I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 187 - Twenty-one Years Old, Heavenly Soul Legendary Sword

Chapter 187 - Twenty-one Years Old, Heavenly Soul Legendary Sword


“Handsome… As long as you are the one who did it, okay?”

Jiang Xue rolled her eyes at Zhou Xuanji and said with a perfunctory tone.

Zhao Congjian, Xiao Jinghong, and Beixiao Wangjian came up to him instead and inquired about the sword technique.

When Zhou Xuanji told them that it was an energy technique, they were all disappointed.

They each had their own energy technique, but if they were to cultivate more than one energy technique, it would cost them too much time, which they could not afford.

“Oh yeah, Master, Emperor Yan of Zhou will be ascending in two years. On that day, Zhou Yalong will marry Great Shang’s Xu Xianxuan.”

Zhao Congjian remembered something suddenly and informed Zhou Xuanji.

No far away, when the little black snake heard it, he suddenly dashed over.

“Hahaha, I really disabled the Little Evil Lord?”

He was extremely excited. Xu Xianxuan was supposed to be married to the Little Evil Lord. He understood immediately why the arrangement for her marriage was changed and it filled his heart with a sense of accomplishment.

Zhou Xuanji rubbed his chin and said contemplatively, “Emperor Yan of Zhou wants to find a reliable ally for Zhou Yalong.”

Hanyin Divine Sect was a force to be reckoned with. It was comparable to Xinhao Sect and Haoqi Alliance.

However, weren’t they allies with the Great Shang? If they did so, wouldn’t it be a humiliation to the Great Shang?

Xiao Jinghong asked, “Will two years be enough for my Revered Teacher to reach Astral Projection and head to Great Zhou?”

Once Zhou Yalong took the throne, he would surely find all kinds of methods to take revenge for his mother.

If the marriage was a success and he received the help of Hanyin Divine Sect, it would be bigger trouble.

“Of course, I will go! I will let Emperor Yan of Zhou see how I kill Zhou Yalong.”

Zhou Xuanji said calmly. He did not really hate Zhou Yalong, but it was to take revenge for Huang Lianxin. He had to keep his promise to her.

Moreover, even without Huang Lianxin, Zhou Yalong would not simply let him go.

Many things in this world couldn’t be settled with reason.

By the hands of men shall the murderers’ blood be shed. Cycles of revenge would never cease.

“We need to train harder so that we don’t become a burden to our Master,” Beixiao Wangjian said sincerely.

“You are the greatest burden. Our Lady Master’s cultivation is going to surpass your’s!” The little black snake said with disdain.

Beixiao Wangjian blushed when he heard the snake and stared at him in anger.

Zhou Xuanji ignored their argument but left with Jiang Xue.

He was in a good mood, so he planned to take a break and spend some time with Jiang Xue alone to enjoy the scenery.

Daoya Old Man stood on the spot in deep thought.

“Flesh transformed into a legendary sword. Is there another sword cultivator’s energy technique in this whole wide world?”

He could not understand. He had only heard of such an energy technique in the legends.

It was said that the Ancient Sword Emperor could transform himself into a legendary sword and destroy millions of enemies.

Could Zhou Xuanji really be the reincarnation of the Ancient Sword Emperor?

* Oh no!*

*  Zhaoxuan, I’m sorry for allowing your child to be possessed by someone else!*

And so, in the next few days, Daoya Old Man looked at Zhou Xuanji with a strange expression.

Until one day, Zhou Xuanji could no longer endure it and confronted him.

After finding out what the old man was thinking, Zhou Xuanji was speechless.

How many times have you suspected that I was possessed?

He did not care to explain. Looking at his attitude, Daoya Old Man was relieved.

Such a terrible temper. Apparently, he was not possessed.

He was just like his mother.

In a loft.

Xu Xianxuan sat before the dressing table and her maidservant brushed her hair. She looked at herself through the bronze mirror and appeared to be a little dazzled.

“Mistress, what are you thinking?”

The maidservant asked. As she spoke, she saw Xu Xianxuan’s image in the mirror and thought to herself, such a beauty.

The most beautiful person in Great Shang indeed.

Xu Xianxuan sighed faintly and said, “I feel very lost. Even though I cultivated so hard, I’m still just a chess piece for the Divine Sect used as a tool for bargaining whenever it’s convenient. My face is really a burden to me.”

The maidservant opened her eyes wide and said, “Why would it be a burden? If you were to become the Empress of Great Zhou and the mother of an empire, so many women would admire you.”

Great Zhou was an empire. After becoming the Empress, the empire’s serendipity would be with her, so that she will live a long life with the hope of the ascension.

As an ordinary person, the maidservant did not even dare to dream about it.

Xu Xianxuan smiled but did not speak.

She did not really care about becoming the Empress.

Somehow, the Phoenix Sword Emperor’s ugly face suddenly appeared in her mind.

No, he should have been called ‘Sword God Zhou’.

When she thought about the legends of Sword God Zhou, she really admired him.

She longed to be like Sword God Zhou. Whatever the trouble, it could just be ended with a sword.

No one could bind him. He dared to even cut down the Empress of Great Zhou. He even dared to offend Xinhao Sect and Haoqi Alliance.

That was true freedom.


She sighed heavily and unconsciously touched her face.

If it wasn’t for her face, would she be free?

In the blink of an eye, Zhou Xuanji welcomed his twenty-first birthday.

That morning, he opened his eyes and got out of bed.

Jiang Xue wrapped her arms around him like an octopus, and he could not break free.

“Stupid girl, how old are you already, and you lay on me like this!?”

Zhou Xuanji stared at her. When he remembered how the girl laid on him so heavily that he could not breathe, he was filled with rage.

It brought back bad memories of his childhood!

When she heard his voice, Jiang Xue rubbed her eyes and got up slowly. She hugged him tightly and muffled, “It’s still so early. What are you doing…”

She wasn’t yet fully awake and didn’t look like a cultivator at all.

“Nothing, I want to take a walk. You continue to sleep.” Zhou Xuanji said.

“It’s okay, let me get up to help you wash up.”

Jiang Xue mumbled. After that, she got out of bed and put on her outer garment.

Zhou Xuanji got up as well and put on his White Dragon Golden Robe.

The two packed up a little before heading out of their hut.

Just when they got out, Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and Chongming Demon Monarch were talking about something together.

“What is this?”


“Impossible, a Qilin so small?”

“It must be a legendary beast. There is no demonic Qi in its body.”

“So cute, don’t frighten it.”


Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue heard them and were interested immediately. They held hands and walked over.

Soon, Zhou Xuanji saw that Qilin.

The adorable creature was only the size of a palm and its entire body was red. It had a lion’s head, dear’s antlers, tiger’s eyes, moose’s body, dragon scales, and oxtail. Even though it was small, it looked majestic.

Qilin saw Zhou Xuanji and leaped into his arms. Everyone cried out in surprise when they saw this.

“This little guy knows my Revered Teacher?”

Xiao Jinghong asked curiously. The others speculated too.

Zhou Xuanji patted the red Qilin and looked curious. He could sense the closeness of this little guy.

At this moment, Daoya Old Man walked over.

When he saw the red Qilin, he dashed over with wide-open eyes. He snatched the red Qilin immediately.

“Let me examine it first. All of you disperse first, don’t disturb me.”

Daoya Old Man left with the red Qilin as it cried out with a tender voice like a chickling.

Everyone looked at each other and did not speak a word.

“A Qilin is an auspicious beast and a sign of good fortune. It seems like it’s our day of fortune.”

Zhou Xuanji said expectantly. He would be twenty-one years old today.

He hoped to get a majestic legendary sword!

Ordinary Ore, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Amethyst, Glorious Gold, Heavenly Soul, Intimidating Spirit…

It’s time to give me a legendary sword higher than Glorious Gold?

After that, everyone left.

Time passed quickly.

Some hours later, Zhou Xuanji came to the lakeside. Just when he was about to sit down, the Sword Spirit’s voice resounded in his mind:

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner is now twenty-one years old. Gacha started!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Heavenly Soul]…”