I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 172 - Finally to Juedi Cliff

Chapter 172 - Finally to Juedi Cliff


After passing through a forest, Zhou Xuanji and his companions came to a lake. The water was clear, and they could see numerous fish scattering in disorder, generating waves of water ripples.

There was an island at the center of the lake. A giant tree could be seen on the island, of which the roots coiled around like a giant python. It looked ancient and as if it had persevered through the vicissitudes.

On the island, Zhao Congjian and Han Shenbo were surrounded by a group of evil cultivators, while a man in purple clothing stood on the tree branch.

It was the Little Evil Lord!

The Young Master of Haoqi Alliance!

He glanced at Zhou Xuanji and smiled, “Oh? You guys have reinforcements? No wonder you are so arrogant.”

The Three-eyed Drought Rodent hid in Zhao Congjian’s arms. It probed its head out and gnashed its teeth at the Little Evil Lord. It was so adorable even when it was angry.

The evil cultivators turned around to see.

Their attention was at once attracted by Ah Big and Small Er.

The dragon eagles circled in the air majestically. When they flapped their wings, it was as though they fanned along with the winds and lightning.

The evil cultivators’ expression changed immediately.

One of them leaped up to the Little Evil Lord and whispered, “Young master, there are two dragon eagles. Could they belong to Zhou Xuanji’s party?”

In the world now, everyone knew that Zhou Xuanji brought his numerous sword slaves along with him to adventure throughout the world.

The Little Evil Lord frowned. He looked at Zhou Xuanji and his companions and tried to identify Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji was also looking at him. “Are there any other powerful cultivators of Haoqi Alliance nearby?” He asked softly.

Daoya Old Man shook his head. “This Little Evil Lord already has the cultivation of Astral Projection. He no longer needs protection to travel around. Wouldn’t that make him a laughing stock?” He said with a smile.

No protection?

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow and said, “If so, what are we standing here for? Beat them up, then reason with them!”

Xiao Jinghong, Chongming Demon Monarch, and Beixiao Wangjian charged immediately.

Daoya Old Man shook his head and said, “You are too shameless, a classic example of fearing the powerful and bullying the weak.”

After that, he flew over and came up to the Little Evil Lord with one step.

Little Evil Lord moved instinctively, but his acupoint was sealed by Daoya Old Man. All his spirit energy was sealed and he could not move.

“I don’t fear the powerful and bully the weak; I dare to even bully the powerful.” Zhou Xuanji said,

“This old man. Although he said he’s unwilling, his body is quite obedient.”

Jiang Xue covered her smile and said, “What kind of talk is that?”

Shortly after, they and Huang Lianxin flew to the center of the lake.

The moment they landed, all the evil cultivators were defeated.

“Where’s the treasure?”

Zhou Xuanji asked. He did not even look at the Little Evil Lord.

Haoqi Alliance was pursuing him for his life. How could he fear the Little Evil Lord?

It was his benevolence to not kill the Little Evil Lord on the spot.

Han Shenbo immediately took out a Ganoderma that was the size of a water tub. The colorful Ganoderma was emanating a visible spiritual Qi.

“Such a beautiful Ganoderma… Is it poisonous?”

Jiang Xue asked softly as she blinked.

“It’s not poisonous,” Daoya Old Man said with a smile, “It’s an excellent medicinal material.”

The Three-eyed Drought Rodent jumped out from Zhao Congjian’s arms onto Zhou Xuanji’s shoulder. It appeared to be joyous.

It still loved to stay with Zhou Xuanji because it was much more comfortable.

The Little Evil Lord stood on the tree branch motionlessly. His entire body was stiff.

His eyes were filled with fear and despair.

Oh no…

Now that he encountered Sword God Zhou, could he still live?

He could not help but remember Xu Xianxuan. He had yet to kiss the most beautiful woman in Great Shang, and now he was going to die. He loathed the situation!

He had yet to take over as the Chief of Haoqi Alliance. He had yet to reign over the world.

He had too many regrets!

He wasn’t willing to give up just like that!

Zhou Xuanji suddenly looked at him, and he avoided eye contact out of fear. Cold sweat covered his forehead.


Zhou Xuanji smirked before he turned and left.

The others followed.

The little black snake dashed to the Little Evil Lord and whipped the Little Evil Lord’s groin with his tail like a metal whip.

Instantly, the Little Evil Lord’s face turned green.

“Quick, you snaky rascal. Or else we will roast you to eat!”

Chongming Demon Monarch’s voice came from the other side of the lake. The snake coiled around the Little Evil Lord’s neck and spat his forked-tongue as though he was about to eat him alive.

Under the severe pain, the Little Evil Lord’s body was trembling.

The most important thing was…

No matter how much hatred he had, he didn’t dare to express it.

“Let me teach you a lesson. Next time if you see us, take a detour, or else…”

The little black snake said coldly. His forked-tongue touched the Little Evil Lord’s face, which gave him goosebumps all over his body.

Then, the snake turned into an arrow and dashed away.

In the forest.

Chongming Demon Monarch continued to ridicule, “This snaky rascal is really vicious in destroying the Little Evil Lord’s treasure to carry on the family line. Where did he learn it from?”

Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin blushed a little when they heard him.

Daoya Old Man snorted, “Of course, he learned it from some brat.”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes and said, “It’s my fault?”

“No food for the little black snake this month. Blame this old man!”

The little black snake, who just flew over, heard him and fell to the ground immediately.

He almost broke down. “I don’t buy it!” He cried out as he rolled on the ground, “Didn’t I do it for you? Didn’t the old bull say you had something with the most beautiful lady in Great Shang? I’m helping you!”

“No food for another month!” Jiang Xue stared at him and snorted.

The little black snake completely broke down. He quickly came to Jiang Xue and begged bitterly, “I’m sorry… the way I treated him will surely twist his mind and give his women a horrible life… I’m helping you!”

The group did not know whether to laugh or cry. This little black snake really knew how to bluff.

The Little Evil Lord’s acupoint was sealed and could not restore his mobility for a while. If he was eaten by the demons, then it would just be his bad luck.


Four months later.

Zhou Xuanji, Jiang Xue, and their companions came to Juedi Cliff at last.

They stood before the cliff and looked ahead. An undulating wilderness with countless valleys and cliffs could be seen along with numerous hills ahead of them. Stone spikes stuck out from the ground and into the sky.

Juedi Cliff!

Billowing thunder clouds covered thickly above and made the atmosphere incredibly depressing.

“Juedi Cliff is a place that severs the fate of emperors. Those who enter it will most likely not make it out unless they are protected by four Spirit Refinement cultivators.”

Daoya Old Man stroked his beard and sighed in amazement. Zhou Xuanji and Chongming Demon Monarch could not help but remember their past.

Those people from Hegemon Sword Sect were all at Spirit Refinement?

If not for Xian Xianghua, it would turn out to be a vicious battle.

But if Xian Xianghua was not around, then they would not be in Juedi Cliff at all.

“Let’s cultivate somewhere nearby. It’s right before our eyes anyway. There’s no hurry. ”

Zhou Xuanji said. Ever since he consumed the Ganoderma they had previously obtained, his blood Qi flourished, and his spirit energy had been boosted tremendously. His cultivation had reached Astral Infant Level Three. But it was a pity that he had yet to break through to the fifth level of Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation.

The group nodded and had no objections. They began to search for a suitable place to cultivate.

At the same time, on the other end of Juedi Cliff that was thousands of kilometers away, a thick, dark mist billowed. It pervaded Juedi Cliff like a dust storm that covered the sky.

In the dark mist, there was a faintly discernible silhouette.

“Juedi Cliff… All the ancient emperors had come here. But what was their purpose…

An icy voice came from within. The voice sounded somewhat interested.


A dragon’s roar came from the dark mist and it sounded erratic.

Soon, the dark mist disappeared into the deep regions of Juedi Cliff. Thunder clapped all at once after countless lightning strikes flashed through the dark mist, as though a world-shaking demon lord appeared.