I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 183 - Three Years To Ascension

Chapter 183 - Three Years To Ascension


Chapter 183: Three Years To Ascension

When Xian Xianghua heard Zhou Xuanji’s question, she smiled.

Back then, when she saved Zhou Xuanji at the border custom of Great Chen, she said the same thing too.

“Brat, do you want to be a hero? Take a good look at how weak you are!”

The Twin Devil with the enormous blade mocked, and he immediately walked toward Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and came to the Twin Devil’s head with the Eight-step Sword Lunge in just one step.

He slashed with his twin swords.

Sky Dominating Divine Sword!

Dominating Sword’s Way!

The Twin Devil’s expression changed drastically and he immediately evaded.


A crack, hundreds of meters long, split open in the ground. The crack was dozens of meters wide, and if it were a little deeper, it would have formed a valley.

Xian Xianghua frowned and mumbled to herself, “How has this brat grown more powerful again?”

She could see that although Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation had only increased by one level, his power had multiplied.

Could this guy already control the Tianxia Map?

After the Huangquan Twin Devils landed back on the ground, he looked at Zhou Xuanji with a black face.

They were already injured and had depleted the majority of their spirit energy during that fierce battle with Xian Xianghua. Although they were confident in defeating Zhou Xuanji, the Four Legendary Generals and Wanzang King Specter were still at Juedi Cliff.

The two looked at each other and understood each other’s thoughts.

“Sword God Zhou, you have started a feud with us, Huangquan!”

After they said this, they disappeared from where they were and left.

The next second, they appeared behind Qin Gang.

Qin Gang looked back instinctively but he blacked out from the Huangquan Twin Devils’ blow.

“Xian Xianghua, we will take the Thousand-hands Devil. If you want to save him, bring the Tianxia Map and find us!”

“The longer you drag this out, the more he wil suffer! At most 10 years, then we will kill him!”

The Huangquan Twin Devils’ voice came again, but this did not shock Xian Xianghua.

She sat down slowly and began healing herself.

Zhou Xuanji could no longer trace the Huangquan Twin Devils’ aura.

He landed before her and asked, “Now what?”

He was favorable toward Qin Gang. Although he belonged to the evil sects, he was more loyal than most of the upright sects’ cultivators.

“Let me heal up first.”

Xian Xianghua replied calmly. Even if she wanted to save Qin Gang now, she couldn’t do it.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and did not speak further.

He could only mourn for Qin Gang in his heart.

White clouds drifted across the vast blue sky.

An old man who wore a taoist robe was walking slowly in a forest.

His hair was entirely white. Between his sharp eyes and thick brows, there was a black mole. He had a muscular build and was holding a compass.

Every step he took, he covered a distance of more than 30 meters.

It was like the ground contracted under his feet.

When the falling leaves touched him, it was as though they touched an image and fell straight to the ground.

“The Tianxia Map already has an owner? How can that be…”

He mumbled to himself with a frown, and he looked displeased.

A golden radiance beamed out from the compass in his hand. The pin inside it spun around swiftly.

He immediately stopped and sat down on the ground.

“It has only been a few years since I sent out the maps, and now someone has obtained the Tianxia Map? It should not be so. Even if someone found the Tianxia Map, the spirit of the Great Emperor inside would have swallowed their soul and will never let the Tianxia Map acknowledge another owner.”

He talked to himself, looking worried.

After some thought, he closed his eyes and calculated with his fingers.

A while later, he suddenly opened his eyes. Beads of sweat covered his forehead.

He took a deep breath and mumbled, “10,000 swords fly in the sky, the world’s most powerful… Who is he?”

“No! I must make a trip to Juedi Cliff!”

He got up immediately and disappeared.

Juedi Cliff.

An hour had passed since the Huangquan Twin Devils left, and Xian Xianghua’s injuries recovered a little.

She opened her eyes, “You have obtained the Tianxia Map already?”

After hearing her, Zhou Xuanji, who stood not far away, turned around and replied, “Yes.”

Xian Xianghua squinted.

Is this old demonic woman going to go back on her word? Zhou Xuanji thought to himself as he looked at her quietly.

Then, she said, “Come, it’s time to leave. The Tianxian Map was a trap. If it were only you, it might just be serendipity, but now the Huangquan Twin Devils and Wanzang King Specter are all here. Along the way, I found out that others are also looking for the Tianxia Map. This is not good news.”

After that, she waved her hand, and the demonic Qi rose from the ground, sweeping Zhou Xuanji along with it.

In the cloud of demonic Qi, Zhou Xuanji asked, frowning, “Aren’t you finding the medicine to heal yourself? And Qin Gang, you are not going to save him?”

Xian Xianghua replied calmly, “Leaving this place as soon as possible is the better option. The Huangquan Twin Devils are extremely sly. They took Qin Gang so that they could leave. Do you think they would stay at Juedi Cliff for 10 years?”

Zhou Xuanji frowned even more deeply.

Even the top evil cultivator and the Huangquan Twin Devils had left.

Who was it who had set this trap?

Using the Tianxia Map as a pawn, what was that person trying to do?

Was that person trying to feed powerful cultivators to that evil spirit?

“Now that you’ve obtained the Tianxia Map, it means you have broken the trap. However, you’ve also gotten yourself into deep trouble. Someone who dared to create such a set up must be some ancient devil. You must be careful from now on.”

Xian Xianghua reminded him. For the opponent to find the Tianxia Map and make use of it, his or her cultivation must’ve been extremely high.

Zhou Xuanji nodded. He understood it as well.

However, he made so many enemies that he had become used to it.

Next, he had to continue focusing on cultivation and studying the Tianxia Map.

Half an hour later, Zhou Xuanji landed, and the demonic Qi dispersed.

They landed on a hill, and looking down, they saw Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, and the others.

The group saw them too and immediately ran over to meet them.

Jiang Xue wrapped Zhou Xuanji in her arms and even lifted him up as she spun around.

Daoya Old Man asked, “Have you obtained the Tianxia Map?”

Zhou Xuanji pressed Jiang Xue and smiled, “Yes.”

Seeing how lovey-dovey there were, Xian Xianghua gave a light snort and turned around to descend the hill.

The others began to ask Zhou Xuanji caringly about what happened.

Zhou Xuanji told them everything. When they heard that so many powerful cultivators were searching for the Tianxia Map, everyone grew anxious.

“Let’s leave this place quickly!”

The little black snake urged nervously. He looked back occasionally, in case the Huangquan Twin Devils were coming for their lives.

Zhou Xuanji nodded. “Pack up, we will leave quickly!” He said.

Soon, everyone packed up their things, and they flew away quickly.

Obtaining the Tianxia Map during this trip was already considered the greatest success.

As they flew, Daoya Old Man came to Ah Big’s side and said to Zhou Xuanji, who was on its back, “Emperor Yan of Zhou is about to ascend. I gauged the time. It should happen in about three years from now.”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him and asked, “What has that got to do with me?”

Jiang Xue nodded, saying, “Xuanji doesn’t want to be the Emperor. Ascension is his own business.”

Daoya Old Man shook his head in bitter laughter. Is this brat pretending to not understand?

“It’s simple. Great Zhou is a fortune empire. Once Zhou Yalong takes the throne, the state fortune will be pumped into him, which will greatly boost his cultivation. At that time, he will use everything he has to kill you.”

Xian Xianghua’s voice came. Her tone was full of disdain.

It’s merely Great Zhou!

Daoya Old Man discerned her disdain. He curled his lip and didn’t speak.

“Maybe three years from now, I will face Great Zhou alone.”

Zhou Xuanji said, smiling. With the Tianxia Map, three years of cultivation equaled 30 years of cultivation at his usual rate.

As long as he broke through to Astral Projection, he would be confident in sweeping across the entire Spirit Refinement stage!

He might even be able to fight the lower tiers of Great Realization cultivators?