I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 175 - Ancient Soul-Cryostasis Array, Huangquan Twin Devils

Chapter 175 - Ancient Soul-Cryostasis Array, Huangquan Twin Devils


The snowstorm became heavier as the sky gradually became dark…

Zhou Xuanji looked at the frozen silhouette in front of him, frowning.

If he knew this was going to be the case, he should have brought the little black snake with him and asked him to go ahead to explore it first.

For safety’s sake, he decided to detour around it.

He did not want to get involved in unnecessary trouble.

And so, he continued moving ahead, albeit slowly in case he walked into an ambush.

An hour later, he saw another ice statue.

The person in the ice statue was wielding two swords, with his head looking up to the sky as though he was in a battle.

This made him shudder. He always felt that something was looking at him.

He immediately moved full speed ahead.

An hour later, he saw a silhouette in the valley below him and immediately stopped.

He knew this person.

Tanhua Sect, Thousand-hands Devil, Qin Gang!

Qin Gang leaned against the mountain wall hugging his arms and trembling. He was covered in snow and he seemed to very fearful.

“Why you are here?”

Zhou Xuanji asked. How would Qin Gang fear the cold with his cultivation?

Having heard him, Qin Gang looked up. When he saw Zhou Xuanji, his expression changed instantly, and he cried out, “Vice-Suzerain! Why are you here? Run!”


Zhou Xuanji held tightly to his swords and asked anxiously, “What is happening? You don’t need my help?”

After all, Qin Gang had helped him in the past; how could he just leave him to his own demise?

“This place is the Ancient Soul-cryostasis Array. If you stay too long, your spirit energy will be frozen, and you will slowly lose consciousness with no hope of getting out. I’ve misstepped into this place and fallen for it already. You must leave quickly. You might still have some hope of living.”

Qin Gang explained quickly. He felt so cold that he could not even give a bitter smile.

Zhou Xuanji frowned. He was hesitating whether or not to back off.

“The Sword Owner can use the Frost Wave Sword and Ghost Curse Sword to absorb the Ancient Soul-Cryostasis Array. You can do so just by channeling your spirit energy into the two swords.”

The Sword Spirit reminded suddenly, which stunned him a little.

The two swords have such an ability?

He immediately took out the Frost Wave Sword and the Ghost Curse Sword.

“Run… Quick…”

Qin Gang said, gritting his teeth. His voice became weaker by the moment.

Such cold was not torture for the physical body but the soul.

Zhou Xuanji did not reply. With the two swords in hand, he raised both of them up.

In an instant, cold wind gathered, along with a ghostly howl.

The cold wind was sucked into the Frost Wave Sword, while numerous strands of ghost Qi flowed into the Ghost Curse Sword.

The Frost Wave Sword was merely a Bronze Grade sword.

The Ghost Curse Sword was Gold Grade, so it absorbed faster than the Frost Wave Sword.

“Will the two swords level up after absorbing the spell array?”

Zhou Xuanji asked curiously. Back then, the Bloodbath Sword had leveled up before.

“They will.”

The Sword Spirit’s spirit pleased him.

Qin Gang felt so cold that he could not lift up his head. His spirit energy was frozen, which made him unable to sense if Zhou Xuanji had left.

He could sense that he was dying.

“Suzerain, I’m sorry. I can’t help you rebuild Tanhua Sect…”

He mumbled to himself. His voice grew weaker, as though he was about to fall asleep.

After some time, his consciousness was gradually awakened.

The coldness in his body disappeared, and he felt a wave of warmth.

He opened his eyes and looked up with much difficulty. He would never forget what he saw.

In the sky above the valley, a silhouette enveloped in roaring flames stood like a deity. He raised two swords, toward which the frost wind and ghost Qi were gathering, forming a great tornado. A whirlpool even appeared in the sky.

“That… is a celestial being…”

Confused, he talked to himself while trying to stay awake.

And that celestial being was Zhou Xuanji!

To prevent him from freezing to death, Zhou Xuanji activated the Fiery Sword Technique’s sword will. The flames that enveloped Zhou Xuanji provided him with the much-needed warmth.

“I’m not a celestial being. I’m your father.”

Zhou Xuanji’s voice came to him softly, dazzling Qin Gang.



“Father, am I dead…”

“Good boy, you are not dead yet. I will not let you die.”

At this point, Qin Gang suddenly felt that the seal on his spirit energy was broken, and he was regaining his strength.

The Ancient Soul-Cryostasis Array was broken!

As a powerful cultivator at the Spirit Refinement stage, his spirit energy and stamina recovered with extreme speed.

He looked up and realized that person was not his father but Zhou Xuanji!


Qin Gang was both angry and shocked. He did not know what to say.

Zhou Xuanji saved him after all.

“Good boy, wait until your father, I, finish absorbing the Ancient Soul-Cryostasis Array.”

Zhou Xuanji said softly, which almost made Qin Gang vomit blood.

Whose damn father do you think you are!

*  My father is already dead. Do you also want to die?*

He roared in his heart but dared not say it out loud.

An hour later, the frost around them had melted. Qin Gang returned to normal and flew up to Zhou Xuanji. He looked curiously at the Frost Wave Sword and Ghost Curse Sword.

Zhou Xuanji stored the two legendary swords into the Supreme Storage and waited for them to level up.

“I’m very powerful, aren’t I?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with a raised brow, and Qin Gang nodded his head. He was totally convinced by how Zhou Xuanji broke even the Ancient Soul-Cryostasis Array so quickly.

“Tell me. What happened? Where is Xian Xianghua?”

Zhou Xuanji continued to ask. He saw no traces of her nearby, where could that old demonic woman go with such severe injuries?

Qin Gang took in a deep breath and said, “The Suzerain is healing herself in a cave. I’m out here to help her gather some materials. But I encountered Wanzang King Specter and could not stand up to him, so I mistakenly ran into the Ancient Soul-Cryostasis Array. This array is not stationary in Juedi Cliff. It was too late when I realized it.”

His eyes burned with anger.

Wanzang King Specter, I will kill you for sure!

“I saw two people who were frozen. Could it have happened recently?”

Zhou Xuanji inquired further. His expression became a little strange.

“With the Ancient Soul-Cryostasis Array removed, will those two people be revived?”


Qin Gang was a little dazzled, followed immediately by a fearful expression. He cried out, “Run!”

After that, he grabbed Zhou Xuanji by the shoulder and immediately flew away.


An earth-shaking explosion came from behind them, along with a terrifying murderous aura!

“Who are they?”

Zhou Xuanji asked anxiously. Qin Gang was at Spirit Refinement, yet he feared them. They must have been even more powerful than Huang Hantian.

If it were Huang Hantian, they would still dare to fight.

“They are Huangquan Twin Devils. Horrifyingly powerful. They are the subordinates of the Hell Drake King, who is ranked fifth. They were the ones who tortured the revered teacher of Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch to death!”

Qin Gang explained as he gritted his teeth. He flew full speed ahead and shuttled between the mountains.

Huangquan Twin Devils!

Zhou Xuanji frowned but did not ask further. He did not want to disrupt Qin Gang.

After flying for two hours, the two of them hid in a cave.

Qin Gang cast a spell to transform the entrance into the mountain wall, veiling their Qi-signature at the same time.

He heaved a sigh of relief only after he finished. He sat down on the ground and wiped his sweat again and again.

“The Huangquan Twin Devils were looking for Tianxia Map. Why would they come to Juedi Cliff?”

Qin Gang mumbled to himself. The dreadful expression was still on his face.

The two devils were at the Great Realization stage!