I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 165 - You Are Sword God Zhou!

Chapter 165 - You Are Sword God Zhou!


Qin Gang struck down the black-robed old man with just one move, shaking the nearby streets.

The Crown Prince was so afraid that he began stepping backward as he wanted to escape into his residence.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji came up to the Crown Prince with his Eight-step Sword Lunge.

With the Chicken Slaying Sword in one hand, he thrust at him with the Tri-source Vein Severing Sword in the other!

The Crown Prince was also at Astral Infant, but it was a pity that his opponent was Zhou Xuanji.


All vital channels in the Crown Prince’s body were severed. Blood spilled from wounds all across his body.


He knelt before Zhou Xuanji with his arms dangling strengthless.

His face was filled with horror, while his eyes were filled with fear and despair.

Zhou Xuanji walked up and looked down at him. “You are arrogant. You fancied Congjian’s woman and killed his entire family. And now, you even want to kill us. Have you heard of such a thing as karma?” He said.

The Crown Prince was panic-stricken and cried out, “I’m the Crown Prince. You will not leave here alive if you kill me… Leave me alive… and I will pretend that nothing happened… I will never find trouble with Zhao Congjian ever again!”

“I can even return Ming-er to him!”

At this moment, he was no longer worried about saving face; he only wanted to survive.

With all his vital channels severed, he could not muster any strength, much less spirit energy.

Zhou Xuanji waved his Chicken Slaying Sword, and the sword flashed. The Crown Prince closed his eyes instinctively and felt a heart-piercing pain coming from below.


He raised his head and shrieked with everything he had left.

Zhao Congjian, who just walked into the gate, saw what happened and smiled.

He knew the prowess of the Chicken Slaying Sword.

It feels good!

*  It feels so darn good!*

He could feel the hatred and grudge in his heart finally disappearing.

“You make the kill. Be quick.” Zhou Xuanji looked at him and said.

He nodded and walked to the Crown Prince with his sword.

Because of the excruciating pain, the Crown Prince laid on the floor. His forehead was touching the ground, his face was twisted, and his body spasmed.

“Even killing you 10,000 times would not be enough to satisfy my hatred.”

Zhao Congjian looked down at the Crown Prince and said coldly.

After this, he slashed. Then, a head rolled onto the floor.

The Crown Prince’s body jerked a bit before it laid motionless in a pool of blood.

“Just like that?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with a raised brow. If it were him, he still wouldn’t be satisfied even if he cut the Crown Prince into 1,000 pieces.

Zhao Congjian nodded and said, “Master, you always taught me that I should have the sword in my heart, and the sword will embrace the world. I have understood it.”


Zhou Xuanji was speechless. He did not know how to explain it.

At the same time, Qin Gang picked up the black-robed old man like a dead dog and walked over.

“Vice-Suzerain, shall we leave or continue?”

Qin Gang asked politely. He was very powerful, which was why Daoya Old Man was so frightened to see him back then.

If he and Zhou Xuanji worked together, he was confident that they could do whatever they pleased.

“I’ve told you, I’m not your Vice-Suzerain!”

Zhou Xuanji stared at him and reprimanded him.

At this moment, a group of ladies, who were walking out from the residence, screamed when they saw the Crown Prince’s dead body.

The quiet lady among them looked at Zhao Congjian blankly with disbelief.

Zhao Congjian noticed her too. He turned around, and their eyes met.

In an instant, it seemed as if there were only the two of them in the whole world.

“It’s been a long time. I’m here for revenge.”

Zhao Congjian said calmly. His tone was neither excited nor filled with hatred.

Back then, both of them were ignorant and innocent. But now, the girl he liked became his enemy’s wife. It was such a tragedy.

“Why are you so ruthless? Will you be able to escape after you killed him?”

The quiet lady gritted her teeth as she asked.

Zhou Xuanji looked at them like he was watching a drama.


A horrifying pressure materialized. Qin Gang broke the black-robed old man’s neck with his hand and threw him to the ground. A ball of blue flame blasted from his hand at the old man and burned him into ashes.

“You dared to mess around in Great Chen. All of you, don’t even dream of leaving!”

An intimidating and mighty voice came and shook the entire royal capital of Great Chen.

“The Emperor is here!” The quiet lady’s expression changed drastically and she cried out immediately.

The Emperor of Great Chen!

The most powerful in Great Chen!

Zhou Xuanji and Qin Gang stood expressionless.

Zhao Congjian took in a deep breath and said to the quiet lady, “Take care.”

An intimidating person descended from the sky and smashed into the high walls of the Crown Prince’s Residence. The impact crumbled the main gate and swept up a storm of dust with rock fragments flying in all directions.

Qin Gang immediately charged into the storm of dust.


Qin Gang was pushed back out, while the Emperor flew backward from the impact.

The Emperor wore a royal robe embroidered with a five-clawed golden dragon. From the look of his majestic face, he was about 40 years old.

“Who are you?!”

The Emperor stared at Qin Gang and asked with a deep voice.

Qin Gang slowly straightened his body and said, “There’s no debt without a creditor; there’s no grudge without a cause. Your son slaughtered an entire family without reason. Today, it’s time for revenge. As the Emperor of Great Chen, you can’t distinguish right from wrong?”

Since he changed his face, as long as he did not use his unique abilities, no one would be able to identify him.

“Shall we go?” Zhou Xuanji said to Zhao Congjian.

The latter nodded, and both turned to leave.

“Hold on.”

The quiet lady suddenly called out to Zhao Congjian. She bit her teeth and said, “Can you bring me along?”

Zhao Congjian glanced back at her and said, “Take care of yourself.”

After that, he leaped up and followed behind Zhou Xuanji.

Both of them headed straight to leave the royal capital.

Qin Gang followed closely behind them.

But how could the Emperor allow them to escape just like that? Many silhouettes leaped into the air from different corners of the royal capital. They were like countless arrows shooting into the air, looking extremely impressive.

“You killed my Crown Prince, and now you still want to leave?”

“Stop him!”

“I must cut them down today. Or else, Great Chen will be in great shame!”

“Such arrogance! Let’s kill him!”

“Spirit Refinement? No wonder he’s so bold!”

These people were highly cultivated. As their Qi-signatures concentrated, the entire Royal Capital of Great Chen fell silent.

Zhou Xuanji scanned his surroundings and found out that there were up to 1,000 cultivators, and the weakest of them was at Astral Infant. It was apparent that Great Chen’s power reserve was still rather formidable.

The Emperor flew up into the sky and stared at Qin Gang. “With such high cultivation, you must be someone well-known. Tell me who you are now!”

The Northern Wilderness Region was vast. In contrast, Great Chen was considered small.

He also feared to offend people that were more influential than Great Chen.

Just when Qin Gang was about to speak, Zhou Xuanji spoke first.

“Your son killed my sword slave’s entire family. It’s fortunate enough to kill him alone.”

Zhou Xuanji said as he stared at the Emperor. His voice was cold with underlying murderous intent.

The Emperor frowned. Just when he was about to berate the nobody, in an instant, his expression changed drastically.

He saw numerous legendary swords appear behind Zhou Xuanji.

The Crimson Dragon Sword, Frost Wave Sword, Bloodbath Sword, Tiger Roar Sword, Windcutter Sword, Swineculling Sword, Golden Rock Sword, Heaven Sound Sword, Hell King Sword, Residual Image Sword, Thunderclap Sword, Formless Sword, Furious Ape Sword, Water Driving Sword, Falcon Sword, Magnetic Sword, Ghost Curse Sword, Bookcutter Sword, Sky-sundering Emperor Sword, Storm Calmer, Living Snake Sword, God-Emperor Sword…

Other than the Chicken Slaying Sword in his hand, there were 33 legendary swords, and each showed their own prowess.

“Sword God Zhou! You are Sword God Zhou!”

The Emperor cried out in shock. With this, all the powerful cultivators in the air above the royal capital were aghast.