I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 182 - The World Is The Enemy, Yet The World Is Not The Enemy

Chapter 182 - The World Is The Enemy, Yet The World Is Not The Enemy


“What is this place?”

Zhou Xuanji was confused. He looked fixedly at the Great Emperor who was laughing wildly beneath him. Thoughts flashed in his mind.

Could this be the memory of the former possessor of the Tianxia Map?

The five-clawed, gold dragon roared into the vast sky as the Great Emperor slowly got up.

He lifted his right hand, and a scroll flew out from his palm. The scroll was laid open and images were projected out from the scroll. A beautiful and majestic view of nature appeared above the Great Emperor.

He looked down at the hundreds of millions of worshippers and laughed, “This is the Tianxia Map. The possessor possesses the whole world.”

“Come, let me give you eternal life!”

Right after he spoke, a rainbow-colored radiance beamed out from the images of nature above his head.

All the soldiers, who were kneeling on the wilderness, were lifted up and sucked swiftly toward the images of nature.

Once they were drawn near to the images, their bodies shrunk quickly to the size of rice grains and were absorbed into the Tianxia Map.

“Ahhhh— What is this?”

“Your Highness! Let us go, please!”


“Why are you doing this? We are your soldiers!”

“Damn! Zhizun, you will die a horrible death!”

Countless voices of cursing and crying could be heard. It was like hell.

Zhou Xuanji frowned. He despised this Great Emperor for doing such a thing to his soldiers.

Could it be that the evil spirit in the Tianxia Map was this Great Emperor?

At this moment, the heavens and earth swirled around again.

Next, Zhou Xuanji appeared under the thunder clouds. World-shattering waves from the vast ocean emerged from the mountain top.

The ocean was going to inundate the world!

On a mountain top, an old man dressed in a tattered, grey robe stood high above. He raised both arms high, and the Tianxia Map was levitating on his head.

He looked like he’d been through the vicissitudes of life. There were all sorts of black scars on his sinister visage.

“The Tianxia Map! I’ve finally obtained the Tianxia Map!”

“The world is mine!”


He laughed so wildly that the thunder roared.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head. This guy is really crazy.

Is the Tianxia Map that awesome?

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji’s surroundings changed again.

Next, he saw numerous former possessors of Tianxia Map. Those Great Emperors and ancestors were all in a frenzied state. Some even committed massacres.

Other than the lunacy, he had another feeling.

The possessor of Tianxia Map possesses the world!

*  This might not be a false statement!*

The possessor of the Tianxia Map really had the power to reign over the world.

The world was his enemy, yet the world was not his enemy!

He saw the world as his enemy, but no one in the world was powerful enough to be qualified as his enemy!

Zhou Xuanji had such insight but it was beyond words to describe.

However, even his aura was transformed because of this.

He understood what it meant to be unrivaled in the entire world.

Becoming the top cultivator was merely becoming the most powerful.

Becoming unrivaled in the world was to be the most powerful and the only one who was truly powerful!

Even if the entire world were to act against the unrivaled person in the world, they would be no match for him!

After a long while, he slowly opened his eyes. The sky was already dark, and the thunder clouds were billowing above his head.

Spiritual Qi gathered toward him and was pumped into his body.

“This is…”

He was stunned because he was still in the posture of cultivation.

It was not his intent to do this. Was it the Sword Spirit or the Tianxia Map?

Immediately, his expression changed.

His cultivation progress was sped up more than 10 times his usual rate.

He instinctively looked down at his right palm. The Tianxia Map could be faintly seen.

“How do I control it?”

Zhou Xuanji felt a little uncertain. Previously, he saw in those memories how mighty those possessors of Tianxia Map looked.

He also wanted to use it like they did!

But it was a pity that no matter what he did to the Tianxia Map, he could only induce it out of his palm.

The Tianxia Map contains a transcendental power. The Sword Owner’s cultivation is too weak currently, so it’s unavailable for now. However, this treasure can help the Sword Owner to cultivate. When the Sword Owner is in danger, it will protect its owner.

The Sword Spirit explained in his mind, which made him feel pity.

At this moment, he suddenly had a breakthrough in his cultivation.

Astral Infant Level Four!

“A breakthrough just like this?”

Zhou Xuanji squinted. Sensing the surging spirit energy in his body, he felt a little unsatisfied.

It was the ultimate treasure in the world. Would it at least let him break through to Astral Projection straightaway?

He shook his head and stored up the surrounding legendary swords in the Supreme Storage.

At this moment, he was in his tip-top condition.

He even felt that his potential was activated.

Currently, he might have already had the power to be a match to the Sword Monarch and Huang Hantian!

No, the Sword Monarch was nothing. Huang Hantian was on the same level as Lin Guanyu.

The two persons’ cultivation was about the same, but there was a vast gap between their battle prowess.

This was normal. Each person’s talent in battle was different. For example, Zhou Xuanji could already fight Spirit Refinement cultivators head-on even though he was only at Astral Infant.

If he reached Astral Projection, he would be unrivaled in Great Zhou. That would be the day to take revenge for Huang Lianxin!

After the thought, he began to condition his Qi flow.

An hour later, he slowly got up with a smile.

He had done some experiments just now. Once he began cultivating, the Tianxia Map would be activated, increasing the rate of internalizing Qi by more than 10 times!

It felt terrific!

His rate of cultivation was already considered fast on his own. Now, with the help of the Tianxia Map, it was even better.

He flew away on his sword to search for Xian Xianghua.

Xian Xianghua was engaged in battle with Huangquan Twin Devils, so he could not just leave like that.

Without Xian Xianghua, he would not have obtained the Tianxia Map.


Xian Xianghua vomited a mouthful of blood, almost blowing her face veil off.

She covered her abdomen with her right hand while she held a black fan in her left. Everywhere around her was in ruins and covered in rock fragments. Clouds of dust were rising like smoke.

100 meters away, Huangquan Twin Devils were severely injured as well. One of them laid on the ground while the other had lost his left arm. They were still staring at Xian Xianghua fiercely.

“Xian Xianghua, it’s your karma! If we continue on, we will deplete you to death!”

The one with the enormous blade steadied his body and grinned evilly, as though he was going to eat Xian Xianghua alive.

“You think the two of you can kill me?” Xian Xianghua said with cold eyes, “Even your master, the Huangquan Drake King, wouldn’t dare to speak so arrogantly!”

“Did you see how Huangquan Drake King knelt before me to ask for mercy back then?”

With this, the Huangquan Twin Devils’ faces immediately turned bitter.

This was Xian Xianghua.

If was not enough to defeat the opponent by power. She would defeat her opponent with her words as well.

For someone so powerful, she definitely spoke a lot.

Far away, Qin Gang laid on the mountain top in despair. “Oh no… It’s the end…” He mumbled to himself.

If Xian Xianghu were to die here, Tanhua Sect would really cease to exist.

As someone so loyal to Tanhua Sect, he already had thoughts of dying for it.

“Xian Xianghua, no one will be able to save you today! That worm of Tanhua Sect cannot save you either!”

The Huangquan Twin Devils got up and walked toward Xian Xianghua.

She took in a deep breath, and her eyes gradually turned purple.

“Who said no one can save her?!”

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji’s voice resounded across the heavens and the earth!

With the God-Emperor Sword and white Dragon-bone Sword in hand, he flew over on Hegemon Jiu. The God-Emperor Sword Qi surrounded his body and formed into the God-Emperor, while a majestic white dragon coiled around the God-Emperor. It was extremely intimidating.

Seeing him, Xian Xianghua was stunned. Qin Gang was even more dumbfounded.

The Huangquan Twin Devils frowned instead. Isn’t this guy the Emperor’s Hatred Diablo?

*  Why is he able to talk?*

The legendary swords appeared behind Zhou Xuanji one after another. He looked at Xian Xianghua and smiled. “In your heart, do you feel pleased with what you see now?”