Daoya Old Man repeatedly clapped in excitement.

“Xuanji’s too powerful; just how can I catch up to him?” Jiang Xue sighed, but her face was covered with pride.

Xu Xianxuan and Zhang Lanya felt as if their hearts were going to burst with joy.

The former was purely surprised and delighted, while the latter started to think about how to rope in Zhou Xuanji.

Emperor Yan of Zhou’s expression flickered; no one could tell what he was thinking.

The State General Xitan Changshi continuously glanced between Emperor Yan of Zhou and Zhou Xuanji, as if he was considering something.

Lu Longlin could barely suppress his excitement, and his voice trembled as he muttered to himself, “Northern Wilderness’ Top 100! Northern Wilderness’ Top 100…”

He had personally received Zhou Xuanji and had listed him in the Northern Wilderness Genius Ranking. If he received Zhou Xuanji and listed him in the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100, his status in the Canghai Ziggurat would soar; he felt that the peak of his life was coming.

On the other hand, Yang Zhongtian sighed.

If it wasn’t for Xian Xuanghua, back then they could have roped in Zhou Xuanji.

What a pity, what a pity!

Zhou Yalong retreated in fear, his expression one of panic, reluctance, hatred, terror, and disbelief.

At that moment, he had completely lost his head.

Zhou Xuanji looked at the Sword Monarch and coldly laughed as he said, “What do you still have to say, old fellow?”

Wasn’t this old guy good at showing off?

Keep going then!

From today onwards, you won’t be the standard by which I measure my enemies’ strength.

You’re too weak!

Zhou Xuanji felt quite pleased, but his expression was calm.

The calmer he looked, the more panicked the Sword Monarch felt.

“What, are you too afraid to speak?” Zhou Xuanji asked as he laughed in disdain. He was purposefully stalling for time as he waited for his spirit energy to recover.

It had to be said that the Tianxia Map was incredibly powerful!

With how much spirit energy it was providing him, he would completely recover soon, and he would once again be able to use the Sky Extinguishing Sword!

The Sword Monarch’s expression was dark, and he did not know what to say.

He either had to lose his reputation or lose his life.

That sword strike just then had been too terrifying.

Seeing how Zhou Xuanji was acting, he evidently could unleash that strike again!

“I’m going to count to three. You can either say ‘senior is mighty, I’m ashamed for being so inferior. I shouldn’t have interfered’ without leaving out a single word, or you can die,” Zhou Xuanji said as he gave a sinister smile. After speaking, he began to count down.

When he counted down to ‘two’, the Sword Monarch’s body shook.

He immediately yelled out, “Senior is mighty, I’m ashamed for being so inferior. I shouldn’t have interfered!”

After saying this, he left incredibly quickly, afraid that he would be too slow.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Emperor Yan of Zhou and said, “You have your principles; after all, you are the Emperor. At the start, I hated you, but now I can understand your difficulties.”

Hearing this, Emperor Yan of Zhou gave a slight smile.

His son had grown up.

In actuality, giving the throne to Zhou Xuanji would not be bad either.

“However, I won’t forgive you. Our relationship as father and son is already over. After killing your son, there will be nothing between us.

“Today, I’m going to kill him in front of you. I want to see if you choose to ascend or save your son!”

Zhou Xuanji continued speaking as he walked on the air towards Zhou Yalong.

Emperor Yan of Zhou’s expression immediately froze.

The change in attitude came way too quickly, and he did not expect it at all.

Once one started to ascend, they could not stop.

If he walked out of the sunlight, he would never have the opportunity to ascend again, and he would only have 100 years of lifespan left.

There was no such thing as absolutes, so perhaps there was another way. However, it was too difficult, and no one could give up, or dared to give up.

Zhou Yalong panicked.

He immediately loudly called out, “Zong Kuiming! Why are you still not coming out? Hanyin Divine Sect, why aren’t you standing out? Are you going to watch me be killed by this devil?”

He did not beg for mercy because he knew that it was pointless.

Either he or Zhou Xuanji had to die.

He did not even have any hope of running away.

Zhang Lanya remained silent; a wise person submitted to the circumstances.

Her gaze was soft as she looked at Zhou Xuanji, feeling more and more pleased with him.

Seeing her gaze, Xu Xianxuan immediately understood and her face became bright red. Together with her makeup and wedding clothes, she looked incredibly beautiful and charming.

At that moment, a figure appeared in front of Zhou Yalong.

It was Zong Kuiming!

Seeing him, Zhou Yalong let out a sigh of relief.

Xitan Changshi slightly frowned and glanced at Emperor Yan of Zhou in the sky.

Zong Kuiming started to size up Zhou Xuanji, his gaze seeming incredibly penetrating.

He suddenly laughed and said, “You’re already running low on spirit energy; so, you were just a paper tiger!”

Hearing this, everyone stared with wide eyes.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes narrowed and he stopped walking.

“Zong Kuiming… another person in the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100…” Daoya Old Man frowned, feeling a headache coming on.

Zhou Xuanji’s life was simple… too unlucky.

He was only 22 years old and yet he had encountered so many people from the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100…

“So, he was pretending! No wonder why he let the Sword Monarch off. Hurry up and cripple him! I want to kill him myself!” Zhou Yalong yelled excitedly. He completely disregarded his dignity as the heir apparently and was so excited that his face was completely red.