I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 180 - Tianxia Map, Slaughter the Whole World

Chapter 180 - Tianxia Map, Slaughter the Whole World


The Huangquan Twin Devils looked at Zhou Xuanji and strolled toward him. They were chatting and laughing along the way.

The Four Legendary Generals noticed the arrival of Huangquan Twin Devils, and they could not help but frown.

General Tang asked with a deep voice, “What should we do now?”

Xian Xianghua was around, and now Huangquan Twin Devils were here.

They were in a perilous situation as all of them were injured.

Zhou Xuanji was already charging toward Xian Xianghua, but Zhou Xuanji, who went berserk, could not overcome the demonic Qi to hurt Xian Xianghua.

In such an insane state, he did not know to retreat at all.

Xian Xianghua saw Huangquan Twin Devils and immediately enveloped Zhou Xuanji with her demonic Qi, sealing him in a black sphere.

She took hold of Zhou Xuanji and retreated. Qin Gang, who was far away, immediately followed her.

The Four Legendary Generals did not chase after them but left in another direction instead.

Both parties were in tacit agreement to not mention the Tianxia Map, as though they were not here for it.

The Huangquan Twin Devils looked at each other and secretly followed behind the Four Legendary Generals.

But General Chen noticed their movements and cursed in his heart, “They take us as easier targets?”

How would the Four Legendary Generals be afraid of the Huangquan Twin Devils?

“Let them follow and wait for an opportunity to cut them down. If we can kill them, then we will become even more famous!”

General Xuan said coldly. His eyes brightened as he schemed.

The other three generals nodded. Fame was vital for them because it was beneficial to growing their serendipity.

The stronger their serendipity, the shorter it would take for the Hunyuan Empire to advance into the Great Utopian Empire.

On the other side, Xian XIanghua came to a valley with Zhou Xuanji.

Vegetation was rare in Juedi Cliff. At this valley, the mountain walls were bald and bones of the dead were everywhere.

Qin Gang walked up to Xian Xianghua immediately when he landed. He knelt down with a loud thump and said, gritting his teeth, “It’s my fault. I was not capable of protecting the Vice-Suzerain.”


A streak of demonic Qi slammed into his body and sent him flying into the mountain wall. The impact shook the entire valley.

Xian Xianghua stared intently at Zhou Xuanji, who was in her demonic Qi. The demonic Qi coiled around his limbs and neck. His swords were still vibrating and trying to break free from the demonic Qi.

“What happened? Why was he turned into an Emperor’s Hatred Diablo? That shouldn’t be the case.”

Xian Xianghua mumbled to herself. One would need to stay in Juedi Cliff for a few to even a dozen years to turn into an Emperor’s Hatred Diablo. Zhou Xuanji had only been here for such a short time!

Could it have been related to Tianxia Map?

She raised her right hand and pulled Qin Gang across the air back toward her.

“Tell me now!”

Xian Xianghua said in a deep voice. Her eyes looked extremely cold.

Qin Gang told her everything truthfully. He did not dare to hide anything.

After she heard about what had happened, Xian Xianghua clasped his neck and said, “You are really loyal, or do you have other motives? How could it be so easy to obtain such a great treasure like Tianxia Map?”

Qin Gang’s face turned red because of her clasp and he said with much difficulty, “His cultivation was not weak either… I really did not dare to put my fingers on the Tianxia Map… I was afraid that a selfish desire would well up in my heart…”

Xian Xianghua let go of him and turned to look at Zhou Xuanji again.

“Suzerain, what should we do next?” Qin Gang asked carefully.

“What can we do? There’s no cure for the Great Emperor’s Hatred. We can only wait for him to wake himself up, or die from depleting all his energy.”

Having heard this, beads of cold sweat covered Qin Gang’s body.

If Zhou Xuanji were to die, he would likely die too.

The two of them meditated before the sphere of demonic Qi and no longer talked. Both were thinking about how to save Zhou Xuanji.

In the blink of an eye, two days passed.

“Old Demon Xian, so you are here.”

“Tsk tsk. This old demonic woman’s flesh must be an awesome supplement!”

The Huangquan Twin Devils’ voice came suddenly. Xian Xianghua and Qin Gang looked up and saw the Twin Devils looking down at them from a mountain top.

The Twin Devils’ sinister visage made them appear like real devils looking at their prey.

“Look after him!” Xian Xianghua instructed and immediately flew up.

Her demonic Qi condensed into a black fan, and she swiftly fanned it toward the Twin Devils. Billowing black flames swept over like ocean waves.

The Huangquan Twin Devils leaped up high up in the air and evaded the black flames.

The one with two swords laughed coldly, “Xian XIanghua, you are no longer in your tip-top condition. If today the two of us cut you down here, we will surely be reputed across the world, emboldening the name of Huangquan!”

After that, he swung his twin swords. His sword Qi turned into countless crimson blossoms that fell down toward her like a massive storm.

The other Twin Devil swung his enormous blade toward her. The two attacked with massive impetus, as though they were going to level the entire mountainous terrain into flat ground.

Xian Xianghua looked at them coldly as her demonic Qi around her erupted and spread across the sky to block the Huangquan Twin Devils’ attacks. After it successfully did so, the demonic Qi continued to blast up toward the mountain top.

She fanned with both hands, and two waves of black flame blasted at the Huangquan Twin Devils like dragons, forcing them backward.

And so, Xian Xianghua forced the Huangquan Twin Devils back with such a dominating impetus, relocating the battleground to somewhere far away.

Qin Gang was worried about her injuries, but since he was not as powerful, he would not be of help even if he participated in the battle.

He turned to look at Zhou Xuanji, who was still struggling in the demonic Qi. He did not know how long this would last.

Undulating sounds of explosions came from afar. The three great evil cultivators battle was so fierce that the ground far away from them were shaking.

At this moment, white light beamed out from the sphere of demonic Qi. Zhou Xuanji’s deep cry came from inside.

“Tianxia Map! Slaughter the whole world!”

With his eyes wide open, Qin Gang instinctively took a step back.


The sword Qi shredded the sphere of demonic Qi and Zhou Xuanji charged out like a ferocious beast. He slashed toward Qin Gang unstoppably with his two Glorious Gold legendary swords.

Qin Gang activated his Thousand-hands Shadow instinctively to deflect.

However, the Thousand-hands Shadow was shredded into pieces by the swords the moment it appeared. Using the momentum, Zhou Xuanji sliced Qin Gang’s right arm off with the God-Emperor Sword. Blood splattered.

Qin Gang opened his eyes wide in disbelief.

“How did he become so much more powerful?”

He was aghast and immediately fled with his burrow spell.

The diabolized Zhou Xuanji could not probe with his mind. He looked left and right as he searched for signs of anything alive.

Soon, he flew in another direction.

Xian Xianghua frowned slightly as she fought with the Huangquan Twin Devils. She already sensed that Zhou Xuanji had broken free, but she could not free her hands. The only way was to defeat the Twin Devils first.

Miles away, Qin Gang came out from the ground. He leaned against a giant rock and began healing himself.

The pain of losing an arm made his forehead become covered in a cold sweat, but he was not panic-stricken. It was not the first time that he had sustained such a severe injury.

“Tianxia Map… Slaughter the whole world… That thing was the Tianxia Map indeed!”

Qin Gang mumbled to himself. He suddenly remembered some legends about the Tianxia Map, and he was horrified.


On the other side of Juedi Cliff, on top of a small mountain, seven people were resting; two of them were ladies, while the rest were men.

An impressive-looking man who wore elegant, red clothing was shaking his wine gourd as he chuckled. “Yalong, recently your Great Zhou was not favorably looked upon. This will affect your succession of the throne.”

Zhou Yalong!

Great Zhou’s Successor!

His face was handsome, and he wore tight-fitting, black clothing with accessories that were not luxurious, but he still looked dignified and honorable.

“Of course not. But for Great Zhou, I must do my best to get the Tianxia Map.” He said softly.