I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 199 - Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps, Displayed To The World

Chapter 199 - Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps, Displayed To The World


Clang! Clang! Clang…

Facing the tens of legendary swords surrounding him, Lin Guanyu looked somewhat wretched, but was still able to block all of them.

Seeing this, Zhou Xuanji felt more and more happy.

He was continuously using the Glorious Gold swords, while the connection between the other swords was also becoming stronger.

He was using Lin Guanyu to train!

“What’s going on… Why are the power and speed of these swords gradually increasing?”

Cold sweat appeared on Lin Guanyu’s forehead. Despite having such powerful cultivation, he could not continuously withstand the siege of so many swords.

Soon, the Hell King Sword stabbed into his shoulder and blood sprayed out.

The people on the Ascension Stage all stared with wide eyes.

Lin Guanyu had been injured first?

“So powerful!” Princess Xuanya cried out. She immediately covered her mouth, worried that other people might hear.

Zhou Chengxin looked at Zhou Xuanji with a complicated expression.

Back then at the Xie Sect, Zhou Xuanji had to back down in front of Xie Wuyou’s anger, but he could not injure Lin Guanyu.

It had only been how many years?

Looking at himself, his cultivation had only barely increased by one Level.

Compared to Zhou Xuanji, he had been wasting all of this time.

Lu Longlin felt incredibly awed and muttered, “Could it be that he might be able to enter the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100?”

If Zhou Xuanji could defeat Lin Guanyu, he could replace him in the rankings!

Hearing his words, everyone else around him gulped.

Right now, they all felt incredibly awed, as if they were watching the creation of a legend.

Someone entering the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100 in his twenties?

This had never happened before, and most likely would never happen again!

Xu Xianxuan, dressed in wedding clothes, got out of the red palanquin. She took off her red veil and looked up at the battle between Zhou Xuanji and Lin Guanyu.

Zhou Yalong saw this and was immediately infuriated.

She had not been willing to come out earlier, but had come out now; wasn’t this equivalent to slapping him in the face?

“I’ll definitely make you pay after I ascend to the throne!” Zhou Yalong inwardly roared. The more mighty Zhou Xuanji seemed, the more irritated he felt.

At that moment, Lin Guanyu suddenly landed on the Ascension Stage. He was covered with gashes and his aura was quite chaotic.

He raised his head and looked at Zhou Xuanji, his eyes filled with killing intent.

“Zhou Xuanji, I admit that you’re very strong. You’re indeed worthy of the Sky-sunder Sword Emperor and Hegemon Sword Emperor’s legacies!” Lin Guanyu said in a low voice. He raised his sabre and the broken rocks around his feet all rose up.

The little black snake muttered, “Is this guy going to go all out and risk his life?”

Jiang Xue harrumphed, “So what if he is? He still won’t be able to match up to Xuanji!”

Even though she said this, she felt quite shocked and pleased inwardly, and this was the same for the others.

They never thought that Zhou Xuanji would be able to fight on par with Lin Guanyu and even gain the advantage.

For the past three years, Zhou Xuanji had focused on cultivating and no one knew what his true strength was like.

Now that he had drawn his legendary swords, they were completely shocked.

“My little grand-disciple is going to fly into the sky,” Daoya Old Man sighed in amazement as he stroked his beard. He understood clearly what it meant to defeat Lin Guanyu.

Huang Lianxin felt the most excited because her clan was finally going to be avenged!

Zhou Xuanji gripped the two swords in his hands and spun as he rushed downwards. All of the swords spiralled around him and followed him down, making it seem like a storm of sword qi was descending from the sky.

Lin Guanyu gripped his sabre with both hands before slashing upwards.

The area that the blade passed over completely shattered and a massive wave of sabre qi rushed into the sky.

A massive explosion sounded out, shaking the heavens and earth.

The Ascension Stage tilted sideways, and everyone flew up to avoid being injured.

Xu Xianxuan looked at Zhou Xuanji, feeling incredibly shocked.

“So, he was this powerful… and he didn’t look so ordinary…”

She seemed quite absent-minded as she looked at Zhou Xuanji’s unfamiliar and handsome face. Thinking back to the reason she had picked Zhou Xuanji to join her group back then, her feelings were quite complicated—somewhat awkward, and somewhat sweet.

Perhaps this was fate.

Zhou Yalong glanced at her from time to time, and seeing the expression on her face, he almost exploded from anger.

He immediately charged at Xu Xianxuan, preparing to teach her a lesson.

Zhang Lanya noticed his actions and immediately blocked in front of Xu Xianxuan.

After all, Xu Xianxuan was their Hanyin Divine Sect’s Saintess; how could she allow anyone to casually come close?

Moreover, Zhou Yalong’s expression looked like he wanted to kill someone.

“Emperor Zhou, what are you doing?” Zhang Lanya asked in a low voice. She purposefully addressed Zhou Yalong as such to remind him that he now held a different identity.

Hearing this, Zhou Yalong immediately stopped before breathing in deeply, trying to settle his emotions.

However, Xu Xianxuan did not look back, not paying attention to him at all.

“You slut!” Zhou Yalong inwardly thought as he gnashed his teeth.

Zhang Lanya noticed Xu Xianxuan’s gaze but she did not say anything. The reason for this was very practical and simple: she was also convinced by Zhou Xuanji’s strength.

If Xu Xianxuan married Zhou Xuanji, that would not necessarily be a bad thing.

Zhou Xuanji was a Prince of Great Zhou and could seize the throne. He was incredibly powerful, and perhaps only the Sect Lord would be able to compare to him in terms of strength.

Zhou Xuanji’s potential was the key.

He was only in his early twenties and yet he had the strength to enter the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100.

Even Xian Xianghua and Yang Di were not so heaven-defying back then.

If they could rope in Zhou Xuanji, the Hanyin Divine Sect would have the opportunity to rise up and soar!

The more Zhang Lanya thought, the more excited she became, and the more pleased she felt with Zhou Xuanji.

Looking back at Zhou Yalong, she could not help but wonder why he was so inferior.

He was completely unworthy of Xu Xianxuan!

If Zhou Yalong knew what Zhang Lanya was thinking, he would definitely cough up blood.

At that moment, Zhou Xuanji flipped backwards before turning into countless blurs that rushed towards Lin Guanyu.

He was incredibly fast, like a bolt of lightning!


Lin Guanyu’s chest was torn open and blood splattered on the ground.

Zhou Xuanji descended behind him, blood dripping from his swords.

In that moment, the heavens and earth fell silent.

Everyone was completely dumbfounded, unable to believe what they were seeing.

“What sword technique is this?” Lin Guanyu’s expression froze as he muttered.

That strike was too fast, so much so that his eyes could not see it.

Zhou Xuanji spoke softly with his back towards Lin Guanyu, “Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps.”

This was the first time he had used the Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps against an enemy!

Lin Guanyu asked, “Did you create it?”

He had never heard of this sword technique before. With how powerful this technique was, if it had already existed, it would definitely be recorded in history.

Zhou Xuanji did not reply. He turned and pointed his sword at the back of Lin Guanyu’s head as he asked, “Do you have anything to say before you die?”

Lin Guanyu laughed, louder and louder, to the point he was tilted back and laughing uproariously.


At that moment, the sound of something tearing through the air could be heard.

Zhou Xuanji instinctively raised his left hand and slashed out with the White Dragon-bone Sword, slashing a black sword to the ground.

He did not need to turn around to know who had arrived.

Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch!

A figure sped over the horizon on a sword. He was dressed in a black robe and his black hair danced chaotically. His gaze was sharp and he held a black sword in his hand, with four similar black swords behind him.

“Zhou Xuanji, today is the date of His Majesty’s ascension, as well as the date of the new Emperor ascending to the throne. Are you sure you want to kill someone here?” the Sword Monarch spoke loudly, his voice filled with justice, travelling throughout the entire city.

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him as he said, “Who the hell do you think you are? Do you think you’re qualified to point fingers here?”

He did not show him any respect at all!

The Sword Monarch had not come too early or too late; for him to arrive at such a moment, he wanted to bolster his reputation. However, would Zhou Xuanji show him respect?