I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 167 - The Battle Between Three Powerful Cultivators

Chapter 167 - The Battle Between Three Powerful Cultivators


“Huang Ming has a father?”

Zhou Xuanji mumbled. From Huang Ming’s words back then, he thought that the Ghost Emperor Clan was only left with Huang Ming and Huang Lianxin. He did not expect there to be another Huang Hantian in the clan.

Qin Gang sighed. “Huang Hantian is really powerful. I can’t beat him.”

The dust storm came toward them unstoppably, which seemed to overturn Great Chen’s border custom.

Zhou Xuanji walked forward and slashed forcefully ahead.

His sword Qi formed into the heavenly lights, blasting forward.

The view was awe-inspiring, which awed countless people.

The Heavenly Lights were blasted out with massive impetus and extreme speed. It broke through the massive dust storm with a dominating force.

“Such an ingenious sword technique. Although it looked like only one slash, the sword moves are everchanging.”

Qin Gang was shocked in his heart. It seemed that the rumors were true.

The Great Chen soldiers and the cultivators who were passing by were in awe at the Heavenly Lights.

The Heavenly Lights bombarded the billowing dust storm into half. The sword Qi dispersed quickly and entirely.

A person who wore a golden armor flew out from the dust storm. He opened his hands, and streams of strong gust circled around his body like a tornado.

His hair was entirely white and danced wildly in the wind. He stared at Zhou Xuanji with his cold, serpent-like eyes. His face was hideous; it looked as though it had been burned by fire.

Huang Hantian!

The second most powerful cultivator of Xinhao Sect!

He was a powerful cultivator of the evil sect, whose name struck fear in everyone.

Countless Xinhao Sect’s evil cultivators flew out from the dust storm. They moved in a massive swarm, as though a wicked devil was about to descend into the world.

At one glance, there were at least 200,000 of them. The people near Great Chen’s border custom shuddered in fear.

“Quick, notify the royal capital and other nearby cities to send reinforcements! Xinhao Sect is attacking us!”

A defending general at the custom cried out as loud as he could. He also took out his enchanted artifact and got ready for battle.

Huang Hantian flew up to Zhou Xuanji and the other two.

“Sword God Zhou, if I siphon your spirit energy, I might break through to Great Realization.”

His voice was icy, sending shivers down the spines of those who heard him.

Zhou Xuanji raised his left hand, and the God-Emperor Sword appeared.

Next, the other legendary swords appeared behind him. Each generated waves of strong wind.

“You want to kill me? You are just a nobody!”

Zhou Xuanji smiled and mocked.

Huang Hantian was extremely powerful indeed. He was not confident in fighting him.

But he would not just sit and wait to die!

Qin Gang took in a deep breath. He raised both hands and demonic Qi welled up from his body, condensing into a giant shadow, hundreds of meters tall. The shadow had 1,000 arms that dazzled the onlookers.

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him and was shocked in his heart.

I didn’t expect his Qi-signature to be this strong!

*  I underestimated him!*

“Thousand-hands Devil. Tsk tsk. I didn’t expect the famous Sword God Zhou to mix with the evil remnants of Tanhua Sect!”

Huang Hantian laughed coldly. He intentionally increased the volume of his voice, which resounded across the sky and made countless people aghast.

In the entire Northern Wilderness Region, Tanhua Sect was the most despicable evil sect. Everyone wanted to get rid of it, including the other evil sects—no one expected Sword God Zhou to be together with Tanhua Sect’s cultivator.

Could it be that Sword God Zhou actually came from Tanhua Sect?

It’s worth mentioning that although Sword God Zhou had already been famous for quite a while, no one knew where he came from.

Zhou Xuanji sighed in his heart.

He was really in deep sh*t now.


Qin Gang snorted coldly and charged out first.

He kicked into the ground and leaped up, leaving the ground beneath him crumbled. The Thousand-hands Shadow charged through the sky along with him and flew swiftly up to Huang Hantian’s head.

He struck toward Huang Hantian with both of his palms, and Thousand-hands Shadow behind him did so too.

A thousand palms struck simultaneously. How terrifying!

Boom! Boom! Boom…

The palm strikes landed on Huang Hantian’s body one after another but were all blocked by his demonic Qi. Even so, the surrounding dust storm dispersed straight away.

The ground beneath them crumbled as cracks sprawled. The land for miles around them shook violently.

A powerful gust blasted in all directions.

Zhao Congjian was pushed backward.

Zhou Xuanji charged forward with all his legendary swords.

The Ghost-Emperor appeared on his body with two swords in hand as well. The other legendary swords propelled forward swiftly like sharp arrows.

Zhou Xuanji stepped onto the Windcutter Sword and leaped over the Thousand-hands Shadow with the Eight-step Sword Lunge, and slashed at Huang Hantian consecutively.

Sky Dominating Divine Sword!

The sword moves were dominating. The impetus was dominating. The sword Qi was even more dominating!

The sword Qi descended on Huang Hantian, followed by the sound of an explosion. Huang Hantian was pushed downward.

Huang Hantian’s white hair danced wildly. The sinister visage on his face resembled a matchless wicked diablo.

“Thousand-hands Devil! Sword God Zhou! Good! I will show you why Xinhao Sect can become the pillar of the evil sects today!”

He burst out into wild, arrogant laughter. With both his palms, he forcefully pushed upwards.

A horrifying demonic aura swept Zhou Xuanji away immediately, which also pushed Qin Gang sliding backward.

“This guy… Feels much more powerful than the Sword Monarch…”

Zhou Xuanji looked solemn. He did not know when he began to measure the prowess of his enemy with the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou as the standard.

At this moment!

All of a sudden, Huang Hantian disappeared and transformed into numerous residual images as he charged toward Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji immediately activated the Six-path Sword Shadow.

And cast the Soul-eater Slash!

18 streaks of black sword Qi swept across, shredding Huang Hantian’s residual images into pieces.

Huang Hantian was even faster. He appeared behind Zhou Xuanji out of nowhere and landed a sweeping kick on Zhou Xuanji like a whip. The force of the kick sent Zhou Xuanji flying away and vomiting blood.

Qin Gang charged over with a furious roar. The Thousand-hands Shadow came with a powerful impetus that shook the sky.

Zhou Xuanji steadied his body and charged over again.

The two persons fought Huang Hantian together!

The three of them fought intensely, sending explosions all over the plain and covering the sky in the dust.

The jaws of all the Great Chen’s soldiers, who were at the custom, dropped. It was as impressive as watching immortals fight.

“Xinhao Sect Huang Hantian… So powerful…”

“The three of them are all well-known. Now that they are fighting right outside Great Chen, will they bring harm to Great Chen?”

“It’s possible. See, those evil cultivators have yet to make a move!”

“I feel like Sword God Zhou can’t win him!”

“Of course, Huang Hantian is some old devil who has lived for thousands of years. Regardless of how powerful Zhou Xuanji is, he cannot just defeat him so quickly. Just a few years ago, Sword God Zhou even injured himself when fighting someone Inner Pellet.”

The soldiers cried out in amazement and discussed among themselves.

Even when Zhou Xuanji used the dual sword wills, he still could not gain an advantage over Huang Hantian.

The difference between their cultivation was just too vast. Even with two Glorious Gold legendary swords in hand, he could merely stay not defeated.

Qin Gang fought with everything he had. All sorts of spells were cast consecutively but were all easily deflected by Huang Hantian.


Huang Hantian stomped on the ground as he descended from the sky. The shockwave hit Zhou Xuanji and Qin Gang with such a great impact that they were sent flying away and coughed up blood. The wilderness that was already in ruins crumbed again. The shockwave swept thousands of meters and even caused the high wall of the border custom to crack.

Zhao Congjian had to get away from the ground by flying on his sword.

Even before Qin Gang could steady his body, Huang Hantian seized him by his neck and raised him up in the air.

Zhou Xuanji waved his right hand, and all the legendary swords above Silver Grade were shot at his formidable opponent.

Huang Hantian did not even look at the swords. He waved his left hand and a snake-shaped demonic Qi flew out from his sleeves and swallowed all the swords.

Zhou Xuanji was too close to dodge in time. He got swept away in an instant. His White Dragon Golden Robe was cut and blood spilled from his wound.


Before he even landed, Huang Hantian already came up to him with Qin Gang in his hand. He stomped on Zhou Xuanji’s chest and pressed him straight down. Dust billowed underneath him.


Qin Gang bit his teeth. He felt really terrible.

Zhou Xuanji could sense that all his bones had been fractured. With Huang Hantian pressing down on him, he could not move.

“Sword God Zhou, your sword techniques and swords are compelling. It is a pity that your cultivation is still too weak. Your body cannot take my attacks.”

Huang Hantian looked down at him and mocked.

He defeated both of them alone!

He was indeed the second most powerful cultivator in Xinhao Sect!

Zhou Xuanji stared at him fixedly and struggled to break free. His body turned golden, but he could not stand up with the Golden Invincibility, either.

“Let me suck your spirit energy dry!”

Huang Hantian laughed wildly. If he absorbed Zhou Xuanji and Qin Gang’s spirit energy, he would have hope to surpass Ta Tianchen and become the most powerful one in Xinhao Sect!

“Huang Hantian, why is a kid like you seeking death?”

At this moment, a cold, female voice resounded across the sky.

Huang Hantian’s expression changed drastically, while Qin Gang was exhilarated.