I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 197 - Killing Ants And Culling Dogs

Chapter 197 - Killing Ants And Culling Dogs


Chapter 197: Killing Ants And Culling Dogs


The entire Royal City was sent into an uproar; who dared to charge out at such a critical moment?

Could it be…

Millions of people felt incredibly excited and quickly guessed the identity of this newcomer.

Zhou Yalong’s eyes became red, and dense killing intent flowed out of them.

Under everyone’s gaze, Zhou Xuanji and the others flew over on swords, looking like a group of immortals. The soldiers on the city walls wanted to stop them, but were all injured by Zhou Xuanji’s legendary swords.

On the Ascension Stage, everyone stood up.

Within the sunlight, Emperor Yan of Zhou’s eyes narrowed.

“So, he ended up coming!” Yang Zhongtian muttered to himself, a strange look of delight in his eyes.

The entire Royal City was shaken.

“Sword God Zhou has come!”

“I knew that Zhou Xuanji wouldn’t let Zhou Yalong off!”

“Is he going to fight for the throne?”

“Tsk tsk, Sword God Zhou is too impulsive. Why didn’t he come out after His Majesty ascended?”

“Unparalleled Way of the Sword in the Northern Wilderness, Comparable to the Ancient Sword Emperors! This is Zhou Xuanji; he wants to prove himself in front of the Emperor.”

Millions of people started to excitedly discuss amongst themselves. Most people had come to see Sword God Zhou; as such, how could they not feel excited upon seeing him arrive?

“Stand down!” Emperor Yan of Zhou ordered. Hearing this, the imperial guards and soldiers immediately stopped.

Zhou Xuanji led Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, and the others to the Ascension Stage.

He looked down at Zhou Yalong and said, “Zhou Yalong, according to the law of heaven and reincarnation, karma must be paid sooner or later. Your punishment has come today!”

His words were dense with killing intent!

Many people started to feel nervous, especially the Great Zhou’s Ministers and Generals.

They did not want anything to happen to Zhou Yalong. After all, if something happened to him, Great Zhou would be finished.

It was impossible for Zhou Xuanji to become the ruler of Great Zhou, nor would he be willing.

After all, his hatred was too great!

Within the red palanquin, Xu Xianxuan’s clenched hands let go of her clothes, and under the red veil, the edges of her lips curved upwards slightly.

Outside, Zhou Yalong looked at Zhou Xuanji furiously and said in a low voice, “You are the person who will be punished!”

This enmity of killing his mother was irreconcilable!

Now that he was facing his enemy, he became incredibly infuriated!

He flipped his right hand and a silver spear appeared in his hand.

“You killed her entire clan and slaughtered an entire city; whose punishment should be greater? I only killed your mother, and that was because she killed my mother, and wanted to kill me as well!” Zhou Xuanji said as he pointed at Huang Lianxin. His voice was loud, to the point that everyone in the city could hear it.

Huang Lianxin also said furiously, “Zhou Yalong, when you entered our city, my clansmen treated you incredibly warmly. However, you pretended to become bedevilled and slaughtered my clansmen cruelly. Why wasn’t someone like you destroyed by the heavens? Someone like you wants to become the Emperor of the Great Zhou? I’m afraid that the entire Great Zhou will be slaughtered by you someday!”


The entire city seemed to explode as countless people stood stupefied.

Zhou Yalong’s reputation had always been quite good. Even though it was not as astounding as Zhou Xuanji’s, no one had any objections to him becoming the Emperor.

Zhou Yalong did not panic and calmly replied, “Your clan was the Ghost Emperor Clan and your ancestor is Xinhao Sect’s Huang Ming. You are all evil demons, so what is wrong with killing you all?”

After he had committed the slaughter, he had imagined this situation many times, so he had practised his lines incredibly fluently.

Zhou Xuanji coldly harrumphed, “You sound all noble, but they received you so warmly and yet you slaughtered their entire city. No matter how one sees it, aren’t you the evil demon?”

“Do the descendants of an evil demon have to be evil demons as well? And, it’s impossible for righteous heroes to give birth to evil demons?

“You are not a man of your word and you act so cruelly; you’re more of an evil demon than an evil demon. You kill anyone you’re not pleased with, just like your mother. You’re all evil demons who put on a hypocritical front of righteousness!

“Today, I will slay you here.” After speaking, Zhou Xuanji raised his right hand and the God-Emperor Sword appeared in his hand.

Incredibly dense Emperor Ghost Qi surrounded him, causing Zhou Yalong’s expression to become unsightly. This boy’s words were filled with needles and were incredibly damaging.

Before Zhou Yalong could say anything, Zhou Xuanji directly used Heavenly Lights and charged forwards. The sword qi turned into the sun, moon, and stars and rushed towards Zhou Yalong incredibly quickly, flashing through the air in an instant.

Zhou Yalong’s eyes widened and he instinctively raised his spear to block; he could not dodge at all.

On the Ascension Stage, everyone felt a massive gale sweep past!

“Hmph!” A cold harrumph sounded out as Lin Guanyu appeared in front of Zhou Yalong, using his sabre to slash apart Heavenly Lights.

Sword qi and sabre qi wreaked havoc in the surroundings, shaking the entire Ascension Stage.

Seeing Lin Guanyu arrive, Zhou Xuanji was expressionless, and the others did not panic either.

Daoya Old Man clicked his tongue in wonder, “Interesting.”

Chongming Demon Monarch cursed, “Do you dare to fight one-on-one with our master?”

Zhou Yalong did not reply, savagely glaring at Zhou Xuanji.

Lin Guanyu raised his sabre and laughed coldly as he asked, “You didn’t know I’m in Great Zhou?”

With his strength, he had the confidence to kill Zhou Xuanji and the others.

However, he was afraid that Xian Xianghua was here as well.

Zhou Xuanji smirked and laughed condescendingly. “You thought I only came to kill Zhou Yalong, that ant?

“I came to kill you, you old dog as well!

“Lin Guanyu, you’re honoured as the Beiba Blademaster, but you indulged your little sister and bullied the weak. You should be ashamed as an expert!”

Hearing this, Lin Guanyu frowned; this boy’s mouth was quite sharp.

For him to be so dauntless, could it be that he had support?

Countless people’s gazes fell on Zhou Xuanji’s body.

The Hanyin Divine Sect’s elder Zhang Lanya frowned, looking quite confused; where did Zhou Xuanji’s confidence come from?

Yang Zhongtian looked like he was in deep thought and Lu Longlin gulped, looking quite excited.

“You think you can kill me yourself?” Lin Guanyu asked.

Zhou Xuanji took out the White Dragon-bone Sword and Hegemon Jiu.

Holding the God-Emperor Sword and White Dragon-bone Sword while standing on Hegemon Jiu, he sped towards Lin Guanyu.

“I will kill you in front of the whole world!” Zhou Xuanji said as he laughed. After saying this, he used the Eight-step Sword Lunge toward Lin Guanyu.

Lin Guanyu raised his sabre and slashed to the left, his movements incredibly sharp.

Zhou Xuanji appeared to Lin Guanyu’s left and slashed down with both swords, but was blocked by Lin Guanyu’s sabre.

“Astral Projection stage? No wonder why you’re so arrogant!” Lin Guanyu said as he coldly harrumphed. However, he was two stages higher than Zhou Xuanji in cultivation; how could he be afraid?

As long as Xian Xianghua was not here, in his eyes, Zhou Xuanji was as good as dead!

He heaved with his sabre, sending Zhou Xuanji flying back, before chasing after him.

Zhou Xuanji immediately released the God-Emperor Sword and White Dragon-bone Sword’s power.

A God-Emperor condensed behind Zhou Xuanji and a white dragon wrapped around his body. His aura was incredibly imposing and a dragon’s roar shook the sky.

Zhou Xuanji’s senses became much more acute and he avoided Lin Guanyu’s strike. He then unleashed the Six-path Sword Shadow before using Heavenly Lights.

Sword qi blasted out from six directions, instantly inundating Lin Guanyu.

The explosion sounded throughout the sky above the Royal City, and everyone stared with wide eyes.

Zhou Xuanji really could put up a fight against Lin Guanyu?

Even Emperor Yan of Zhou looked quite startled.

Lin Guanyu ranked among the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100. Even though he was one of the lower-ranked ones, he was still a peak expert in the Northern Wilderness. Even if he charged into an Empire, he would be able to retreat as he pleased.

Zhou Xuanji had already grown into such an extent?

Zhou Yalong’s body trembled and his eyes felt as if they could spew out flames. He inwardly roared: Impossible… This is definitely impossible…