I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 176 - Do You Want The Tianxia Map?

Chapter 176 - Do You Want The Tianxia Map?


The Huangquan Twin Devils were looking for the Tianxia Map?

Zhou Xuanji frowned. So, Haoqi Alliance was not the only one who knew about the whereabouts of the map.

Well, it was expected. If Haoqi Alliance found out that the information was with Chen Bantian, it shouldn’t have been surprising that other parties had obtained the information as well.

Now, it was much more troublesome.

He had to snatch the map from three horrifyingly powerful cultivators who were ranked in the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred?

How would one play like that?

The more he thought about it, the more frustrated he became. He slammed his fist into the ground, leaving a small crater behind.

“Don’t move. They are coming! Hold your breath and concentrate on minimizing your Qi-signature!”

Qin Gang cried out softly. Having heard him, Zhou Xuanji immediately activated the Qi Obscuring Incantation.

The pitch dark cave fell totally silent.


The mountain began vibrating violently as though it was going to collapse at any moment.

The two of them were extremely anxious and both broke out into a cold sweat.

“Where did that guy and the Thousand-hands Devil run?”

A cold and hoarse voice came, which made their scalps numb.

“Look further ahead. If they can break the Ancient Soul-Cryostasis Array, they must have some extraordinary treasures with them. Let’s suck their soul and plunder their treasure!”

Another strange laugh came. They could sense his ruthlessness just from his tone.

Soon, the voices of the Hades Twin Devil disappeared. The mountain had also stopped vibrating.

Both Zhou Xuanji and Qing Gang were still holding their breaths and maintaining their concentration.

The two were very careful, in case they were to fall for the Huangquan Twin Devils’ schemes.

Six hours later, Qin Gang quietly heaved a sigh of relief and said softly, “We should be safe now.”

Zhou Xuanji asked softly, “They are both devils, so why does the Thousand-hands Devil fear the Huangquan Twin Devils so much?”

Qin Gang: “…”

This question made him speechless.

“Tell me about them, including how they tortured the revered teacher of Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch.”

Zhou Xuanji requested. He always had a special feeling for the Sword Monarch.

It was his duel with the Sword Monarch that made him truly famous across the world.

But back then, the Sword Monarch wanted to save his face, so he did not use his full power. After Zhou Xuanji injured the Sword monarch, he got the Sword Monarch to back off with his words, before he quickly ran away.

Since then, the Sword Monarch had become his standard to measure someone’s prowess.

If someone was more powerful than the Sword Monarch, that person was really powerful.

If that person was weaker than the Sword Monarch, then that person wasn’t that powerful.

Zhou Xuanji’s love for the Sword Monarch was deep, so he decided that he had to defeat the Sword Monarch officially in the future and pull him down from his divine pedestal.

“The Huangquan Twin Devils came to fame a long time ago. They weren’t the Hell Drake King’s subordinates until he defeated and recruited them. Since then, they changed their name to Huangquan, and specialized in gathering information and carrying out assassinations for the Drake King.”

“They assassinated the previous Emperor of Great Zhou. At that time, the revered teacher of Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch brought the Sword Monarch to Great Zhou to help out, but they were defeated by the Twin Devils instead. They did not immediately kill Sword Monarch’s revered teacher but took their time to scrap the flesh off him for a whole week before he finally bled to death. Then, the Twin Devils sucked his soul away.”

Up till now, Qin Gang’s tone was still calm.

Although Huangquan Twin Devils were ruthless, it was nothing much for him.

After all, he was the Thousand-hands Devil.

“If Huangquan Twin Devils work together, even the Wanzang King Specter might not stand up to them. We must find the Suzerain quickly and help her recover.”

Qin Gang said with a deep voice. After that, he walked toward the entrance of the cave.

Zhou Xuanji sighed.

If he had known this, he wouldn’t have come in.

He could still try out the Wanzang King Specter, but now that there were the Huangquan Twin Devils, there would be no way.

“They are already far away. Come with me quickly!”

Qin Gang waved his hand at the entrance, and Zhou Xuanji immediately followed.

The two left swiftly.

Next, they moved carefully because they were afraid to encounter the Huangquan Twin Devils.

According to what Qin Gang said, they would rather encounter Wanzang King Specter than Huangquan Twin Devils.

Although the consequence of encountering the former would also be death, at least it would not be a painful death.

Half a day later, they finally came to the cave that Xian Xianghua was in.

She was still channeling her energy to heal herself. She was looking good and had apparently not been attacked by anyone.

“Little phoenix, you are here too. It looks like you are worried about me.”

Xian Xianghua opened her eyes and said with a smile. Those charming eyes turned into crescents as she smiled, which dazzled Zhou Xuanji a little.

He immediately shook himself awake and said to himself, “Such an imposing demonic spell!”


*  It must be a demonic spell!*

He snorted coldly as he found a spot far away from Xian Xianghua to sit down.

Seeing this, her smile became even brighter.

Qin Gang walked up to her and half-knelt down, before telling her everything that happened.

After finding out that Zhou Xuanji had absorbed the Ancient Soul-Cryostasis Array, she glanced at him in shock.

Zhou Xuanji pretended not to see her glance and continued his cultivation.

A short while later, Xian Xianghua said coldly with squinted eyes, “I didn’t even expect the old Drake King to send the Twin Devils. It seems like the Tianxia Map is at Juedi Cliff. Those Great Emperors were all here for the Tianxia Map before, including the Hegemon Sword Emperor. They were either killed or fled. This should be the reason for the birth of Juedi Cliff.”

Qin Gang nodded and asked, “What should we do? Should we retreat?”

Xian Xianghua shook her head. The entire world was after them. Where would they retreat to?

She glanced at Zhou Xuanji and asked, “Do you want the Tianxia Map?”

Qin Gang was stunned. He was aghast.

Zhou Xuanij opened his eyes and said in an unpleasant tone, “Yes, I want it. Are you going to help me find it?”

This old demonic woman really loved to flirt with him. Was it that fun?

“If you want it, I will help you find it.”

Xian Xianghua said with a smile. A tinge of craftiness could be seen in her eyes.

“I want it!”

Zhou Xuanji said frankly. He knew where the Tianxia Map was, so he said this out of spite.

Xian Xianghua stood up slowly and said, “Let’s move out to search for the map. We should find it as soon as possible and leave before more powerful cultivators come.”

Although Qin Gang was confused, he still nodded.

In his memory, it was Xian Xianghua’s first time treating a man with such generosity.

He turned to look at Zhou Xuanji. Other than being more handsome than me, in what other ways is he better than me?

Hesitating a little, Zhou Xuanji took out the map and said, “This is the map for the Tianxia Map. Can you bring me to find it?”

To follow her around blindly would be too dangerous.

After this was over, even if Xian Xianghua wanted to turn back on her words, he didn’t care as long as he could get away from this place.

Once the Huangquan Twin Devils found them, even Xian Xianghua would die.

It was more important to stay alive!

There were so many opportunities to become stronger. He couldn’t be reckless and take such a huge risk.

He continued to console himself. When he thought about his determination to enter Juedi Cliff back then, he felt that he had slapped his own face again.

Xian Xianghua and Qin Gang were both stunned.

Do you have the Tianxia Map?

“So, you are here for Tianxia Map, and not me?”

Xian Xianghua asked. She summoned with her hand, and the map landed in her hand.

Zhou Xuanji did not reply. It was a life-forsaking question.

Xian Xianghua skimmed through the map before walking out of the cave. Zhou Xuanji and Qin Gang followed right behind her.

After that, they traveled around on the demonic cloud.

“Aren’t you badly injured?” Zhou Xuanji asked, “Why are you so conspicuous?”

Xian Xianghua said coldly, “How long ago was that? Who have I ever feared?!”

Such a rash temper?

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow and didn’t ask any further, careful not to make the old demonic woman explode and injure him.

“The Frost Wave Sword and Ghost Curse Sword have successfully leveled up!”

At this moment, the Sword Spirit’s voice came to his mind, which delighted him.

The Ancient Soul-Cryostasis Array could even freeze the Huangquan Twin Devils and Qin Gang. How great was the power it contained?!

What grade would these legendary swords be upgraded to?