I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 179 - Explosion of Instinct, Unstoppable

Chapter 179 - Explosion of Instinct, Unstoppable


“Emperor’s Hatred Diablo?”

Jiang Xue opened her eyes wide. “Will Zhou Xuanji encounter the Emperor’s Hatred Diablo?” She asked carefully.

“And, will he become an Emperor’s Hatred Diablo?”

Daoya Old Man heard her and shook his head while smiling. “Little girl, you can’t just turn into the Emperor’s Hatred Diablo whenever you want. Unless you stay in Juedi Cliff for a number of years, even decades, it’s still very difficult to be diabolized.”

Those people who went missing in Juedi Cliff were either killed by the Emperor’s Hatred Diablos or turned into one of them and had no chance to turn back.

“Don’t worry. There aren’t many Emperor’s Hatred Diablos in Juedi Cliff. Few humans and demons have entered Juedi Cliff before. Moreover, after they were diabolized, they wouldn’t know how to cultivate. In the end, they would deplete themselves and die.”

“Juedi Cliff is so vast. It’s difficult to encounter an Emperor’s Hatred Diablo in just a few days. It’s as difficult as finding a Seventh Grade enchanted artifact just by walking around.”

Daoya Old Man giggled, which relieved Jiang Xue a little.

The little black snake came up to them and said, “I don’t think it’s that simple!”

“What do you mean?” Daoya Old Man turned to look at it and asked with a smile.

Jiang Xue stared at him. What kind of demoralizing words is he going to say this time?

“Even powerful cultivators like Wanzang King Specter and Xian Xianghua went in for so long and have yet to come out. The Ghost Dragon stopped its roar as well. Don’t you think something is wrong?”

The little black snake said with a solemn tone as it spat its forked-tongue.

Jiang Xue speculated, “Maybe they were both injured by each other?”

The little black snake did not reply but rolled his eyes at her.

Daoya Old Man pinched his fingers together and calculated. His expression changed immediately.



Legendary General Xuan was hit by a demonic palm strike and knelt on the ground. Blood spurt out from his mouth, staining his pained face.

Other than General Wang, who was still battling, the other two generals had already fallen and were in pain.

Xian Xianghua levitated in the air and was enveloped in demonic Qi. It did not matter how General Wang attacked, he could not hurt her.

“You are too weak! And, you still dare to fight with me!”

Xian Xianghua mocked, as though she became the most powerful cultivator again.

“Xian Xianghua!” General Wang cried out, “You dare to treat us with such contempt! Karma will find you eventually!” He gnashed his teeth, and his face was covered in blood.

As he spoke, he raised his giant blade and hacked toward her furiously. A wave of horrifying blade Qi that was hundreds of meters long blasted toward her as though it was going to split heaven and earth into half.

Xiang Xianghua raised her right hand and flung with her finger. The demonic Qi formed into numerous arrows that shot out and dispersed the blade Qi.

A violent gale blew across the land and swept up rocks and sand.

“I like to treat you with contempt. What can you do?”

Xian Xianghua laughed. She was not afraid of General Wang.

At this moment, the ruins beneath them suddenly exploded. A Thousand-hands shadow burst from the ground and attracted Xian Xianghua and Chentang Xuanwang’s attention immediately.

And they only saw a black shadow dash out from the cloud of dust and pursue the Thousand-hands Shadow.

It was Zhou Xuanji!


A deafening roar came.

The God-Emperor enveloped Zhou Xuanji’s body while a white dragon coiled around him. Dozens of legendary swords were following behind him.

His eyes were bloody red. He stepped onto the Windcutter Sword and instantly came up to Qin Gang with the Eight-step Sword Lunge. He slashed swiftly at Qin Gang with his God-Emperor Sword and the White Dragon-bone Sword.

His two swords moved like the wind!


With two iron rods in his hands, Qin Gang tried to deflect Zhou Xuanji’s attacks in a flurry.

“Is this guy really at Astral Infant?”

He was shocked in his heart. Zhou Xuanji’s impetus made him shudder.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji had turned into a massacring machine without rationality. He used his full power and was even more powerful than before!

All sorts of sword techniques were used instinctively, and Qin Gang could only defend himself.

Of course, Qin Gang was still confident in defeating Zhou Xuanji, but he didn’t dare to hurt Xian Xianghua’s little treasure.

“What is happening?”

Xian Xianghua frowned and asked with a deep voice. A murderous intent could be seen in her eyes.

“Suzerain! He’s possessed! Diabolized into Emperor’s Hatred Diablo!”

Qin Gang cried out. Actually, he had no idea what happened as well, but this was the only reasonable explanation.

Having heard this, Xian Xianghua dashed toward him immediately.

Meanwhile, the Four Divine Generals gathered together.

“Is he Sword God Zhou?”

General Tang said with a frown. There were so many legendary swords, and that young man was related to Xian Xianghua. Any person would think he was Sword God Zhou.

“So, they are really on the same side!”

General Wang said, gnashing his teeth. When he returned, he would surely tell the world!

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji’s impetus was growing more fierce. Each legendary sword was manifesting its own powers.

The Frost Wave Sword froze the wind and waves with its enveloping frost Qi, while ghastly howls came from the Ghost Curse Sword.

The Hell King from the Hell King Sword possessed its blade.

The Wicked Song Sword and Heaven Sound Sword were both making strange sounds, disturbing the minds of those around them.

The soul of the Crimson Dragon roared, thunder clapped, the violent gale blasted, and so on!

All the legendary swords were aimed to kill Qin Gang, which made his expression change.

He immediately used his full power to deflect the legendary swords.

The Thousand-hands Devil smacked the legendary swords down in a mad rush.

Zhou Xuanji forcefully tossed out Hegemon Jiu!

Ranged Sword Propelling!

The sword penetrated the Thousand-hands Shadow, propelling 10,000 meters ahead, and bombarding a tall mountain into crumbs.

“This guy already has the power to fight on par with Spirit Refinement stage!”

Why do I feel that he’s more powerful now than when he fought Huang Hantian?

Qin Gang thought, aghast. Even with his full power, he could not gain an advantage.

Xian Xianghua stopped, and a peculiar expression could be seen in her eyes.

She was surprised by Zhou Xuanji’s prowess.

After being diabolized, Zhou Xuanji’s battle instinct fully erupted. He was like a fearsome devil who madly attacked the Thousand-hands Shadow. The dozens of legendary swords were also fighting as though they had their own consciousness.

*  Clang–*

The Ordinary Ore Bookcutter Sword broke! It disappeared immediately and was stored up into the Supreme Storage by the Sword Spirit.

Zhou Xuanji activated the Sky Dominating Divine Sword and hacked with both swords!

An imposing wave of Sword Qi burst out in a roar!

The color of the sky changed!

The Four Legendary Generals were shocked as they witnessed the Thousand-hands Shadow disperse in an explosion as it was bombarded by Zhou Xuanji’s sword Qi.

The violent gale rippled outward forcefully in all directions.

“What sword technique is that?”

General Xuan cried out in shock. That sword move just now looked so ordinary, but its destructive power is too dominating!

*  More importantly, this guy is only at Astral Infant Level Three!*

“Could it be…”

Xian Xianghua opened her eyes wide as well. She remembered the Hegemon Sword Emperor.

How long had it been?

Zhou Xuanji had even mastered the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s ultimate move?

She lived for 10,000 years and had witnessed the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s prowess. He could wield the world-shattering power with just an ordinary sword.

That was the Hegemon Sword’s Way!

Although the sword technique was not elegant, it was dominating. That was its only specialty!

It struck fear in all living things. It destroyed all spells!

Zhou Xuanji slashed again with the Sky Dominating Divine Sword. In the blink of an eye, he did so four consecutive times.

Qin Gang dodged instinctively but was still struck by the Sky-dominating Sword Qi.


A mouthful of blood shot out like an arrow as his body smashed into the ground like a meteor.

Zhou Xuanji looked out suddenly and saw Xian Xianghua. His pupil could not be seen from his bloodshot eyes. Along with his hideous face, he looked extremely horrifying.

Without any hesitation, he immediately charged toward Xian Xianghua.

1,000 meters away, two silhouettes were walking toward them.

It was the Huangquan Twin Devils!

“Hmm? Emperor’s Hatred Diablo? Just nice. Let’s turn him into a Corpse Demon!”

One of them, who was holding a giant blade, said with a grin. He laughed so ruthlessly as though Zhou Xuanji was his prey.