I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 192 - Lin Guanyu and Zhou Xuanji

Chapter 192 - Lin Guanyu and Zhou Xuanji


First, Zhou Xuanji took out the Frost King Sword. Seeing this new legendary sword, everyone felt quite curious.

The Frost King Sword was three feet long and the blade was four fingers wide. It looked as if it was made from crystal. After Zhou Xuanji took it out, a wave of cold air rushed out.

“What a handsome sword,” Beixiao Wangjian praised with a heated gaze.

Zhou Xuanji gave a pleased smile and slashed towards the lake with the sword.

In that moment, the entire lake froze at a speed visible to the naked eye, flabbergasting everyone else.

Following this, Zhou Xuanji put away the Frost King Sword and took out the Sky Extinguishing Sword.

As this sword appeared, everyone, including Zhou Xuanji, felt a chill down their spines.

The Sky Extinguishing Sword’s blade was a black-red colour, and it was as if there was lava within the blade. There was a hellish demon king’s head with two horns on the quillon, and there was a burned bone connecting it to the hilt.

The sword looked like a demonic sword. The blade was four feet long and about as wide as the Frost King Sword.

Holding onto this sword, Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes.

So powerful!

Just by holding it, he felt that he was invincible in the world.

It was as if a single slash could destroy the entire world!

He quickly put the sword away, because everyone else was trembling and cold sweat rolled down their bodies.

“What sword is that? Why do I feel such terror when looking at it?” Zhao Congjian asked with curiosity, a trace of worry in his eyes.

Would a demonic sword like this bedevil Zhou Xuanji?

Jiang Xue also looked at Zhou Xuanji anxiously.

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji smiled and replied, “This is the Sky Extinguishing Sword; it can only be used by those at Astral Projection or above. Don’t worry, my swords won’t harm me.”

The items from the Supreme Legendary Sword System were all exquisite items, and there was no need to worry about becoming bedevilled.

There was still half a year until the Emperor Yan of Zhou was going to ascend.

Zhou Xuanji greatly looked forward to that day.

Following this, he gathered everyone to discuss the matter of charging into Great Zhou.

His group was now quite powerful. Apart from the Three-eyed Drought Rodent and red Qilin, even the weakest of them had peak Inner Pellet stage strength. In a Kingdom, this would be enough to take roles as protectors of the kingdom.

Zhou Xuanji needed their help, because using legendary swords used up too much of his strength. By the time he finished fighting, he would need his group to help him escape.

As for Daoya Old Man, he was not only powerful, but could also perform divination.

The Chongming Demon Monarch could increase in size and block an army by himself.

The two Dragon Eagles could act as war machines.

Huang Lianxin had her Ghost Emperor Divine Eyes which could see through everything, including formations.

Jiang Xue was a magician and healer, and Beixiao Wangjian, Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Chongjian, and Han Shenbo were all forces to be reckoned with.

All in all, he was quite pleased with this group.

As they started discussing how to kill Zhou Yalong, countless people gathered towards Great Zhou.

Emperor Yan of Zhou was one of the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100, and now that he was facing his ascension, he had invited the world’s heroes to spectate.

The Hanyin Divine Sect had sent many elders to provide support, and Great Chen had done the same.

After Emperor Yan of Zhou ascended, Great Zhou would be greatly weakened. However, he would be going to the Upper Realm, and if they destroyed Great Zhou and met him after they ascended, how awkward would that be?

The cultivation resources available in the Upper Realm were definitely greater than those in this world; no one would be able to predict how much Emperor Yan of Zhou would grow by the time they ascended.

In the Royal City of Great Zhou, within a mansion, Xu Xianxuan wore a veil and sat in front of a stone table with a blank expression.

An elderly woman stood beside her and looked furious as she chided, “Do you know what you’ve done? You’ve ruined your looks to avoid the marriage? I’ll tell you now, even if you’ve destroyed your looks, you still have to marry Zhou Yalong. However, now that you’ve lost your looks, will he treat you well in future? You’re stupid beyond redemption; you’ve forced yourself onto a road of disaster!”

The elderly woman was an elder of the Hanyin Divine Sect. She was called Zhang Lanya and it was she who had raised Xu Xianxuan. Right now, she was trembling with anger.

In order to avoid the marriage, Xu Xianxuan had ruined her looks; this made the higher-ups of the Hanyin Divine Sect furious. They did not dare to tell this to Great Zhou, and were currently trying to find ways to restore her looks.

No matter where it was, a woman’s looks were incredibly important. This was especially so in the cultivation world – unless one could shake the world with power like Xian Xianghua, one would have to rely on their looks to some extent.

Xu Xianxuan remained silent, not saying a single word.

At this moment, she hoped that someone would come and save her.

She had lost hope in the Hanyin Divine Sect, and felt that it was just a nest of devils.

“That’s right, will Zhou Xuanji come?” Xu Xianxuan suddenly asked. By now, everyone knew that Sword God Zhou was Zhou Xuanji.

She understood Zhou Xuanji’s past, and knew that he was a Prince of Great Zhou and had irreconcilable hatred toward Zhou Yalong. While she travelled, she had heard many rumours, saying that Sword God Zhou would prevent Zhou Yalong from ascending to the throne.

“Hmph, with Lin Guanyu here, unless he wants to die, he definitely won’t dare to come. Then again, it’s good if he comes! That way, your future husband will be able to solidify his position as the Emperor!” Zhang Lanya said as she coldly harrumphed, trying to figure out how to persuade Xu Xianxuan.

Four months later, Zhou Xuanji broke through to Astral Projection Level Two.

He wore an exquisite, purple robe and looked elegant with a noble demeanour.

This was the Ruyi Purple Cloud Robe; this robe’s defences were far higher than the White Dragon Golden Robe’s, and even Silver grade legendary swords could not pierce through it. After putting it on, he couldn’t tell whether he was even wearing it; it was so incredibly light.

Everyone started to pack their things and began to head towards Great Zhou.

Daoya Old Man walked over to Zhou Xuanji and chuckled as he asked, “Lin Guanyu is already in Great Zhou; are you sure you want to go?”

Zhou Xuanji smirked as he said, “It’s best if he’s there.”

Zhou Xuanji already had the confidence to defeat Huang Hantian. Even though Huang Hantian was not at the Great Realization stage, he could put up a fight against Lin Guanyu. This meant that Lin Guanyu was a relatively weak Great Realization cultivator.

Great Zhou would be where Lin Guanyu would fall!

In actuality, Zhou Xuanji did not despise Lin Guanyu. Instead, he respected him, because there were not many people who would be so obsessed with getting revenge for their little sister.

However, this was the human world—since Lin Guanyu wanted to kill him, he had to kill Lin Guanyu!

The strong preyed on the weak—this was no exception.

“If you can defeat Lin Guanyu, wouldn’t that allow you to directly charge into the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100?” Daoya Old Man wondered out loud as he rubbed his chin.

However, he felt that there was not much hope.

After all, Lin Guanyu was the Beiba Blademaster; to be able to fight to a draw would already be decent.

Zhou Xuanji smiled slightly and did not say any more.

After a while, everyone had finished packing and they started out.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Chongming Demon Monarch and asked, “Have you prepared?”

Chongming Demon Monarch looked quite startled and asked, “Prepared for what?”

Jiang Xue covered her mouth and secretly laughed, while the others also started to laugh.

The little black snake, who was wrapped around Small Er’s neck, said, “To attack of course. When we arrive at Great Zhou, you’ll have to block Great Zhou’s army.”

“God damn, are you all serious?” Chongming Demon Monarch’s body trembled as he asked nervously.

Even though he had crude and thick skin, how could he block a Kingdom’s army?

The red Qilin, who was as big as a dog now, bared its teeth as if to encourage him.

“When the time comes, will we launch a sneak attack or will we launch in like thunderbolts on a clear day, domineeringly announcing our entry?” Han Shenbo asked as he crossed his arms, looking excited.

Once they succeeded at this, they would all become renowned in the world; it would not just be Zhou Xuanji getting all the fame.