I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 170 - The Heart of the World.

Chapter 170 - The Heart of the World.


Sword God Zhou is Tanhua Sect’s Vice-Suzerain!

The news bombarded Great Chen first before it spread across the world. Both the upright and evil sects, as well the humans and the demons, received the news!

The world was aghast!

In Great Chen’s royal palace, Chen Bantian stood in the main hall in full shock.

He knew that Zhou Xuanji was caught by Xian Xianghua, but he didn’t expect that Zhou Xuanji had already become the Vice-Suzerain of Tanhua Sect.

He could not help but feel worried about Zhou Xuanji. Xian Xianghua came to save Zhou Xuanji despite her injuries, so who would not believe that Zhou Xuanji joined Tanhua Sect?

“I didn’t expect that… I should’ve stopped him from leaving!”

The Emperor of Great Chen sighed continuously as he sat on his throne with deep resentment. He regretted acting as he did back then.

Chen Bantian felt disgusted at his father’s behavior but did not show it.

He was his father, after all. Moreover, he still wanted to take over him as the Emperor.

“Father, there must be something wrong with this. Sword God Zhou did not make it difficult for us back then, and Xinhao Sect appeared at the border of Great Chen. Don’t you think something is not right?”

Chen Bantian cupped his hands and said. The other officials gave their opinions as well.

“Everyone knows Sword God Zhou’s benevolence and righteousness.”

“Yeah. Tanhua Sect must’ve wanted to pull Sword God Zhou into deep water. This scheme will force Sword God Zhou to join Tanhua Sect, which empowers it.”

“Neither Xinhao Sect nor Tanhua Sect are good!”

“This is true. I feel that we, Great Chen, should come out to vindicate Sword God Zhou. By doing so, we might earn some fame. What do you think?”

“Good idea! Let us write a declaration for Sword God Zhou and inform the world!”

The Emperor heard and felt that this suggestion was reasonable.

Although Sword God Zhou killed his eldest son, he did not take it to heart.

After all, Sword God Zhou gave him a son with the Yellow Dragon royal bloodline. His favor was more significant than the grudge.

Now that the demon race was casting a greedy eye on Great Chen, he dared not be reckless.

He had to suppress his personal feelings!

“This is eccentric, indeed. But don’t be hurried to do so. Let’s not be the first to stand out. ”

The Emperor said in a deep voice. Being careful was both his strong and weak point.

Great Shang.

Yang Xindi rubbed his chin and was in deep thought.

The State Teacher, Yang Zhongtian, came up to him and said, “Your Highness, this is apparently Xian Xianghua’s scheme. Back then, she wanted to bring Sword God Zhou away, but Sword God Zhou ran away without anyone noticing. By this, we already know Sword God Zhou’s heart.”

The other officers and generals nodded their heads as well. Back then, when Zhou Xuanji drank with them, he was so forthright, and he even dared to reject Yang Xindi’s recruitment. He couldn’t be Tanhua Sect’s dog.

“I believe in Sword God Zhou!” The grandson of the Fury Buddha, Di Yu, stepped out and cried out in a deep voice. “Back then, during the World Hero Conference, we were all witnesses to his character.”

“How would such a heroic person join Tanhua Sect?”

Yang Xindi nodded and said, “I don’t doubt him either. But why is it such a coincidence that Xian Xianghua arrived in such a timely manner? Unless there was a collision with Xinhao Sect?”

He admired Zhou Xuanji and could see the pride in him. He would never join Tanhua Sect. Neither would he be forced to join. This had to be a slander.

“Your Highness, Haoqi Alliance is also pursuing Sword God Zhou. Could the three forces be working together?”

“Back then, Lin Guanyu forced himself into our territory and ignored Great Shang’s power. He could be involved.”

A general stood out with a cupped fist and said in a deep voice. His words caused the whole palace to be in commotion.

Most people were suspicious, but there were a few of them who believed that Sword God Zhou was a devil.

Their suspicion was not their exact sentiment, but it was because most of them knew that Yang Xindi favored Sword God Zhou.

“Great Shang and Haoqi Alliance’s partnership should come to an end. In 1,000 years, how many times have we wiped their ass?”

Yang Xindi snorted coldly. His words brought silence to the entire place.

Breaking their relationship with Haoqi Alliance?

Within a mere 10 days, the news of Sword God Zhou becoming Tanhua Sect’s Vice-Suzerain spread all over the world.

In the beginning, countless people denounced Sword God Zhou as someone shameless.

But those whom Sword God Zhou saved or who had personally seen him were not willing to believe it.

It was only when Great Shang’s Emperor proclaimed that Sword God Zhou couldn’t have joined Tanhua Sect, the sentiment of the world turned the other way.

Great Chen echoed Great Shang that it was not possible.

Hanyin Divine Sect also made their statement that such news was merely a groundless rumor.

Chief Monk Xuanhe from the Sanctum, Dongyuan Monastery, also addressed publicly that he had personally seen Sword God Zhou. The chief monk vouched for him that he was someone with an upright character and favored by Heaven and that he would not join Tanhua Sect.

Instantly, the world no longer berated Sword God Zhou.

They turned their castigation toward Tanhua Sect and Xinhao Sect instead, saying that they were shameless to use such a despicable scheme against such a heroic person.

Ever since Sword God Zhou made himself known, the only things that he did were saving people and exterminating the evil. No one heard about Sword God Zhou oppressing anyone.

Soon, Haoqi Alliance became a target of the world’s vilification too.

Haoqi Alliance’s action of putting Sword God Zhou on the wanted list was also exposed. Sword God Zhou offended Haoqi Alliance because he saved the prince of Great Chen, who was being pursued by the Haoqi Alliance.

Haoqi Alliance did not dare to rebut, lest they expose the whole matter surrounding the Tianxia Map. So, they could only endure the blame.

Even Great Zhou was criticized.

As sentiment shifted, Tanhua Sect, Xinhao Sect, Haoqi Alliance, and Great Zhou were all stunned.

What was this?

Within Great Zhou, countless civilians were praying for the Emperor to forgive Sword God Zhou, or at least to not kill such a heroic person.

Emperor Yan of Zhou immediately retracted his order for arrest without hesitation, claiming that it was for the benefit of the world.

Because of this, Sword God Zhou became a heroic character in the entire Northern Wilderness Region.

In an inn located in a desert.

“Sword God Zhou is definitely a heroic person! Tanhua Sect is too despicable.”

“Yeah! If the hero of our generation is wronged like this, there would be no justice in the world anymore!”

“Tanhua Sect is already on the verge of dying, and now they also want to pull Sword God Zhou down?”

“I must say that Great Shang and Great Chen are really courageous. They risked themselves to vindicate Sword God Zhou. Among all the empires, I only admire them.”

“Hold it. Do you think the two empires alone are enough? It was definitely because of how extraordinary Sword God Zhou is. Even Chief Monk Xuanhe said that he was the one favored by Heaven.”

The cultivators discussed excitedly. Discussions about Sword God Zhou could be heard at every table.

Zhou Xuanji’s expression was peculiar when he heard them.

The others’ were similar as well.

What was happening?

Had they misheard it?

“The way the script is progressing is a little weird?”

Zhou Xuanji rubbed his chin as he mumbled to himself. Was it because he was too handsome?

The world began to defend him even before he could do it himself?

Chongming Demon Monarch gulped down a bowl of wine and sighed. “The world is unfair.”

He followed Zhou Xuanji all this time. And now they were declared guiltless without doing anything?

What the sh*t…

It was like story-telling…

“My Revered Teacher has extraordinary character and charisma. I admire him.”

Xiao Jinghong sighed in amazement. After that, he raised a toast to Zhou Xuanji.

Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, and Huang Lianxin did so too and raised a toast to each other. Every one of them drank in excitement.

Daoya Old Man and Han Shenbo were downcast like the bull demon, toasting to themselves.

It was something to be happy about, but why did they feel somewhat sad?

Even the wine tasted a little bitter.

“It seems like we don’t have to be too careful.”

Zhou Xuanji grinned with a boastful expression, which annoyed Daoya Old Man.

At this moment, a swordsman in black clothing walked into the inn. He wore a silver mask that only revealed his eyes and mouth. He brought with him a cold aura that made the inn silent.