I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 194 - Descendant Of The Jiang Clan

Chapter 194 - Descendant Of The Jiang Clan


“No matter how many powerful enemies there are, Sword God Zhou will still dare to come!” Zhao Congjian said coldly. Hearing this, the dandy in front of them nodded.

Seeing that the majority were on Sword God Zhou’s side, the big man did not say anything else and only shook his head as he chuckled. From how he saw it, Sword God Zhou was placed on too high of a pedestal.

He would have a terrible fall sooner or later!

Jiang Xue curled her lip as she said in a low voice, “Looks like there are many people admiring you.”

Among the thousands of people, most of the discussions were about how powerful Sword God Zhou was.

Zhou Xuanji chuckled, not expressing his opinion.

Inwardly, he felt quite amazed—he had just done a few things; were these things worth worshipping him over?

These people were so strange.

There were no phones, computers, or internet in the Northern Wilderness, so how did the news spread even faster than on earth? He had just casually done some things, and yet news always spread so quickly.

As the saying went, people were afraid of becoming famous like pigs were afraid of fattening up.

Only after two hours were Zhou Xuanji and his group able to pass through the border.

They had all used fake names. As long as they gave enough spirit stones, soldiers at borders would not stop them. This was the unwritten rule of each Kingdom.

The soldiers could not stop experts and there was no point in stopping weaklings from entering, so they might as well have gotten some money out of it.

After entering Great Zhou, the group did not travel too quickly, because there was still some time before the ascension.

“There are so many people. Emperor Yan of Zhou really knows how to boost interest,” Daoya Old Man said in amazement. Looking around, there were people everywhere, and they were all traveling toward the Royal City.

Emperor Yan of Zhou had announced his ascension three years in advance and had arranged for a marriage alliance with the Hanyin Divine Sect. He had then allied with Great Shang, and had even announced news of Lin Guanyu’s arrival. This made Great Zhou the most often discussed Kingdom in the Northern Wilderness.

It seemed like business as usual for the Great Zhou, but there were many intentions behind all of this.

Xiao Jinghong nodded. “Perhaps he also wants to intimidate Revered Teacher, making it so that Revered Teacher does not dare to come.”

Daoya Old Man gave a smile that did not seem like a smile and said, “That may not necessarily be the case.”

Xiao Jinghong felt quite surprised and questioned him closely, but the old man only smiled as he shook his head, not saying any more.

Zhou Xuanji was very much at ease. After all, he had experienced many intense battles before, and his mental state was quite extraordinary.

They came closer and closer to Great Zhou’s Royal City, and Zhou Xuanji could not help but think back to his younger days living inside Great Zhou’s Palace.

Back then, the people who had spent the most time with him were palace maids and wet nurses.

He shook his head and smiled, not thinking about it anymore.

The day that Emperor Yan of Zhou ascended, he would definitely make a great commotion and turn the world on its head.

Three days later, the group was resting beside a lake. Chongming Demon Monarch was using the little black snake like a whip, thrashing it about under the pretext that he was helping it strengthen its body.

“Old cow, didn’t you eat breakfast? You seem so weak,” the little black snake sarcastically called out.

Hearing this, Chongming Demon Monarch forcefully slammed it against the ground, causing the ground to crack.

The little black snake fainted, and blood leaked out of his lips, making it seem as if he had died.

Zhou Xuanji glared at him and asked, “Are you trying to kill him?”

Chongming Demon Monarch hurriedly let go of the little black snake and said, sounding quite wronged, “He was goading me to use more strength…”

He had been gentle enough earlier; it was that fellow who was seeking death.

The others gathered over and chided Chongming Demon Monarch, adding salt to the wound, and causing him to hate the little black snake even more.

Daoya Old Man stood beside the lake, continuously pinching the fingers on his right hand together as he calculated something.

“Strange… Why has Great Zhou’s fate been obscured? Something’s off, something’s off.” He muttered to himself, seeming quite vexed.

At that moment, he noticed a figure walking out of the forest opposite the lake.

It was a demon.

He had the body of a tiger and the face of a human. His body was covered with white fur and he looked like a young boy.

Seeing Daoya Old Man, he opened his mouth and said something.

Daoya Old Man’s expression fell and he deeply furrowed his brows.

“Chongming, capture him.” At that moment, Zhou Xuanji’s voice sounded from behind him. Following this, Chongming Demon Monarch turned into a black blur and rushed towards the demon.

The demon was frightened and turned to run, but it was squashed against the ground by Chongming Demon Monarch’s bottom, almost squashing him to death.

“Do you want to run?” Chongming Demon Monarch picked him up and laughed in disdain.

Soon, he brought the demon over to Zhou Xuanji and the others.

Zhou Xuanji asked Daoya Old Man, “What were you two talking about just then?”

Daoya Old Man turned and said, “He was telling me that we have a massive problem.”

Hearing this, everyone frowned. What did this mean?

Daoya Old Man shrugged and said, “He said we captured a very important person and a big disaster will soon come. I don’t know anything else.”

Zhou Xuanji looked at the human-faced, tiger-bodied demon and asked, “Can you speak?”

Even though the demon was terrified, he acted as if he was unable to understand human speech.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu took out the Truth Sword and poked him.

“Tell me, who did we capture and who will make trouble for us?”

Facing Zhao Fu’s questioning, the demon answered, “You captured a descendant of the Jiang Clan; the Emperor will come to make you pay!”

“Right now, all demons inside and outside Great Zhou are searching for you all!”

Hearing this, everyone’s expressions became strange and they subconsciously looked towards Jiang Xue.

Jiang Xue also felt quite startled and wondered if she had heard incorrectly.

Zhou Xuanji pointed at her and asked, “Is it her?”

Descendant of the Jiang Clan? Emperor?

Could it be the person third-ranked in the world, Jiang Wudi?

The demon subconsciously looked at Jiang Xue and shook his head, saying, “Too young.”

Everyone could not help but think of Jiang Xue’s grandma, the crazy old woman.

Daoya Old Man clicked his tongue in wonder as he said, “Interesting, interesting. No wonder why the Great Zhou’s fate has recently been obscured; so, it was done by Jiang Wudi.”

Zhou Xuanji’s expression became quite strange.


He could already smell the melodrama.

He could already see Jiang Wudi forcefully snatching away Jiang Xue before humiliating him and telling him that he was not good enough for her. After being humiliated, the two of them would be separated for decades. Only when he reached the peak would he be able to marry Jiang Xue.

Surely there wouldn’t be any other marriage plots along the way, would there?

“Is my grandma still alive?” Jiang Xue asked as she frowned. She did not look too happy.

The demon looked at her and asked in surprise, “Your grandma? Is your grandma the descendant of the Jiang Clan? Quickly tell me where she is; we have to quickly deliver your grandma to the Emperor.”

Chongming Demon Monarch could not help but ask, “Isn’t she also a descendant of the Jiang Clan? Why are you looking for an old woman?”

The demon replied in disdain, “She won’t be acknowledged by the Jiang Clan. Back then, that descendant of the Jiang Clan was engaged to someone, but fell for a mortal. She escaped from the Jiang Clan, bringing shame to the Jiang Clan. Now, she even has a granddaughter. The Jiang Clan wants to capture her to punish her. As for her granddaughter, the Jiang Clan did not mention her at all. Perhaps they don’t even know about her.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned. There was indeed some melodrama.

However, there was something off about this plot.

It was about Jiang Xue’s grandma instead?

Jiang Xue’s expression was complicated, and she had no idea what to say.

“You’d best let me go; the Emperor will soon personally arrive at Great Zhou. If you are harboring the descendant of the Jiang Clan, you’ll all die!”

Seeing everyone’s expressions change, the demon thought that they had become afraid, so he called out arrogantly.

“You’re very bold,” Zhou Xuanji said with narrowed eyes. He could sense Jiang Xue’s gloomy mood. No one would feel good when their relatives refused to acknowledge them.

“What? I’m telling you this for your own good. If you dare to do anything to me, you’ll be going against the Emperor. You’ll die a horrible death!” The demon harrumphed. Despite being squashed against the ground, he was still quite arrogant.

An hour later, everyone sat in a circle around the lake. Chongming Demon Monarch held a roasted leg and laughed as he said, “This fellow’s meat is quite delicious.”

There was a spit over the fire, on which a tiger’s body hung, causing the aroma of meat to spread into the air.