I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 185 - The Day of Our Ascension Will Be The Day Of Your Marriage

Chapter 185 - The Day of Our Ascension Will Be The Day Of Your Marriage


Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and glanced at him with a strange expression. “Isn’t it normal?” He asked.

He had no enemies, so there was nothing wrong with someone prophesizing his destiny.

Daoya Old Man frowned. “This mind is very powerful. Only a few surpass me in the Northern Wilderness Region. All of them are powerful hermits or immortals. Whoever they are, once they have their eyes on us, we will become very passive.”

Zhou Xuanji understood his worry and comforted him, “Don’t worry. If they can prophesize our destiny, then it will not matter where we go since we cannot escape the power of divination. It’s better to focus on cultivating to make ourselves more powerful.”

Daoya Old Man thought about it and could only nod his head.

However, he still could not put aside worries, so he turned to leave. He planned to set up some spells to guard against such mind power from probing into them.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head with a smile and continued his cultivation.

All he thought about in his heart was to reach Astral Projection as soon as possible. By that time, he would no longer need to hide.

Jiang Xue walked over with a roasted fish and sat beside him. “Xuanji, eat something first,” She said.

At their cultivation, they no longer needed food.

However, they still loved the taste and fragrance of food, which was hard for them to let go of.

Zhou Xuanji took over the roasted fish and asked, “How is your cultivation?”

He took a bite. The fish skin was fragrant and crispy. The flesh was tender and tasty. This girl’s culinary skills were getting better and better.

Jiang Xue tidied the strands of hair by her ear and said, “The Nature Regenerative Spell is a little difficult. But I’m confident that I can master it. At that time, I can heal your injuries much faster.”

Zhou Xuanji smiled satisfactorily and patted her head. “You are already a qualified nanny.” He said.

Jiang Xue’s face blushed and he threw him a stare, saying, “I’m still a youthful lady, don’t say that.”

There was a faint bitterness in her eyes.

“Why? Are you in a hurry to marry me?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with a raised brow. Their relationship was already apparent. It was just that they had yet to make that kind of breakthrough.

They were not married yet, after all.

Now that they were living like fugitives because of all these dangers, Zhou Xuanji did not dare to marry her.

He was not worried about the dangers. It was just that after getting married, their attitude and responsibilities would change. Moreover, they were still young.

Cultivators were on a quest for immortality rather than nurturing the next generation like ordinary people.

“Humph! You wait!”

Jiang Xue snorted. After that, she reached out with her hand to pinch Zhou Xuanji’s face.

“Don’t play around. What if I’m choked to death by the fishbone? Then, what?”

“An Astral Infant cultivator choked to death by a fishbone?”

“Of course. Everything is possible in this vast world!”

“You only know how to quibble.”

The two played with each other a while more, and Jiang Xue left after Zhou Xuanji finished the fish. She was going to roast other games.

Zhou Xuanji lifted his right hand to conjure the Tianxia Map and continued to study it.

He spent some time studying the Tianxia Map every day.

The Tianxia Map should have been more than just a supporting artifact. He hoped to find out about its offensive functions.

Autumn came.

Four months had passed.

Zhou Xuanji reached Astral Infant Level Seven.

At this rate, he would reach Astral Projection before Emperor Yan of Zhou ascended.

Han Shenbo and Xiao Jinghong had begun working on breaking through to Astral Projection. The others made progress in their cultivation as well.

Jiang Xue, Huang Lianxin, and Beixiao Wangjian were getting closer to Soul Fountain.

With the Three-eyed Drought Rodent around, they could always find all sorts of natural treasures. Together with the plunders they took from their enemies before, their cultivation progressed swiftly.

On this day, Zhou Xuanji began to work on his Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation Level Five, Flesh Sword!

Daoya Old Man took out his enormous cauldron and threw in tons of spirit herbs and medicine. At the same time, he set up some spell arrays around the great cauldron to gather the spiritual Qi from their surroundings.

Everyone stopped their cultivation and gathered around to see.

“So many medicines. Can our master take it?”

Beixiao Wangjian asked worriedly. He felt numbness on his scalp just by looking at those herbs and medicines.

“I can’t do it?” Zhou Xuanji asked as he stared at him.

He was frightened and cried out, “You can definitely do it!”

The others could not help but burst out into laughter.

They were not worried about Zhou Xuanji, whose perseverance none of them could surpass. He managed to pull through with such severe injuries before.

Moreover, he had the Tianxia Map now.

Soon, the contents of the great cauldron were boiling. Zhou Xuanji leaped inside and immediately turned into a golden man.

Daoya Old Man stroked his beard and muttered, “This time it should be able to help him reach Flesh Sword. So many treasures and tonics. They are even more than what the Emperors can take in.”

Jiang Xue looked at Zhou Xuanji worriedly but did not make a sound.

Great Zhou, in the Royal Palace.

Zhou Yalong knelt on the floor. He had a bitter expression on his face.

“Do you acknowledge your fault?”

A majestic voice came from his front. A middle-aged man in a black dragon robe was sitting on the throne, looking calm and handsome. He was the Emperor Yan of Zhou.

Great Zhou’s Emperor!

The most powerful cultivator in Great Zhou!

Facing his question, Zhou Yalong gritted his teeth and said, “Yes, father!”

He went to Juedi Cliff without informing the Emperor Yan of Zhou, but in the end, returned in defeat. Moreover, four of his partners, who went along with him, had died.

They were all successors of other empires or Sanctums. He could not excuse himself from their death.

“We will ascend soon. At that time, you will be Great Zhou’s Emperor. If Great Zhou falls at your hands, how will you face your ancestors? With Great Zhou’s serendipity, you cannot even reincarnate into a good life. You must think before you do anything. Do you understand?”

Emperor Yan of Zhou knocked on his armrest with his finger, and he said each sentence with solemn pauses.

Zhou Yalong took in a deep breath and said, “I will surely remember my father’s teaching.”

“Great Shang and Haoqi Alliance had already ceased their partnership. The Little Evil Lord had also lost his ability as a man. We personally sought out Hanyi Divine Sect, and they have agreed to marry Xu Xianxuan to you as future Empress of Great Zhou. The day of our ascension will be the day of your marriage.”

Emperor Yan of Zhou continued to speak. Zhou Yalong looked up immediately when he heard those words.

He wanted to retort, but he couldn’t get the words out of his mouth.

He understood what Emperor Yan of Zhou meant.

Great Zhou required reliable allies!

“Within Great Zhou, only the Sword Monarch and Xitan Changshi are powerful enough, but they won’t be sufficient. Xu Xianxuan is a disciple of Hanyin Divine Sect Lord. If you treat her well, Hanyin Divine Sect will treat you favorably as well. You must learn to endure.”

“You can have many women, but the one to be the Empress must be someone greatly helpful.”

Emperor Yan of Zhou stared at Zhou Yalong and said solemnly.

Zhou Xuanji felt bitter in his heart and thought, back then, when you married my mother, was it for this purpose?

“Focus on cultivation. Don’t leave the palace during this time. The Qilin’s tendons will be sent to your residence later. On the day of our ascension, Great Zhou will go through a great trial. As the successor, you have great responsibilities.”

Emperor Yan of Zhou instructed patiently, and Zhou Yalong could only nod his head.

After he left, Xitan Changshi entered the palace.

“Your Highness, according to my investigation, Sword God Zhou and Xian Xianghua appeared at Juedi Cliff and fought with the Huangquan Twin Devils and the Four Legendary Generals.”

Xitan Changshi knelt down and said with a deep voice. A tinge of bewilderment could be seen in his eyes.

In just a few years, Zhou Xuanji had already grown so much more powerful?

Emperor Yan of Zhou asked with squinted eyes, “Do you still remember the things we instructed you to do?”