I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 184 - The Ancient Diablo’s Ruthlessness

Chapter 184 - The Ancient Diablo’s Ruthlessness


Half a month later, Zhou Xuanji and the others came to settle down underneath a waterfall. A forest surrounded them 50 kilometers in each direction. The scenery was beautiful.

Beixiao Wangjian, Han Shenbo, and Xiao Jinghong began to build wooden huts.

Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin had also begun to choose a suitable place to settle down.

Zhou Xuanji looked to Xian Xianghua and said, “Okay, now we are clear. You should leave.”

He had saved Xian Xianghua and did not want to have anything to do with her any longer.

Xian Xianghua stared at him and said faintly, “Do you really want me to leave?”


Zhou Xuanji said immediately. With Xian Xianghua around, the others felt very unnatural. Also, this old woman had drawn too much hatred. Who knows when an enemy would come and attack them?

“Then, I will not leave!” Xian Xianghua snorted after she heard his answer.

“If you leave with me, I will teach you the ultimate energy technique of Tanhua Sect and make you unrivaled in 1,000 years. After that, I will let you become the Sect Lord.”

These words were enough to move the hearts of most people.

Tanhua Sect was a sect that dominated the Northern Wilderness Region. It had deep foundations and was ranked top five in the Northern Wilderness Region.

“Hehe, you just want to lure me there to let the Ancient Diablo to take over my body?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with a hint of a smile. Ever since he encountered the evil spirit in the Tianxia Map, he was extremely sensitive to such matters.

He did not want to become the pathetic main character in certain novel cliches, who allowed some powerful person to be reborn and lord over the world again to do whatever he pleased.

Xian Xianghua looked at him intently, which made him shudder.

What the…

*  Don’t tell me I’m right!*

He became immediately on the alert and was prepared for battle.

Xian Xianghua did not speak further. She turned around and quickly disappeared into the forest.

Daoya Old Man appeared beside Zhou Xuanji and praised him in amazement, “You are the first person who has dared to speak to her like this and is still alive.”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes. “Such an honor,” he said.

“How much do you know about her?” He asked, “Can you tell me about her?”

Xian Xianghua seemed to like him, but he felt that it was very unrealistic.

The top evil cultivator who lived for 10,000 years would fall for him?

No novels had been written like this, okay?

Daoya Old Man told him what he knew about Xian Xianghua.

10,000 years later, the Ancient Diablo fought with the Hegemon Sword Emperor and was defeated every time. He endured much pain to cultivate to the pinnacle of his power, but the Hegemon Sword Emperor had already ascended. After that, he was the top cultivator.

He had countless wives and concubines in his loose and amorous love life, who gave him many children. Xian Xianghua was one of his daughters.

The Ancient Diablo was strict on his children. Many of them died during cultivation, and Xian Xianghua was one of the few who survived.

The most ruthless thing was that before his children began their adventures in the world, he forced them to personally kill their mothers, to get rid of the last sliver of compassion in their hearts.

Since then, there had been a few more wicked cultivators in the Northern Wilderness Region.

After that, the Sanctums combined forces and got rid of the Ancient Diablo and returned peace to the Northern Wilderness Region.

But such peace did not last long. Within 2,000 years, Xian Xianghua’s evil energy technique reached Great Accomplishment and dominated that entire generation. She revived the glory of Tanhua Sect.

Compared to the Ancient Diablo, she was even more ruthless and imposing. She massacred the world. Even the demons were not spared.

After that, it was the legend of how Xian Xianghua was unrivaled.

Zhou Xuanji understood. No wonder Xian Xianghua loved to come up with stories about killing her parents. This old demonic woman had a horrible childhood.

Somehow, he felt a sense of sorrow. He felt sad for Xian Xianghua.

This old demonic woman had never appeared weak before him. Even when she was severely injured, she was still wild and arrogant.

A person’s immense power was often built up by countless tears and bloodshed.

He quickly adjusted his emotions and said, “Let us still be careful during this period, in case she traps us.”

He was afraid that Xian Xianghua might lure powerful cultivators from the upright sect to them and then say that he was Tanhua Vice Sect Lord. If that were to happen, then he would really not be able to clear his name.

Daoya Old Man nodded. “People rarely visit this region. You can focus on your cultivation.” He said.

Zhou Xuanji always wanted to focus solely on cultivation, but things always changed. There were always things that changed his plan.

After that, Zhou Xuanji sat down by the lake.

He conjured the Tianxia Map’s ink on his right hand and began cultivating by internalizing Qi.

He was cultivating along the way as well. During the half month, he found out that the Tianxia Map had another function, which was to store spirit energy!

Zhou Xuanji could store his spirit energy in the Tianxia Map. If during a battle, he depleted too much spirit energy, the Tianxia Map could provide the spirit energy reserve for him.

If he stored up some every day, then one day, he could be considered to have unlimited spirit energy!

Although he could rely on his numerous legendary swords to fight higher stage cultivators, his spirit energy was insufficient, so he could not do it over a prolonged duration.

With the Tianxia Map, this problem was solved!

“No wonder Tianxia Map was so attractive. The spirit energy reserve was merely one of its functions. Tsk tsk.”

Zhou Xuanji was pleased when he thought about it. This adventurous trip was definitely profitable!

In the following months, the group stayed in the same place.

Daoya Old Man began to strictly supervise Chongming Demon Monarch, the little black snake, Ah Big, Small Er, and the Three-eyed Drought Rodent. Their carefree life had come to an end.

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, and Huang Lianxin were also training hard. Zhou Xuanji taught a different sword technique to each of them. With him teaching personally, the four people made much better progress in learning their sword techniques.

At Zhou Xuanji’s forceful request, Jiang Xue cultivated beside him every day. Thanks to the Tianxia Map, her cultivation progressed quickly as well. Although her cultivation rate did not increase by ten-fold, it was at least three-fold.

Han Shenbo’s cultivation was totally restored and had begun to break through to the higher stages.

The entire group was very proactive.

In an instant, more than two months passed.

Zhou Xuanji broke through to the Fifth Level of Astral Infant.

Xian Xianghua never returned ever since she left.

Every half a month, Zhou Xuanji would send Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and Han Shenbo out in turns to gather information.

There was a city more than two 2,000 miles away that did not belong to any empire or kingdom. Only a certain sect was protecting the place and could provide some information about what was happening in the world.

Currently, the most talked about things were the ascension of Great Zhou’s Emperor and the Juedi Cliff.

The information about the Tianxia Map had been exposed.

Now that the world knew that the Tianxia Map was hidden in Juedi Cliff, many powerful cultivators swarmed toward there.

After Zhou Xuanji found out about this, he rejoiced in his heart. Fortunately, he got away quickly.

On the other hand, there was no trace of Xian Xianghua. They heard nothing of her.

Time continued to pass.

Three months passed.

Zhou Xuanji reached Astral Infant Level Six, which drew everyone’s admiration. The Tianxia Map was awesome, indeed.

They were not jealous of him, because Zhou Xuanji treated them very generously after all. Whatever sword techniques they wanted to learn, Zhou Xuanji would not be petty. The only condition was they had to master the sword technique that they had on hand.

On a particular day, Daoya Old Man suddenly sat down beside Zhou Xuanji and said softly, “Something is wrong. Previously when I was calculating your destiny, I sensed another person doing the same thing. Someone is after you.”