I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 174 - Twenty Years Old, White Dragon-bone Sword

Chapter 174 - Twenty Years Old, White Dragon-bone Sword


“Ding! Congratulations! The Sword Owner has obtained [Gold] Great Timber Sword, [Amethyst] Baiyu King Sword, [Glorious Gold] White Dragon-bone Sword!”

Three legendary swords!

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes. This time around, all he got were legendary swords, and they were given in ascending order.


The three legendary swords appeared before his eyes.

Great Timber Swords was on the left. It had a wide blade and delicate patterns at the edges which looked a bit like snowflakes. The entire sword was silver in color.

Baiyu King Sword was at the center. Its black blade had numerous crimson patterns that looked like flames burning fiercely.

White Dragon-bone Sword was on the right. Just as its name suggested, it was a bone sword and was the longest among the three. A white dragon coiled around the hilt of the sword, ending with its head near the blade.

Immediately, information about the three swords appeared before him.

Sword Name: Great Timber Sword

Grade: Gold

Description: Forged with the ancient timber metal, which contains both wood and metal attributes. It can absorb the spiritual Qi of both wood and metal to enhance the legendary sword.


Sword Name: Baiyu King Sword

Grade: Amethyst

Description: A sword that came from hell, used especially to cut down evil ghosts. The greater karma the ghosts have, the more damage it does to them.

Sword Name: White Dragon-bone Sword

Grade: Glorious Gold

Description: Forged with the bones of a divine dragon. It contains within itself the divine spirit of the white dragon and the divine power of the dragon race. It can cause absolute spiritual suppression on ordinary dragons.

It looked like all of them had their uses!

By now, Zhou Xuanji already possessed three Glorious Gold legendary swords. They were White Dragon-bone Sword, God-Emperor Sword, and Hegemon Jiu!

No wonder his standard became higher. Ever since he got to know the higher grades of legendary swords, he could only set his eyes on legendary swords that were at least Glorious Gold.

Of course, he still cherished the other legendary swords.

Even the worst of them, Bookcutter Sword, he dared not to use it in case it broke.

He grasped the White Dragon-bone Sword and stored the God-Emperor Sword and Baiyu King Sword into the Supreme Storage. Next, he took out the God-Emperor Sword.

With two Glorious Gold legendary swords in hand, he stood up slowly.

Strands of God-Emperor Qi seeped out from the God-Emperor Sword and enveloped him, forming into the God-Emperor’s shadow. It was dozens of meters high and shook the ground with such a great aura.

Everyone looked over and saw an extraordinary white dragon soaring up from under Zhou Xuanji’s feet and coiling around the God-Emperor. The head of the dragon came up to the God-Emperor’s shoulder and roared into the sky.


The dragon roar shook the earth. It had more of a divine sounding than the Ghost Dragon they heard previously.

Zhou Xuanji looked up at the white dragon beside him. The dragon scales were radiating an icy, blade-like light so fearsome that it made people shudder.

“Such power…”

When the power of the two swords were combined together, Zhou Xuanji felt a sense of power he never had before.

Why didn’t he have such a feeling when he wielded both the Hegemon Jiu and the God-Emperor Sword?

“Hegemon Jiu is the sword of Hegemon Sword Emperor and is not a creation of the Supreme Legendary Sword System. As such, the two swords don’t resonate with one another.”

The Sword Spirit explained, dazzling Zhou Xuanji.

He felt like the pinnacle of his power had been increased by more than 100%.

Of course, even with that, he could only handle the lowest tiers of Spirit Refinement cultivators.

If he were to meet Huang Hantian again, it would still be difficult for him to face Huang Hantian head-on.

His cultivation stage was a significant limitation on him after all. His spirit energy reservoir simply could not be compared with these powerful cultivators.

He immediately practiced one round of the White Crane Sword Technique.

Until today, he still had not given up on the White Crane Sword Technique.

It was his first sword technique. He had feelings attached to it.

The sword technique looked elegant and dominating, which dazzled Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Huang Lianxin, and Beixiao Wangjian.

“Where did he get so many swords?”

Han Shenbo muttered. Why was it that he felt that the White Dragon-bone Sword was not worse than the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s legendary sword?

Daoya Old Man was thinking about it too. He thought about this for a very long time, but it was too bad that he could not guess it, and Zhou Xuanji wouldn’t tell him either.

Zhou Xuanji stored his sword and looked delighted.

He suddenly thought about something.

“Is the Rank Eight dragon considered an ordinary dragon?”

He asked in his heart. Yes! The Sword Spirit answered quickly.

His eyes brightened, and he immediately had an idea.

He gathered everyone and told them that he intended to enter Juedi Cliff.

“Don’t play around. It’s very dangerous inside!”

Daoya Old Man reprimanded him. This brat always loved risky adventures.

Zhou Xuanji said, “How long would it take for me to reach Astral Projection just by sitting here to cultivate? Five years? Ten years?”

“I want to become more powerful. The Tianxia Map is a great opportunity. I should go in first while the enemy remains only Wanzang King Specter. Or else, when more powerful cultivators come, it will be bigger trouble. Don’t worry, I will not act rashly.”

Previously, Xian Xianghua had saved him from Huang Hantian.


He did not want to give up on any opportunity to become more powerful.

The group saw his determination and did not dissuade him.

Zhou Xuanji decided to go in alone while the rest would stay to cultivate.

Other than Daoya Old Man and Chongming Demon Monarch, after all, the others could hardly be of help to him.

Soon, he flew into Juedi Cliff on his sword.

Jiang Xue worriedly looked at his back. Her eyes were full of reluctance.

Since a young age, it was always he who had protected her.

At first, she enjoyed it. But now, she felt more unwilling and guilty instead.

She wanted to protect him too.

“Don’t worry. I’ve made my calculations. His life will not end here.”

Daoya Old Man comforted, and the group was more relieved.

Actually, his calculation could not get through to Zhou Xuanji at all.

He suddenly thought about something and began calculating on his finger.

The rest left and continued their training. They wanted to be of help to Zhou Xuanji as soon as possible.

“It’s coming already…”

Daoya Old Man mumbled to himself. He looked afar with tightly knitted brows.

“Emperor Yan of Zhou, the ascension is your opportunity, but it’s also your ordeal. I hope you are prepared.”

After entering Juedi Cliff, Zhou Xuanji felt that the temperature had dropped drastically.

The bone-chilling wind confused him. The previous time he came to Juedi Cliff, the environment was not like this.

Could it be that the climate in each part of Juedi Cliff was different?

In his heart, he was alarmed. Daoya Old Man said before that Juedi Cliff was filled with dangers. Many ancient spell bindings and arrays were hidden in this place. One reckless move would mean death.

The White Dragon-bone Sword and the God-Emperor Sword were in his hands, while he stood on Hegemon Jiu.

The three Glorious Gold legendary swords gave him the greatest sense of security.

He realized that the ghost dragon of Wanzang King Specter had stopped roaring.

Could Xian Xianghua have slaughtered it?

If Xian Xianghua were to be at her tip-top condition, it would be easy for her to kill Wanzang King Specter. But now that she was severely injured, she might not be able to defeat him.


Why am I worried about her?!

Zhou Xuanji shook his head. He let go of the White Dragon-bone Sword and let it levitate beside him. Then, he took out a map.

According to the map, Tianxia Map was hidden between two mountains that shot straight up into the sky. It did not give any hint on the specific location.

He looked ahead and saw that he was surrounded by mountains. It was difficult to identify which two.

But these mountains were not considered straight. It could have been that he needed to move further ahead.

After traveling ahead for two hours.

Zhou Xuanji realized that something was wrong.

How come it feels like there’s no end?

He was moving quite fast, and his surrounding temperature dropped lower. Snowflakes glid down from the thunder clouds. The ground beneath gradually became frozen.

He stopped suddenly as he fixed his gaze toward the front.

On a mountain top in front of him stood a silhouette. A giant blade was in his hand, but both his enormous blade and body were frozen in ice. It was difficult to see the person’s face clearly.