I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 193 - A Gathering Of Heroes

Chapter 193 - A Gathering Of Heroes


Chapter 193: A Gathering Of Heroes

On a mountain path, Zhou Xuanji strolled forward as he held a fruit in his hand, and Jiang Xue walked next to him.

Chongming Demon Monarch was ahead and Han Shenbo and the little black snake were behind. Daoya Old Man was on the side, while the others were training their sword techniques.

Ah Big and Small Er were spiralling in the air, scouting out ahead for them.

Looking at them, Zhou Xuanji wondered out loud, “Why can’t they speak the human language?”

The two Dragon Eagles had reached Fourth Rank cultivation and if they were other demons, they would already have been able to transform.

“Maybe they were born with a handicap,” Jiang Xue guessed as she looked at Zhou Xuanji.

Her gaze made him feel quite confused.

“What is it?” He asked as he touched his face.

“Nothing, I just feel that there’s this trace of violet qi that flickers in and out of existence on your forehead,” Jiang Xue said as she shook her head. She rubbed her eyes and looked over seriously and said, “Now it’s gone. Maybe there’s something wrong with my eyes.”

Zhou Xuanji felt quite pleased as he smiled, “It might be that my Monarchial Violet Qi has intimidated you.”

Jiang Xue rolled her eyes, “You? In the whole world, you’re the least likely person to intimidate me. You are the person I fear the least.”

“Not bad, not bad. In the future, you can manage all of my wives and concubines.”

“Hm? You want a group of wives and concubines?”

“Can’t I have them?”

“You can’t!”

“How about just a few?”

“How many?”


“Are you itching for a beating?”

The two of them squabbled, making the atmosphere become quite lively.

At their current speed, it would take them over a month to reach the Great Zhou Royal City.

They were not in a hurry; it would be best if they arrived on the date of Zhou Yalong’s ascension to the throne.

That would make things quite interesting.

After all, the main character had to arrive at a key moment!

As the group travelled, they discussed the past and debated the present, and acted as if they were on a scenic tour.

At the same time, the checkpoints at Great Zhou’s borders were all filled to the brim with people. Many cultivators from other Kingdoms and factions had also come to join in on the fun.

This was especially so for the Royal City of Great Zhou; it was filled with liveliness and clamoring.

Within the palace, Great Shang’s State Teacher, Yang Zhongtian, was smiling as he looked at Emperor Yan of Zhou, while the Ministers and Generals lined up in two rows looked incredibly alert.

“Great Zhou and Great Shang should indeed put aside their differences,” Emperor Yan of Zhou said slowly as he looked at Yang Zhongtian, sighing with sorrow.

“Back then, before We had ascended to the throne and when Yang Xindi was still young, a group of us would journey to the ends of the world together—how great were those days… It’s a pity that although things have remained the same, people have changed.”

Hearing his words, Yang Zhongtian and Xitan Changshi all had reminiscent looks on their faces.

The age that belonged to them had passed.

Yang Zhongtian looked serious as he said, “Our Majesty is also of the same mind. With Great Zhou losing Your Majesty and Great Shang losing the Haoqi Alliance, if the two Kingdoms can come together and support each other, it will be a win-win situation.”

Emperor Yan of Zhou nodded before discussing past matters with Yang Zhongtian, but neither of them mentioned the Hanyin Divine Sect.

They seemed quite friendly, but deep down there was a storm brewing.

If it wasn’t for the Hanyin Divine Sect entering a marriage alliance with Great Zhou, Great Shang would not have come with its head lowered.

“That’s right, summon Zong Kuiming,” Emperor Yan of Zhou suddenly ordered. Hearing this, a General immediately left.

Yang Zhongtian’s expression fell as he asked, “Why is he in Great Zhou?”

The various Ministers and Generals in the palace were all sent into an uproar.

Even Zhou Yalong looked at Emperor Yan of Zhou in surprise.

“He owes us a life,” Emperor Yan of Zhou calmly replied as he gave a slight smile. If one wasn’t observant, one wouldn’t have noticed it.

Yang Zhontian’s expression flickered and he sank into silence.

Soon, Zong Kuiming entered the palace.

“Hahaha, Emperor Yan of Zhou, your Great Zhou is indeed prosperous and Great Zhou’s women taste great. I like that tavern, uh, Drunken Spring Tavern.” A forthright laughter sounded out as Zong Kuiming walked in.

He was dressed in black clothes with red lines, and he wore a green cap. He was not very handsome and instead looked somewhat savage, especially so because of the red mark on the right side of his face, which looked like a bloody claw.

Zong Kuiming was one of the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100, and was not inferior to Lin Guanyu.

No one knew who his master was or what sect he was from. 1,000 years ago, he had suddenly appeared and saved the Hunyuan Empire. The Hunyuan Empire’s Emperor had personally received him, and from then onwards, his name had shaken the world.

His personality was quite domineering and he had a foul temper. However, he had a benevolent heart and always stopped to help when he saw someone being bullied.

Zong Kuiming looked at Yang Zhongtian and laughed as he said, “Oho, this old goat is here too. How’s the Fury Buddha? We were unable to determine a victor between us last time; I’ll go and visit him sometime in the future.”

Hearing this, Yang Zhongtian’s expression became quite unsightly.

Zong Kuiming looked at Emperor Yan of Zhou as he cursed out, “I met Lin Guanyu. That fellow still has a scowling face. His little sister must have a foul face too; how did you endure her?”

Emperor Yan of Zhou gave a slight smile and said, “I’m going to be relying on Brother Zong’s help for my ascension and the ascension to the throne.”

“No worries, no worries.” Zong Kuiming waved his hand as he walked over to Zhou Yalong and clicked his tongue in wonder as he said, “You resemble your father, but why do you look like someone destined to have a short life?”

Hearing this, Zhou Yalong’s face immediately became green.

Emperor Yan of Zhou frowned as he said, “Brother Zong, don’t tease children. We would like to talk to you about the location.”

Hearing this, Zong Kuiming grinned and he walked back to the centre of the hall.

“Don’t worry, with me here, let alone Sword God Zhou—even if Xian Xianghua came, she wouldn’t be able to leave!” Zong Kuiming said confidently, making Yang Zhongtian shake his head.

It’s true that you can deal with Sword God Zhou.

But you think you can deal with Xian Xianghua?

You’re simply seeking death!

A month later, Zhao Fu and his group arrived at the top of a mountain. Looking into the distance, at the end of the mountains and forests were the walls of Great Zhou’s border.

“Leave Ah Big and Small Er behind or else we’ll be quickly exposed,” the little black snake said. If the two Dragon Eagles could transform, things would be much simpler.

However, their bodies were so big, making them incredibly conspicuous.

They had put a layer of black fur over the red Qilin, making it look like a black dog. Luckily, its horns were not very long and could be wrapped up with its ears.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and looked up at Ah Big and Small Er, who were circling overhead, and said, “You two hide for now; don’t get caught by anyone. Understood?”

The two Dragon Eagles nodded before turning and flying into the depths of the mountains and forests.

Following this, the group continued towards the border.

After flying over the mountains and forests, they saw that there were many cultivators walking towards the border on the plains below. From above, they looked like a line of ants.

Soon, they descended and lined up to enter Great Zhou.

There were thousands of people lining up, creating a majestic scene and a boiling cauldron of voices.

“Why are there so many people? Doesn’t this mean it will be even more crowded in the Royal City?” Jiang Xue said in amazement. There were hundreds of entry points like this one, and with so many people entering in just one day, it wasn’t unexpected that the Royal City would be so crowded.

A dandy in front looked back and gave an elegant smile as he said, “In actuality, most people are here to see Sword God Zhou. Ever since he killed the Great Zhou’s Empress, countless rumours emerged, saying that with Sword God Zhou’s personality, he wouldn’t let the son of the woman who killed his mother ascend to the throne.” After saying this, a look of worship appeared in his eyes.

A big man in front of the dandy turned and grinned as he said, “With Lin Guanyu, Emperor Yan of Zhou, the Hanyin Divine Sect and many other powerful experts defending the Great Zhou’s Royal City, do you think Sword God Zhou would dare to come?”

They never would have expected that the grand and mighty Sword God Zhou would be lining up with them to enter Great Zhou.