I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 181 - Who Can Be A Match For Me?

Chapter 181 - Who Can Be A Match For Me?


Tianxia Map!

Zhou Xuanji mentioned the name, and the eyes of the other six people sparkled.

They were all successors of empires and Sanctums, and all of them were at Spirit Refinement. They were here because they had obtained the map to Tianxia Map.

No one could resist the temptation of the Tianxia Map.

Even the Emperors couldn’t!

However, it would be challenging to obtain the Tianxia Map with their prowess, so they talked about a partnership and the possibility of sharing the Tianxia Map.

But, they all knew in their hearts that the Tianxia Map could not be shared.

Once they obtained it, there would be a cruel battle between the seven of them!

Zhou Yalong looked at the red-clothed man and said, “Brother Liang, you are also a successor to Donghan. Also, you are 300 years older than me. I’m thankful that you are taking up much of the leadership during our mission.”

Liang Yu, the successor of the Donghan Empire, was as famous as Zhou Yalong.

Facing Zhou Yalong’s flatters, Liang Yu smiled. “No problem. I can’t do it alone anyway. We need to work together to obtain the Tianxia Map. Once we succeed, it will be our time to shine.”

Everyone in the group smiled but thought otherwise in their hearts.

Who in their right mind would tell the world that they had obtained the Tianxia Map?

Wouldn’t that be finding trouble for oneself?


At this moment, there was a sound of something piercing through the air.

It was Zhou Xuanji!

With bloodshot eyes, and the God-Emperor Sword and White Dragon-bone Sword in his hands, he charged at them with a roar. Dozens of swords followed behind him.

The seven got up immediately in shock.

“Such a powerful bale aura!”

A lady in a green skirt cried out in surprise. The expression of fear could be seen on her beautiful face.

Liang Yu took out a four-foot-long silver sword and slashed at Zhou Xuanji.

A crescent-shaped sword Qi blasted toward him with extreme speed.

The white dragon that coiled around the God-Emperor Sword, in an extremely brutal manner, bit the sword Qi into half.

Liang Yu’s expression changed drastically, and so did the expressions of the others.

Zhou Xuanji stepped on his Windcutter Sword, rising above the seven people with the Eight-step Sword Lunge, before slashing downward with his Soul-eater Slash. The sword Qi descended upon the seven people who dodged immediately. But it was a pity that some were still hurt.


The small mountain they were standing on crumbled straightaway.

Zhou Xuanji’s frenzied eyes enlarged even more and were covered in blood, which almost gave off a crimson radiance.

He used all kinds of sword techniques and pursued Zhou Yalong and the rest maniacally.

Liang Yu closed up on Zhou Xuanji and was planning to suppress him.

However, now that Zhou Xuanji had already obtained the power of Tianxia Map, he sent Liang Yu flying back and vomiting blood with just three slashes.

The others were aghast.

“Who is this guy?”

Some cried out. They were all at Spirit Refinement. Could this person be at Great Realization?

There were few Great Realization cultivations, and these successors knew most of them.

Zhou Yalong evaded swiftly and drew some distance from Zhou Xuanji.

“Why does this guy look so familiar?”

Zhou Yalong thought about it with a frown. He had come to Juedi Cliff for the Tianxia Map, not to engage in mortal combat with a devil.

He immediately came up to Liang Yu, grabbed his shoulder, and left quickly.

The others fled as well.

Although they might not have been able to defeat Zhou Xuanji, they each had their own abilities to get away. Soon, no signs of them could be found.

Zhou Xuanji stood on the spot and looked around him.

Just when he was about to move, all his legendary swords circled around him with extreme speed, forming a mighty gale.

His face was sinister and the pupils in his bloodshot eyes were only faintly visible.


He gritted his teeth and was apparently struggling.

At this moment, two voices were fighting in his mind.

“The possessor of Tianxia Map possess the world. The world will become your slave!”

“Warning, Sword Owner. An evil spirit intends to possess your flesh!”

“Tianxia Map is extremely ancient and is a precious serendipity. With it, you can acquire the whole world!”

Zhou Xuanji’s consciousness fell into such a struggle that he had never experienced before. Countless memories intertwined messily and flashed in his mind.

There were memories of his past life as well as those of his present life.

The legendary swords circled around him even more quickly. They gathered the spiritual Qi from around him and pumped it into his body.

The legendary swords were protecting their owner!

The God-Emperor on his body roared so loudly that it shook the heavens.

The white dragon was also swirling around him swiftly like it was racing in the ocean.

He wasn’t sure how long had passed since.

With the protection of his legendary swords, Zhou Xuanji slowly descended to the ground.

He opened his eyes, and the crimson color in them quickly disappeared. His pupils could be seen again as he slowly regained consciousness.

“What happened?”

Zhou Xuanji frowned as he mumbled to himself. He could still hear the voice in his mind trying to bewitch him to utilize the Tianxia Map.

“There is an evil spirit in the Tianxia Map that tried to possess your flesh.”

The Sword Spirit reminded, and Zhou Xuanji was covered in beads of cold sweat.

Could it be that the Tianxia Map was just a lie?

He immediately tried to find the Tianxia Map in his body with introspection.

However, the Tianxia Map was nowhere to be found.

“The Tianxia Map has already merged with the Sword Owner. The Sword Spirit is currently attempting to obliterate the evil spirit. Please wait patiently.”

“The Sword Owner can assist the Sword Spirit in doing so.”

The Sword Spirit’s voice came again. It sounded emotionless as usual.

“How can I help?”

“Practice your sword techniques.”

Zhou Xuanji was stunned. Practicing the sword can enhance the Sword Spirit?

He immediately took out the two Glorious Gold legendary swords and began practicing Vibrant Raindrops Sword and Thirty-six Paths Jade Xiao Sword on the spot.

After several rounds of practice, he became even more conscious of himself.

The Hegemon Jiu swung along in the air. It was the White Crane Sword Technique.

The White Crane Sword Technique was the one that Zhou Xuanji had been practicing for the longest time. Under the influence of his consciousness, the legendary sword swung itself according to the White Crane Sword Technique, even without him holding it.

Immediately following this, the Hell King Sword began moving as well.

It was swinging according to the Tri-source Vein Severing Sword.

“The possessor of Tianxia Map possesses…”

The voice in his mind grew weaker as Zhou Xuanji became more clear-minded and felt refreshed.

Do you want to possess me?

*  Go and die!*

Zhou Xuanji thought fiercely. He swung his swords with even greater speed.

The surrounding sand and rocks were swept up by the gust generated by his swords. The scene looked impressive.

After 100 rounds of sword techniques…

“Ah… Who are you?! You can even counter me!”

A vicious and horrifying voice resounded in his mind, and after that, it was nowhere to be heard.

“You have successfully obliterated the evil spirit!”

The Sword Spirit’s voice came again. Zhou Xuanji heaved a sigh of relief and stopped swinging his sword.

At this moment, he felt a burning sensation in his right palm.

He immediately put down the God-Emperor Sword and looked at his palm. At the center of his palm, thin lines of ink drew up an impressive-looking map.

While he looked at the Tianxia Map with his full concentration, his consciousness suddenly exploded.

Immediately, he felt that the world around him was swirling. Heaven and earth disappeared from his eyes.

At the same time, he slowly closed his eyes, crossed his legs, and sat down to cultivate.

However, his consciousness entered into another scene.

He was on the clouds and looking down at the human world.

There was a vast wilderness below him. Countless soldiers knelt closely together down on the ground, and they occupied a radius of hundreds of miles.

They were all worshipping the same person!

This person was standing on a mountain top and sitting on a throne. He wore an Emperor’s robe on his body and a crown on his head. A five-clawed, gold dragon was seated behind him and looked majestic.

He grinned proudly as he said, “This world is in my hands. Who can be a match for me?”