I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 177 - Great Utopian Empire. Chen, Tang, Xuan, and Wang.

Chapter 177 - Great Utopian Empire. Chen, Tang, Xuan, and Wang.


“Congratulations, Sword Owner, the Frost Wave Sword has been upgraded from Bronze to Amethyst. The Ghost Curse Sword has been upgraded from Gold to Amethyst!”

Zhou Xuanji was stunned after he heard the Sword Spirit’s words.

Why are they all Amethyst?

“The Ancient Soul-Cryostasis Array consists primarily of frost Qi while the Ghost Qi has comparatively less.”

The Sword Spirit explained, dazzling Zhou Xuanji.

His mood became pleasant, and he smiled.

“What are you smiling at?”

Xian Xianghua’s voice came. He looked up and saw that the old demonic woman had her back turned to him. Had she grown eyes in the back of her head?

He replied, “Whenever I think about you giving me the Tianxia Map, I feel happy.”


Xin Xianghua snorted coldly before she fell silent again.

Zhou Xuanji curled his lip. Is she on her period? Such a weird temper…

How can an old woman, who has lived for 10,000 years, still be menstruating?

The demonic cloud moved swiftly forward.

Along the way, Zhou Xuanji asked Qin Gang about the history of Juedi Cliff and its dangers.

Daoya Old Man told him before that there were many ancient spell arrays and natural inhibitions around Juedi Cliff. One misstep would mean death.

But along the way, he had yet to encounter any other spell array other than the Ancient Soul-Cryostasis Array.

Moreover, how was it that he felt that Juedi Cliff was not that dangerous?

Qin Gang patiently explained to him pthat the most dangerous thing about Juedi Cliff was not coming in but going out.

Most people who came in would not be able to find their way out. Their sensory organs would be confused by all sorts of spell arrays and inhibitions, while some encountered ancient spirits that blocked their way.

Juedi Cliff had already existed for 10,000 years, even longer than all the empires today.

10,000 years ago, all the Emperors were cultivators who exceeded Great Realization.

At that time, one could not proclaim oneself as the Emperor, or else the wrath of Heaven would be upon him.

Hegemon Sword Emperor was the last Great Emperor to be recognized by Heaven and was ranked among the Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way!

It was said that over 10 Great Emperors fell at Juedi Cliff. It was where the lives of Great Emperors ended.

After they moved ahead for an hour, the demonic cloud landed.

There was a mountain before them. “Veil your Qi-signature. Don’t talk.” Xian Xianghua said with a deep voice.

After that, she walked to the mountain top and looked ahead.

Zhou Xuanji and Qin Gang carefully came to her side.

They saw before them an endless wilderness. Two high mountains stood tall and straight into the sky, as though they were going to divide heaven and earth into half.

Between the two mountains, a black dragon, hundreds of meters long, was resting. Its face looked hideous and its scales were extremely sharp, like blades. It was enveloped in ghost Qi.

“Wanzang King Specter!”

Zhou Xuanji speculated. It seemed like Xian Xianghua still had some fear toward Wanzang King Specter, or else she would have charged up to him straight away.

It was unexpected that the King Spectre had already found the whereabouts of the Tianxia Map.

“He was attacked by the Huangquan Twin Devils and badly injured. We still have a chance.”

“Let’s wait for a while, in case the Huangquan Twin Devils are waiting in ambush nearby.”

Xian Xianghua communicated the message telepathically to Zhou Xuanji, and he nodded.

It seemed that Xian Xianghua was merely bluffing just now.

Why would they still need to wait for an opportunity if they were to face the severely injured King Spectre?

They began to silently wait for an opportunity.

After a long while.

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

An air-piercing sound came from the west. Zhou Xuanji and the other two turned to look and saw four cultivators flying swiftly over.

The four wore elegant, gold clothing and left a trail of golden light behind them like they were deities.

They flew up swiftly to the two mountains with a dominating aura.

“Wanzang King Specter? Sorry, we have been eyeing this place, Hunyuan Empire. Leave now!”

One of them cried out loud. He had a muscular build and wore a dragon crown on his head. His face looked terrifying with his stare, and he gave off an extremely imposing feeling.

“Hunyuan Empire…”

Zhou Xuanji was surprised in his heart. He had heard about the Hunyuan Empire before.

There were seven human empires in the Northern Wilderness Region, but he did not know much about the Hunyuan Empire.

He heard that the Hunyuan Empire was the most powerful.

“Hunyuan Empire’s Four Great Generals, Chen, Tang, Xuan, and Wang! They were all at Great Realization, and each has an army of a million soldiers under their command. I did not expect the Hunyuan Emperor to send them here. It seems like he’s determined to obtain the Tianxia Map.”

“Hunyuan Empire was the only one that has the hope to become the Great Utopian Empire. The Great Utopian Empire was like a celestial kingdom that transcends and reigns over the entire human world.”

Xian Xianghua introduced to him telepathically. Her voice sounded a little complicated.

Great Utopian Empire!

Celestial kingdom?

Zhou Xuanji was overwhelmed with curiosity, but now was not the time to ask.

Because Wanzang King Specter was already battling the Four Legendary Generals.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Sounds of consecutive explosions came and shook the two mountains violently.

The Ghost Dragon shrieked continuously as its body smashed into the twin mountains and swept up billowing dust.

A stream of black light soared into the sky. As the ghost Qi dispersed, Wanzang King Specter revealed his body.

He wore a loose black robe that was embroidered with numerous skulls. His white hair moved in the wind like dried grass. Along with his dried skin, he looked like an old man who was at the end of his life.

He looked just like his name, King Spectre!

“Chen Tang Xuan Wang! Don’t be such a bully! I’m trying to heal myself here. What justification do you have to drive me away?”

He asked coldly, and blood was flowing out from the corner of his mouth.

The Four Legendary Generals responded to him by surrounding him to attack. That Ghost Dragon was already spasming on the ground in a pool of blood and was dying.

“Suzerain, let’s retreat.”

Qin Gang said softly like a mosquito.

Generals Chen, Tang, Xuan, and Wang were the pillar of the Hunyuan Empire. They were extraordinarily powerful.

They could not fight him head-on.

Moreover, Huangquan Twin Devils could be coming for them at any moment.

Xian Xianghua shook her head and looked straight ahead.

Wanzang King Specter was thrashed terribly by the Legendary Generals. He was smashed into the ground, and later, into the mountain, and again, he was flung into the sky.

If this continued, he would die real soon.

Very soon, Wanzang King Specter admitted defeat and fled with his Ghost Dragon.

The Four Legendary Generals did not kill him but let him go instead.

Admiration welled up in Zhou Xuanji’s heart as he witnessed what happened.

When he just came in, he took the Wanzang King Specter as his greatest enemy.

And now, someone more powerful had appeared.

He didn’t dare to trifle with them.

“I will go as a decoy, while the two of you go and search for Tianxia Map.”

Xian Xianghua spoke, which made Qin Gang open his eyes wide in shock.

He became anxious immediately and said softly, “Suzerain, you are injured!”

Xian Xianghua shook her head and glanced toward Zhou Xuanji, “I’ve done all that I can do. Whether you get the Tianxia Map depends on yourself now.”

Zhou Xuanji was stunned.

Xiang Xianghua got up immediately and was prepared to fly out.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji took hold of her hand and asked, “Why are you doing this?”

All the while, Xian Xianghua’s favorable treatment toward him made him feel that she had other motivations.

Who asked this old demonic woman to leave with him such a horrible first impression?

“Because you are my Vice-Suzerain.”

Xiang Xianghua smiled. After that, she broke free of his grasp and flew toward the two mountains.

“You four useless crumbs of the Hunyuan Empire. I have my eyes on this place. Leave now, or else I will torture you to death!”

She regained the crazy demeanor she used to have. A sense of lunacy and ruthlessness could be heard from her laughter.

Zhou Xuanji’s felt conflicted. Thousands of words formed into one mumble, “Are you Long Aotian?

TL: The reference to the character’s name was translated as “Dragon Proud Sky” previously. It’s now translated as Long Aotian.”

Qin Gang asked in confusion, “Who is Long Aotian?”

Why hadn’t he heard of this name before?

“Long Aotian is someone who is invincible.”

Zhou Xuanji replied calmly. He paused a little before continuing, “How shall we move out?”