I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 166 - World Millennium Duel

Chapter 166 - World Millennium Duel


“Sword God Zhou? He’s Sword God Zhou?”

“How can it be! Why would Sword God Zhou come to Great Chen?”

“It’s right. Look at those swords. Only Sword God Zhou can control so many swords…”

“You haven’t heard of him? The Crown Prince killed his sword slave’s entire family…..”

“Based on Sword God Zhou’s character, he could actually do such a thing. He even dared to kill the Empress of Great Zhou, what more our Crown Prince?”

The powerful cultivators discussed. They were all a little afraid.

A person’s reputation was crucial.

In the world, Sword God Zhou was extremely famous.

Great Zhou, Haoqi Alliance, Xinhao Sect, and Beiba Blademaster. All of them wanted Sword God Zhou dead, but who succeeded?

Great Chen was nothing compared to the four giants in terms of power.

The Emperor’s face became bitter. It became a dilemma for him.

If he were to let Zhou Xuanji and his companions go, he could not justify himself before the people.

If he didn’t let them go, could he win the fight?

At that moment, the atmosphere became rather intense.

Zhou Xuanji was looking at him with the 33 swords pointed at him. Cold sweat covered his face.

He might not have even been able to deal with Qin Gang, much less Sword God Zhou.

“You really want to fight to the death?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with squinted eyes. He raised his left hand and grasped the God-Emperor Sword.

Then, strands of God-emperor Qi coiled around his body. His aura intensified immensely, which shocked everyone.


At this moment, Chen Bantian suddenly flew over.

He stopped between Zhou Xuanji and the Emperor. He showed his formalities to Zhou Xuanji first, before speaking to the Emperor, “Father, Sword God Zhou is my savior. He offended Haoqi Alliance because he saved me. They sent me to Great Chen’s border and overcame so many difficulties along the way. We cannot be ungrateful toward them!”

The Emperor heard him and frowned.

But in his heart, he felt as though a heavy stone had been lifted.

The more he looked at Chen Bantian, the more he favored him.

Such a timely appearance to give him a way out!

He took in a deep breath and said, “I see. Brother Zhou, you are a righteous man. I did not teach my son well, and he ended up becoming a useless man. It’s really a shame. Since I owe you one favor, the two matters cancel each other out. I shall not take this to heart, neither should you.”

“Why don’t you let me set up a feast for you?”

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “No need for that. Let’s go!”

After that, he left with Qin Gang and Zhao Congjian.

Nobody stopped them. Everyone watched as they left.

In the royal capital, countless people saw Zhou Xuanji fly away with dozens of legendary swords, and they cried out in surprise.

“He’s really Sword God Zhou!”

“Oh my… I didn’t expect Sword God Zhou to come to Great Chen. Such elegance… He’s the model for our generation!”

“I heard that Exquisite Sword Mind Lin Changge from Hegemon Sword Sect promised a duel with Sword God Zhou. I’m not sure if it’s for real?”

In the Northern Wilderness Region, Sword God Zhou’s sword technique can be ranked in the top three. Only his cultivation is not tip-top.”

“I have a feeling that Sword God Zhou can become as powerful as ancient sword emperors.”

In Great Chen’s Royal Capital, many admired Zhou Xuanji.

Even Zhou Xuanji, himself, underestimated his own reputation.

“Vice-Suzerain is well-known across the world indeed.”

Qin Gang sighed in amazement, and his eyes burned with passion. Whatever he was thinking in his mind, Zhou Xuanji could even guess it with his feet.

“Wait till the World Millennium Duel. You might be powerful enough to fight for it.”

Zhou Xuanji and Zhou Xuanji were curious. What is the World Millennium Duel?

Qin Gang knew what they were curious about and explained, “The World Millennium Duel decides who is the most powerful person in the Northern Wilderness Region. It happens once every 1,000 years. Our Suzerain won it twice and became the Top Evil Cultivator.”

“The next one will come in a few hundred years. You still have time.”

“The winner of the World Millennium Duel will become the most powerful cultivator for 1,000 years. There is no second place. There’s only the most powerful one.”

Zhou Xuanji and Zhao Congjian heard him, and their nerves began to tingle in excitement.

Who among the cultivators did not want to be the most powerful?

Billions of people would fight to the death just to be known as the most powerful cultivator.

“The World Millennium Duel? That will be the moment when I become the most powerful cultivator!”

Zhou Xuanji smiled confidently. Qin Gang heard him and chuckled.

Although Sword God Zhou had a reputation, in the eyes of the supremely powerful cultivators, he was a nobody.

Even Xian Xianghua might not have won the duel, much less Zhou Xuanji.

Of course, he dampened Zhou Xuanji’s enthusiasm.

After all, Zhou Xuanji was his Vice-Suzerain.

The three left quickly.

At the same time, the Emperor of Great Chen gathered everyone into the main hall of the royal palace.

Chen Bantian stood at the center of the palace and recounted his encounter.

He did not mention Tianxia Map but only said that Haoqi Alliance wanted to hill him for no reason.

He was not partial to anyone.

But Tianxia Map was so crucial that once revealed, it could bring disasters to Great Chen.

He was going to be the future emperor, so he had to think far ahead.

After he finished, the officials and generals in the palace were all praising in amazement.

“Sword God Zhou began his fame as someone benevolent and righteous.”

“Haoqi Alliance is too much!”

“I think it’s just Great Shang’s schemes!”

“Yeah. The other six empires are all on the move quietly to begin a war within the human race. Great Shang must be wanting to snatch the Yellow Dragon royal bloodline.”

“A pity. This is an opportunity to loop Sword God Zhou in.”

Looking at the people on both sides discussing, Chen Bantian smiled.

If he were to reveal that Zhou Xuanji was a prince of Great Zhou, these people would most likely not dare to recruit him.

The Emperor of Great Chen looked up at Chen Bantian and said, “From today onwards, you are the Crown Prince. Cultivate well. War is coming, so you have to lead the army.”

The son before him had already awakened the royal bloodline of the Yellow Dragon. He was in full anticipation of his son.

He believed that, in time, the Yellow Dragon would look down upon the Northern Wilderness!

“I will not disappoint you, my father!”

Chen Bantian said excitedly as he cupped his fists.

He could not wait to become the Crown Prince.

Four days later.

Zhou Xuanji and the other two came to the border of Great Chen. Just when they were out, Qin Gang blocked their way.


Zhao Congjian asked, frowning. He looked ahead and saw an endless stretch of plains. A dust storm veiled the horizon far away and there were no signs of anyone.

Qin Gang said deeply, “A powerful enemy is coming at us. We are in big trouble.”

If he considered an opponent to be powerful, then that person had to be really powerful.

Zhou Xuanji raised his right hand, and the Glorious Gold legendary sword, Hegemon Jiu, appeared in his hand.

“Sword God Zhou! You killed our Suzerain’s grandson. I will make you pay with your life today!”

A voice that was filled with a murderous aura said. Then, a dust storm swept toward them from the horizon.

Everyone outside the border was stunned. The soldiers on the high walls were all prepared for battle.

At the same time, they looked around curiously.

Sword God Zhou is here?

Soon, some locked their eyes on Zhou Xuanji.

The Hegemon Jiu looked really beautiful. It was difficult not to notice it.

“Xinhao Sect, Huang Hantian!”

Qin Gang said with a tinge of fear visible in his eyes.

“Who is Huang Hantian?” Zhou Xuanji asked with knitted brows.

Was he related to Huang Ming?

“Huang Hantian, the second most powerful cultivator in Xinhao Sect. His son, Huang Ming, is Xinhao Sect’s top prodigy, who has the potential to become their next Suzerain.”

Qin Gang said as he gritted his teeth. His words made Zhou Xuanji squint his eyes.

Xinhao Sect’s second most powerful cultivator?