I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 178 - Emperor's Hatred Diablo

Chapter 178 - Emperor's Hatred Diablo


Xian Xianghua opened her hands and walked over in the air. A gigantic cloud of demonic Qi surrounded her like a tornado. It was massive and vigorous.

The Legendary Generals turned around and saw Xian Xianghua. Their expressions changed drastically.

General Chenshen said with a deep voice, “Xian Xianghua, the whole world is after you for your life. Are you sure you want to offend us, the Huanyuan Empire?”

Facing Xian Xianghua, they did not attack immediately.

They appeared weaker in terms of their aura.

“Humph! You dare to threaten me. Go and die!”

Xian Xianghua stared at them coldly as she waved her hand. Billowing demonic Qi formed into an enormous hand and smashed into the two mountains that were thousands of meters high.

The Legendary Generals dodged immediately.


An earthshaking explosion sounded.

The two mountains instantly exploded. Countless rock fragments shot out in all directions like cannonballs.

The explosion was followed by a violent gale, which frightened Zhou Xuanji and Qin Gang so much that they ducked quickly.

“Wasn’t she injured?”

Zhou Xuanji asked while gritting his teeth. With such ferocity, she did not look injured at all!

Qin Gang replied, “If she’s not injured, it would be even more exaggerated!”


The mountain they were on shook violently as a huge rock fragment smashed into it. It was going to crumble at any moment.

Xian Xianghua leaped and charged at Chentang Xuanwang with a powerful impetus. The Four Legendary Generals were so scared that they dodged desperately.

Xian Xianghua was one of the top four cultivators in the world and she used to be the first. How could they not be afraid?

The five of them battled fiercely in the air. Facing the Four Legendary Generals, Xian Xianghua even had the advantage.

“Let’s go!”

Qin Gang said with a deep voice before he dashed into the billowing dust storm.

Zhou Xuanji followed closely behind.

The dust storm pervaded the entire area within a 10,000-meter radius, covering their tracks well.

The Legendary Generals’ attention was entirely on Xian Xianghua, so they did not notice them.

Facing the Top Evil Cultivator, they didn’t dare to be distracted.

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji and Qin Gang came to the ruin to find the Tianxia Map.

“How do we find it like this?”

Qin Gang asked. There were rocks everywhere, and they couldn’t even find a cave.

“It should be underground,” Zhou Xuanji said.

Qin Gang heard it and grasped Zhou Xuanji’s shoulder as he dug underground with his spell.

*  Boom!*

Just when they went underground, one of the Legendary Generals fell to the ground.

“If I was in my tip-top condition, I would kill you with one slap and instantly finish off all of you!”

Xian Xianghua’s icy and arrogant voice came again to humiliate the Four Legendary Generals.

With a long radiant spear in hand, Legendary General Tang cried out furiously, “You devil! Don’t you humiliate us! We will kill you!”

After that, he thrust his spear at her with so great an impetus that even the thunderclouds in the sky were split open. The scene was extremely magnificent.

Xian Xianghua waved her hand and her demonic Qi covered the sky like a tidal wave.

Beneath the ground, Qin Gang took hold of Zhou Xuanji and traveled about swiftly.

They searched around in a 1,000-meter radius. The map indicated that the Tianxia Map was between the two mountains. It had to be nearby.

The two searched swiftly as they continued to scan their surroundings with their minds.

Even underground, he could sense how fierce the ongoing battle was. The surrounding rock and earth continued to press down on them. Fortunately, Qin Gang’s demonic Qi was powerful enough.

“Hmm? Is this…”

Qin Gang suddenly said in shock. Next, what Zhou Xuanji saw dazzled him for a moment.

In the next second, they came to a spacious underground cavern.

The place was dimly lit by many levitating blue flames.

As the two landed, their sight was attracted by a stone door.

The door was six meters tall, guarded by two fearsome-looking statues of a human with the head of a dragon.

There was a wooden stake in the stone door. A palm-sized, white piece of parchment was levitating above the wooden stake.

The two walked over and excitedly looked at the white parchment.

“Could this be the Tianxia Map? I can’t probe into it with my mind”

Qin Gang cried out in shock. A tinge of burning passion could be seen in his eyes.

He suppressed it well and did not express it.

He turned to look at Zhou Xuanji and said, “Vice-Suzerain, what are you waiting for?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with a smile, “Are you really going to let me?”

“It’s Suzerain’s order. I must obey!”

Qin Gang said uprightly, which made Zhou Xuanji shake his head. What kind of mesmerizing spell did the old demonic woman cast on him?

He immediately walked over but he maintained caution.

He remembered Daoya Old Man’swords.

“The possessor of the Tianxia Map possesses the world.”

Which man did not want to reign over the world?

Qin Gang looked at him silently. Signs of struggle appeared in his eyes.

After entering the stone door, Zhou Xuanji looked at the white parchment.

At one glance, it looked like a dumpling skin. Nothing was written on it.

“Who left this dumpling skin here?”

Zhou Xuanji muttered. He took out the Frost Wave Sword and poked the white parchment lightly.

Immediately, all the flames in the subterranean space disappeared. The white parchment fell down onto the stake.

He reached out and took it with his hand.

Once he touched it, he felt a wave of coldness infiltrate his heart through his hand.


Qin Gang asked nervously. This was the legendary Tianxia Map!

There could be danger lurking!

Or else, why had no one obtained the Tianxia Map for over 10,000 years?

“It’s okay. This may not be the Tianxia Map.”

Zhou Xuanji replied. At this moment, the white parchment melted in his palm. He was so frightened that he immediately swung his hand back and forth.

This badly worried Qin Gang. He asked carefully, “Are you okay?”

Under his watch, Zhou Xuanji suddenly stopped moving.

“Vice-Suzerain, are you okay?”

Qin Gang took a step forward and asked.

If anything bad were to happen to Zhou Xuanji, Xian Xianghua would surely kill him.

Two legendary swords appeared in both Zhou Xuanji’s hands.

They were the Ghost-Emperor Sword and the White Dragon-bone Sword!

He turned around slowly and looked at Qin Gang.

Qin Gang opened his eyes wide and instinctively took a step back.

He saw Zhou Xuanji’s eyes turn blood-red on his already pale face. His Vice-Suzerain like being was possessed by a vicious ghost.

“Vice-Suzerain, don’t scare me…”

Qin Gang swallowed his saliva and cried out softly.

Numerous legendary swords appeared around Zhou Xuanji and were all pointed at Qin Gang.

“He’s possessed…”

Cold sweat covered Qin Gang’s body. Oh no, if Xian Xianghua were to find out about this, he would be dead for sure!

Zhou Xuanji took a step forward, leaving cracks in the ground beneath him, as he charged toward Qin Gang with his swords.


On the edge of Juedi Cliff.

Jiang Xue stood on the hill and walked about. She would occasionally turn to look to Juedi Cliff.

Daoya Old Man walked up and chuckled. “What? Are you still worried for Zhou Xuanji?”

He walked to the mountain top and looked toward Juedi Cliff, which looked like hell with all its billowing thunderclouds and the extremely depressing atmosphere.

“Yeah. Grand-teacher, do you think Zhou Xuanji will be in danger? These two days, my eyelids have been twitching non-stop.”

Jiang Xue sighed and asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry. His fate is still robust.”

Daoya Old Man shook his head while smiling, but there was a tinge of worry hidden in his eyes.

“Grand-teacher, what is the most dangerous thing in Juedi Cliff?”

Jiang Xue turned around and asked. She appeared to be very anxious.

“The most dangerous? That would be the Diablo of the Emperor’s Hatred.”

Daoya Old Man said with a deep voice, “An Emperor’s Hatred Diablo is one who has been diabolized by the Great Emperors’ hatred. They will turn into murderous beasts that only know how to kill. They will not rest, only fighting to the death.”