I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 195 - Unprecedented And Never To Be Matched

Chapter 195 - Unprecedented And Never To Be Matched


Chapter 195: Unprecedented And Never To Be Matched

Everyone ate the roasted meat and started to talk about Jiang Wudi.

Daoya Old Man spoke the most. After all, he had the most experience and had lived for thousands of years.

The Jiang Clan was one of the most ancient clans, and Jiang Wudi was unfathomable. The highest ranking he had obtained in the World Millennium Duel was second place.

It was quite unfortunate that he had faced Xian Xianghua at her prime, resulting in him suffering a crushing defeat.

Putting aside Xian Xianghua and Yang Di, who were unparalleled in the world, Jiang Wudi was as powerful as a deity.

The Jiang Clan was behind the rise of each Empire to some degree, and within the Eight Sanctums, there were many disciples from the Jiang Clan. It could be said that the Jiang Clan had permeated every corner of the human race.

“Doesn’t matter, he’s looking for the crazy old woman, so we’ll just leave after doing what we need to do,” Beixiao Wangjian said without care. They now knew why the crazy old woman had abandoned Jiang Xue; it was to protect her.

However, what about her debt?

If it wasn’t for the fact that the crazy old woman owed money, Jiang Xue and Zhou Xuanji would not have become homeless and miserable.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Jiang Xue next to him, who had her arms wrapped around her legs, completely silent.

He asked, “Do you want to find your grandma? After this is over, I can bring you to look for her.”

Jiang Xue shook her head, “It’s alright. Perhaps if I go to find her, I’ll become a burden to her instead.”

If she wasn’t a burden, why would she be abandoned?

There was another possibility, which was that her grandma was already dead.

No matter what the reason was, she decided not to pursue the matter.

“That’s right, everyone has their own path. The gratitude and grudges between your grandma and the Jiang Clan should end with your father and mother’s generation. You have your own life,” Daoya Old Man said as he smiled and stroked his beard. He then paused before saying with seemingly deep intention, “Cultivate well with Xuanji. When he becomes the most powerful in the world, you can support your grandma.”

Jiang Xue nodded and said with high spirits, “I also want to enter the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100. I want to be number two in the world and suppress Jiang Wudi!”

Zhou Xuanji laughed, “Great, I’ll be number one and you’ll be number two.”

This girl had grown up; her heart was much stronger than he had expected.

“Since it’s like that, then I’ll be number three and push Jiang Wudi down even more!” Xiao Jinghong said, full of mettle. He believed that he could do it.

The others laughed loudly.

“I’ll be number four and become the sovereign of the demon race!”

“Pshaw, I want to be number three!”

“I won’t fight with you, I’ll be happy with number five.”

“What gives? Number five is mine!”

“Forget it. You? Don’t even think about entering the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100 in this lifetime.”

Watching everyone banter with each other, the red Qilin tilted its head, its big, watery eyes filled with wonder.

After everyone finished eating the tiger demon’s meat, Zhou Xuanji clapped his hands and got up as he said, “Alright, time to get moving.”

They were not Jiang Wudi’s target, and their target was not Jiang Wudi either.

Emperor Yan of Zhou’s ascension was their target right now!

Under the blue sky, within the Great Zhou’s Royal City, a massive, 1,000-foot wide stone stage was floating in the sky.

Soldiers flew up and down, setting up an altar and flags, as well as a banquet for guests.

This stage was called the Ascension Stage.

Emperor Yan of Zhou would ascend here, and Zhou Yalong would ascend to the throne as well.

The various streets of the Royal City were completely inundated with people and all the inns were completely full.

Countless red lanterns hung in the streets, and joyous voices could be heard everywhere. There were many children running about within the sea of people.

Even the beggars sitting down under trees on the sides of streets were discussing Emperor Yan of Zhou’s ascension and Zhou Yalong’s ascension to the throne.

In a corner of the Royal City, within a heavily-guarded mansion, Xu Xianxuan was wearing bright-red wedding clothes and looking at herself in a bronze mirror.

She was still wearing a veil. Before, it was to avoid problems because of her beauty, but now, it was to cover her disfigured face.

“Miss, an Emissary General from the Canghai Ziggurat has come,” a woman walked in and said excitedly.

“This time, your marriage to the Great Zhou’s new Emperor will definitely shake the Northern Wilderness; all the people who have come are grand figures. Also, the future Emperor is better than the Little Evil Lord in every aspect; he’s cultured and refined, has a powerful cultivation, and is well-read. He’s simply perfect!” The woman walked behind Xu Xianxuan as she marvelled, her voice filled with admiration.

Xu Xianxuan said, “Do you want to marry him then?”

Hearing this, the woman’s face immediately became red and she said shyly, “I’m of low birth, how can I be married to him…”

However, there were ripples in her heart; as a dowry maidservant, perhaps she would also attain nobility. Maybe she would even be able to climb up further and become a concubine.

The more she thought, the more excited she became. It was as if she had found a direction for her life.

Xu Xianxuan sighed, not saying any more.

At the same time, Emperor Yan of Zhou and the Great Zhou’s Ministers and Generals were receiving the Canghai Ziggurat’s Emissary General, Lu Longlin.

“Emperor Yan of Zhou is indeed mighty; his sons are all such powerful figures. I personally examined Zhou Xuanji and delivered his information to the Ziggurat Lord,” Lu Longlin said as he laughed. Hearing this, the expression of Zhou Yalong, who was behind Emperor Yan of Zhou, worsened slightly.

The Ministers and Generals looked at each other, feeling that Lu Longlin had not come with good intentions.

Emperor Yan of Zhou laughed loudly and said, “Thank you for your consideration, Brother Lu. In the future, if Yalong breaks through to the Great Realization stage, please take care of his matter with the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100.”

Lu Longlin’s cultivation was inferior to his, but he still had to address him as ‘brother’ because the Canghai Ziggurat was not to be offended.

“No worries, no worries,” Lu Longlin said as he smiled and waved his hand. He looked at Zong Kuiming and laughed as he said, “Oho, Brother Zong is here too.”

Following this, he walked towards Zong Kuiming.

Emperor Yan of Zhou looked at an elderly Minister next to him and asked, “Is everything prepared?”

The elderly Minister respectfully replied, “Everything is prepared; we are just waiting for the time.”

In 20 or so hours, the Ascension Ceremony would begin.

Following this, Emperor Yan of Zhou had Zhou Yalong go and prepare.

He wanted to see Zhou Yalong get married and ascend to the throne before he ascended. Only then would he feel at ease.

Following this, all of the Ministers and Generals started bustling about.

The Great Zhou imperial guards led soldiers and stood on the Royal City’s walls, keeping watch.

There were many soldiers riding on flying wolves in the sky above the Royal City, patrolling about.

The sun set and the moon rose, before the sun once again rose in the east.

On this morning, when the first ray of sunlight shone down on Great Zhou’s Royal City, many figures rose into the air and walked towards the Ascension Stage.

There were guests from the Hanyin Divine Sect, Great Shang, Canghai Ziggurat, Great Chen, as well as many other major factions.

Yang Zhongtian and officials from the Great Chen chatted while looking towards the outside of the city, as if they were waiting for something.

Soon, they were all seated.

There were about 2,000 banquet tables on the Ascension Stage, and those with higher status were seated closer to the front.

On the border of the stone stage, close to the palace, there was a tall tower, on which the Great Zhou’s flag fluttered in the wind.

Looking down, everyone in the city had come outside and were looking up at the Ascension Stage from the street or balconies.

There were millions of people watching; this was a grand occasion in the Great Zhou that was unprecedented and never to be matched.

Xitan Changshi leaped up and landed at the bottom of the tower, his long sabre resting on the ground. He looked like a guardian god, and was completely expressionless.

Following this, imperial guards flew to the borders of the Ascension Stage, and silently waited for the Emperor Yan of Zhou to descend.