I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 168 - Top Hundred of Northern Wilderness.

Chapter 168 - Top Hundred of Northern Wilderness.


Xian Xianghua?

Huang Hantian was in shock. He threw Qin Gang aside and jumped away immediately. He could not even care about Zhou Xuanji.

He flew back to the army of evil cultivators and anxiously inspected his surroundings.

“Xian Xianghua! Why are you here?”

He bit his teeth and cried out. Facing Xian Xianghua, he didn’t even dare to take Qin Gang as a hostage.

Back then, when he just started as a cultivator, Xian Xianghua had already won her first World Millennium Duel and had become the most powerful cultivator in the world.

During that time, Xian Xianghua could do whatever she wanted. She could kill any human or demon she met. She was a nightmare for people of that generation.

Even when Huang Hantian had already become an extremely powerful cultivator, he was still fearful when facing Xian Xianghua.


* Thump*. Qin Gang knelt down on the ruins. He could barely hold back his excitement.

“Tanhua in the human world, Asura in Hades!”

He aggressively cried out like he was on steroids.

Zhou Xuanji got up and cleared the stones and dust from his body. He looked very displeased.

This time, he was too pathetic.

Xian Xianghua’s arrival made him feel conflicted.

I’m really drowning in Tanhua Sect’s deep sh*t this time.

“You dared to call out my full name. Kid, have you forgotten how lowly you were back then when you knelt before me begging for mercy?”

Xian Xianghua’s voice came again, and everyone turned around.

They saw her walking over from the North. The billowing sandstorm could not veil her demonic aura.

A horrifying murderous aura swept across the border custom unstoppably.

Huang Hantian’s face was as grim and black as the rain clouds. He was not embarrassed, but nervous.

“I can let Qin Gang go, but please leave Sword God Zhou to me!”

He cried out as he gnashed his teeth. His tone changed.

“Sword God Zhou is the Vice-Suzerain of Tanhua Sect. You are really bold. If you don’t leave within three breaths’ time, then prepare to die.”


Xian Xianghua’s voice was full of murderous intent and so frightening that Huang Hantian turned around to flee immediately.

He did not even care about those under his command.

The evil cultivators of Xinhao Sect were not dumb either. They fled quickly.

Soon, the massive army disappeared into the horizon.

Zhou Xuanji covered his forehead and looked into the sky helplessly.

It’s the end for me!

I knew this old demonic woman was going to say “I’m here, Vice-Suzerain!”

He fell into despair.

Qin Gang, who was by his side, was kowtowing to Xian Xianghua non-stop. He was apparently a fanatic believer.

Zhou Xuanji was so furious that he kicked his ass. Even so, Qin Gang did not stop.

Zhao Congjian flew over and asked about Zou Xuanji’s injuries.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said that he was fine.

Xian Xianghua came up to them.

The old demonic woman wore a black robe with purple embroidery. A veil was still over her face, which made her look mysteriously charming.

She ignored Qin Gang but looked at Zhou Xuanji. “My little phoenix, were you moved just now?” She said with a smile,

“If I’m in fatal danger, I would surely hope that my beloved would come and save me in time. I felt so pleased just thinking about it.”

When she said this, she still pretended to be shilly-shallying like a shy, little girl.

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes. Even if he wanted to thank her, he couldn’t say it.

Qin Gang looked up and said thrillingly, “Suzerain, how did you escape?”

Xian Xianghua walked up to Zhou Xuanji and put her hands on his shoulder. He wanted to dodge, but she pressed down so hard that he could not move.

“Those useless people want to kill me? I left a puppet there at Duantian Cliff, and they are still their keeping watch over the puppet. So dumb.”

She laughed disdainfully and immediately resumed her arrogant and conceited attitude.

“Okay, let’s leave this place first!”

She let go of Zhou Xuanji’s shoulders and flew toward the horizon immediately. The rest followed closely behind her.

At the same time, Great Chen’s border custom exploded into a huge commotion.

“Sword God Zhou is Tanhua Sect’s Vice-Suzerain?”

“Yeah! Didn’t that devil go to Great Shang to find Sword God Zhou in before? And she even injured the Emperor of Great Shang and the Fury Buddha!”

“This is a huge secret!”

“How can it be? How can Sword God Zhou belong to the evil sects?”

“Oh, no… My faith has totally crumbled!”

Tanhua Sect is the enemy of the entire Northern Wilderness Region. For Sword God Zhou to join Tanhua Sect would mean that he would instantly turn from a hero into a devil.

If this news were to spread, Zhou Xuanji would become the world’s enemy.

At the same time, Huang Hantian and his evil cultivators were still on the run.


Huang Hantian suddenly stopped and mumbled to himself, frowning, “Based on her character, she will not let me go for sure… Could it be that she’s injured?”

His face turned hideous immediately.

She dared to fool me!

The evil cultivator beside him was furious as well. “Vice-Suzerain, shall we go back for them?”

“For what! Return to our sect!”

Huang Hantian snorted coldly and continued to flee.

He was really not confident in facing Xian Xianghua.

What if Xian Xianghua really had the power to kill him?

The person he feared the most in his life was Xian Xianghua.

Two hours later.

Xian Xianghua suddenly swooped down into the forest. Zhou Xuanji followed behind her.

She pushed aside the branches, and her right hand was covering her chest. She was continuously coughing up blood.

Qin Gang walked behind her and asked anxiously, “Suzerain, are you okay?”

Xian Xianghua wiped the bloodstain off her mouth and walked aside. She sat down and began healing herself.

Zhou Xuanji frowned. He could not hold it and asked, “You came despite such serious injuries? Aren’t you afraid Huang Hantian will kill you?”

This old demonic woman…

“You think that useless man dares to kill me? Even if he guessed that I was injured, he would not dare.”

Xian Xianghua said with disdain. She looked extremely fatigued.

Zhou Xuanji sighed and spoke no more.

He was still too weak.

“You don’t have to feel discouraged. You are already very powerful. If you can even defeat Huang Hantian, you can already be ranked in the Top Hundred of Northern Wilderness.”

Although Xian Xianghua did not open her eyes, she sensed how Zhou Xuanji was feeling.

Hearing her consolation, Zhou Xuanji did not feel better but smiled as he shook his head.

“Top Hundred of the Northern Wilderness?”

Zhao Congjian asked curiously. The meaning of it was evident in itself, but he was curious about who determined the Top Hundred.

Qin Gang explained, “The Top Hundred of the Northern Wilderness Region is decided by one of the Sanctums, the Canghai Ziggurat. Canghai Ziggurat has the best intelligence collecting ability in the Northern Wilderness Region. The Top Hundred of the Northern Wilderness has been there for 10,000 years. At first, the ranking was not that accurate, but now it’s really accurate.”

“Everyone in the Top Hundred of the Northern Wilderness is someone well-known in the world. Like Emperor Yan of Zhou, Lin Guanyu, Han Huangtian, Great Shang’s Fury Buddha, Ta Tianchen, and so on.”

“Whenever someone enters the Top Hundred, Canghai Ziggurat will do their best to make the world know about it.”

After hearing this, Zhao Congjian’s eyes brightened, and his nerves were tingling with excitement.

“Is the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou among the Top Hundred?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

Qin Gang shook his head and said, “He’s among the group of people who are closest to the Top Hundred.”

So, that’s why.

Zhou Xuanji was calm. It seemed that his defeat was not regrettable.

“I believe in you. You can surely enter the Top Hundred during the next World Millennium Duel. When that time comes, you can witness me becoming the champion again.”

Xian Xianghua said with a smile again. Her voice was still as conceited.

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes at her and said unpleasantly, “I’m going to become the world’s enemy. I’m not even sure if I can live until that day.”

Soon, the world would know that he was Tanhua Sect’s Vice-Suzerain.


I have a headache just thinking about it!

He already had to hide from Xinhao Sect and Haoqi Alliance, and now that he became the world’s enemy…

Do I really need to hide and cultivate for 500 years, and then become the most powerful sword cultivator?