I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 190 - Unparalleled Way of the Sword in the Northern Wilderness

Chapter 190 - Unparalleled Way of the Sword in the Northern Wilderness


Chapter 190: Unparalleled Way of the Sword in the Northern Wilderness

Zhou Xuanji took out the two swords and examined them closely.

The Holy Light Redemption Sword was a golden sword. Its blade was quite wide, and there was a pair of feathered wings at the quillon, making it look quite imposing. Zhou Xuanji could not help but wonder if this really was a sword of redemption.

After all, he felt that it was incredibly destructive.

As for the Snakeskin Sword, the blade had snakeskin-like patterns and the hilt was a bit curved, making it look like part of a black snake’s body.

Zhou Xuanji stepped onto the Snakeskin Sword and started to fly while holding the Holy Light Redemption Sword.

The others noticed the noise coming from his direction.

“Those two swords seem to be new,” Han Shenbo said out of curiosity. One could tell at a glance that the Holy Light Redemption Sword was no ordinary sword.

Xiao Jinghong nodded and smiled, “Today, Revered Teacher turns 22 years old.”

Every time Zhou Xuanji celebrated a birthday, he would gain a few swords.

Everyone was used to this already.

Zhou Xuanji quickly flew in the air, sometimes spiraling, sometimes diving towards the ground. His flight pattern was everchanging and everyone felt that their eyes were dazzled as they watched on.

“Is he practicing some kind of sword technique?” The little black snake blinked as it asked out of curiosity.

No one answered it, as no one else knew either.

A while later, Zhou Xuanji landed and withdrew the Holy Light Redemption Sword and Snakeskin Sword.

What is this Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps? Zhou Xuanji wondered. Was it some kind of foot movement technique?

Following this, a wave of unfamiliar memories flowed into his mind.

It turned out that Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps was a sword movement technique.

It was similar to the Eight-steps Sword Lunge, but it was not a pure movement technique, rather an attack-type sword technique.

Killing enemies with a single step within 100 feet, it was even faster than Ranged Sword Propelling.

Ranged Sword Propelling was quite easy to dodge, which was why Zhou Xuanji did not use it often.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Dog Culling Sword and started to train Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps.

He trained next to the lake, and seeing him train, Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, and Huang Lianxin immediately came over.

It was another new sword technique.

“What kind of powerful sword technique is this?” Zhao Congjian muttered, his eyes burning.

Xiao Jinghong stretched out his hand and covered Zhao Congjian’s eyes, saying, “It’s best if you don’t watch.”

“No, I want to watch.” Zhao Congjian swatted away his hand and said with an excited expression.

Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps had 180 forms in total, and could cross a distance of 100 feet.

If one’s cultivation was profound and they trained to Great Accomplishment, crossing 1,000 miles to kill an enemy would not be a dream.

With Zhou Xuanji’s current strength, practicing the Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps for the first time took 15 breaths of time. His actions were fluid as if he had practiced for a long time.

Just as he had done so before:

After 100 times, he reached Small Accomplishment in Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps.

After 200 times, he reached Great Accomplishment in Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps.

After 300 times, he realized the sword will of Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps.

Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps’ sword will was sharp and intense. After going into sword will mode, Zhou Xuanji’s expression became incredibly cold.

He slashed towards a tree 100 meters away.

In an instant, Xiao Jinghong and the others felt as if Zhou Xuanji had turned into a blur and rushed past. He was so fast that it was difficult to see him with the naked eye.


The tree’s trunk was shattered and countless leaves drifted down, and Zhou Xuanji appeared behind the tree.

He held the Dog Culling Sword with his robe fluttering, looking confident and domineering from behind.

Xiao Jinghong and the others immediately crowded around him, asking him questions.

“Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps. When trained to Small Accomplishment, one can kill people 100 feet away; when trained to Great Accomplishment, one can kill enemies 1,000 miles away,” Zhou Xuanji calmly replied, sounding incredibly profound and making the others feel even more excited.

“Finish training the sword techniques you’re learning at the moment before asking for more,” Zhou Xuanji harrumphed before turning and leaving.

Xiao Jinghong and the others did not feel discouraged and instead felt even more motivated.

Three months later, Han Shenbo had obtained some news after venturing out, and he returned with a blue, leather-bound book.

He looked excited and gathered everyone else over.

“What is it that can make you lose your cool like this?” Chongming Demon Monarch hollered. Recently, under Daoya Old Man’s guidance, his cultivation had progressed and he felt that he could break through to the Eighth Rank, making him feel quite happy.

Han Shenbo lightly cleared his throat and opened the blue, leather-bound book before reading, “The first Northern Wilderness Genius Ranking has been released, and has been spread among all large factions and empires.

“Northern Wilderness Top Genius, Zhou Xuanji, the son of Great Zhou’s Lady Zhao Xuan. He is known in the world as Sword God Zhou and has reached Astral Infant Level Eight at just 21 years of age. He is capable of defeating anyone at the Spirit Refinement stage. The Canghai Ziggurat nominates him for the title: ‘Unparalleled Way of the Sword in the Northern Wilderness, Comparable to the Ancient Sword Emperors’.”

Hearing this, everyone became incredibly excited.

“Unparalleled Way of the Sword in the Northern Wilderness, Comparable to the Ancient Sword Emperors—Well said!” Xiao Jinghong approved as he clapped. Given that this title was nominated by the Canghai Ziggurat, it would definitely spread across the world.

Outwardly, Zhou Xuanji looked calm, but inwardly, he felt incredibly pleased.

Not bad.

Han Shenbo continued to read. The first page of the Northern Wilderness Genius Ranking contained some of the accomplishments Zhou Xuanji had made since he was born.

He had battled Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch and killed Great Zhou’s Empress.

He had demonstrated his might in Great Shang and shook the world with Heavenly Lights.

Xian Xianghua, Huang Hantian, Xinhao Sect, Haoqi Alliance, and many other famous names were mentioned as well.

As Zhou Xuanji’s group read on in excitement, the entire world was shocked.

Sword God Zhou was only 21 years old.

Reaching Astral Infant Level Eight at 21 years old… Did justice even exist in this world?

Soon, the entirety of the Northern Wilderness was shaken, and even many of the Sanctums were discussing Zhou Xuanji.

Now, countless people had remembered Zhou Xuanji’s name.

After news spread through Great Zhou, countless great waves crashed.

“What? Sword God Zhou is our Great Zhou’s Prince?”

“Hahaha, our Great Zhou is a place blessed by an illustrious hero.”

“No wonder the Great Zhou’s Empress would try to assassinate Sword God Zhou for seemingly no reason.”

“As expected from the Emperor’s son.”

“I suggest for Zhou Xuanji to become Great Zhou’s Crown Prince. Zhou Yalong did not even make it into the Northern Wilderness Genius Ranking – even though it’s because he was too old for it, what kind of cultivation did he have at 21 years old? Zhou Xuanji would have been able to kill him with a single finger.”

Within the Great Zhou’s borders, similar discussions were happening in almost all cities.

Zhou Yalong was the one who was affected the most.

With how vicious and ruthless the Great Zhou’s Empress had been, how could her son be any better?

Zhou Yalong’s public reputation was decent, but he was far behind Zhou Xuanji in terms of benevolence and righteousness.

Elsewhere, within the Great Zhou Palace.

Emperor Yan of Zhou sat on his throne and silently listened to the soldier reading out loud.

“The Canghai Ziggurat nominates him for the title: ‘Unparalleled Way of the Sword in the Northern Wilderness, Comparable to the Ancient Sword Emperors’.” The soldier read each word carefully, and after finishing, he nervously looked up at Emperor Yan of Zhou.

The Ministers and Generals, who were lined up in two rows, all looked dumbfounded.

Zhou Yalong’s expression was unsightly, and flames of hatred danced in his eyes.

Zhou Chengxin’s expression was complicated; all of the Princes looked completely stupefied.

Sword God Zhou was actually their brother.

“Alright, you can withdraw.”

Xitan Changshi stepped and waved his hand. The soldier looked as if he had been relieved from a massive burden and hurriedly left.

Emperor Yan of Zhou suddenly smiled as he said, “Well said. Our son is ranked first on the Northern Wilderness Genius Ranking; this is a great glory for Great Zhou.”

Hearing this, Zhou Yalong felt as if flames were going to blast out of his eyes.

He gripped his fists and his nails dug into the flesh of his palms. Even as blood flowed out, he did not unclench his fists.

After Zhou Xuanji had killed his mother, they could not live under the same sky and their hatred was irreconcilable.

“Hmph, a pity that he’s an unfilial son.”

At that moment, a voice containing bad intentions sounded out from outside.

Lin Guanyu walked in with an apathetic expression, ignoring the shocked expressions of the Ministers and Generals.