I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 164 - You’ve Kicked Into A Metal Board

Chapter 164 - You’ve Kicked Into A Metal Board


“I’m not sure… Eunuch Zhang from the royal palace is already here. He’s waiting for you in the main hall.

The old servant knelt on the ground and said trembling.

A person’s welfare was tied to those who were under him. If the Crown Prince’s status were to drop, it would impact everyone in the Crown Prince’s Residence.

The Crown Prince tried to calm himself down and walked out of the annex hall.

An impending storm would be sweeping through Great Chen soon.

Outside of Great Chen’s royal city, the sky was totally clear.

Zhou Xuanji and Zhao Congjian walked slowly. A person followed behind them.

It was Tanhua Sect’s Thousand-hands Devil Qin Gang!

“Vice-Suzerain, what are you going to Great Chen for?”

Qin Gang asked with formality. His injuries were very much healed. Even after he changed into white clothing, he could not cover his demonic aura that sent shivers down people’s spines.

“None of your business. You better stay away from me. I’m not your Vice-Suzerain!”

Zhou Xuanji said impatiently. Why is this guy like sticky plaster? Can’t even get rid of him.

“The Suzerain ordered me to follow and protect you always, and to rebuild Tanhua Sect together!”

Qin Gang said. A fanatical passion could be seen on his face.

He suddenly cried out loud, “Tanhua in the human world, Asura in Hades!”

Zhou Xuaji slapped him straightaway, but this guy managed to dodge it with agility.

“Is something wrong with your brain?”

Zhou Xuanji cursed at him. Everyone thinks your Tanhua Sect is detestable and you find it okay to shout like that?

You don’t want to live anymore?

Qin Gang said clear-mindedly, “Although Tanhua Sect fell, we must not lose our pride. Vice-Suzerain, you have to do so as well. We must maintain our pride, never to be destroyed!”


Zhou Xuaji rolled his eyes. Is everyone in Tanhua Sect a lunatic?

Zhao Congjian was speechless as well. Too bad, he could not defeat Qin Gang, so he could only remain silent.

“I’m going to assassinate the Crown Prince of Great Chen next. If you follow and expose your identity, you will die in the royal capital.”

Zhou Xuanji tried to remain calm and said.

After hearing this, Qin Gang showed no fear. “I must protect the safety of Vice-Suzerain. Or else, if Suzerain dies in Duantian Cliff, I will be too ashamed to face her in hell.”

Zhou Xuanji’s head was throbbing just by listening to him. This guy looked severe, but why was he like a naggy monk? He was nagging non-stop, almost as if he was chanting.

And so, the three entered the royal capital together.

After gathering some information, they walked toward the Crown Prince’s Residence.

Along the way, they heard a lot of news about the new heir to the throne, Chen Bantian.

The royal bloodline of the Yellow Dragon!

He returned suddenly!

He became the heir to the throne!

Chen Bantian had become a famous person in Great Chen, just like Zhou Xuanji when he was in Great Zhou.

“Not bad. He might really become the Emperor of Great Chen in the future.”

Zhao Congjian sighed in amazement. He remembered the slumbering young man who always followed behind them and felt somewhat relieved and proud.

Qin Gang asked curiously, “You know this heir to the throne?”

Zhou Xuanji and Zhao Congjian did not reply.

They had yet to acknowledge Qin Gang, so they would not tell him much.

Two hours later.

They found the Crown Prince’s Residence.

Soldiers circled around the residence. Each of them looked intimidating.

The three stood behind a corner on the street and observed silently.

“Let’s go and get your justice!”

Zhou Xuanji walked out first, followed by Zhou Xuanji.

Qin Gang wiped his face and then he looked extremely ordinary. He was hardly identifiable in the sea of people.

They came to the main gate and were stopped by two guards.

“This is the Crown Prince’s Residence. No trespassers!”

A tall soldier said with a deep voice. Impatience was written all over his face.

Recently, the Crown Prince’s Residence became a joke in Great Chen, which brought great shame to the guards.

“Tell your Crown Prince, Zhao Congjian wants to find him. You just have to tell him the name, he will come out for sure.”

Zhou Xuanji said calmly. He did not draw his legendary swords, lest he blew up the issue.

According to his understanding, Great Chen did not have any significantly powerful cultivators.

The most powerful person would be Great Chen’s Emperor. But with Chen Bantian around, it would not be a problem.

Honestly and impolitely speaking, he really did not take Great Chen seriously.

Great Chen bowed to Great Zhou during so many wars.

“Who do you think you are. You think you can see the Crown Prince whenever you want?”

The tall soldier said impatiently. As he spoke, he was about to push Zhou Xuanji back.

“I’m here!”

At this moment, the Crown Prince’s voice came from inside the residence.

He walked briskly out with a group of soldiers. He was still wearing his luxurious gold clothing and a conceited smile on his face.

He walked to the main gate and looked down on the three of them from above the stairs.

“You are Zhao Conjian? I didn’t expect you to dare to come here. You want to accompany your dead family?”

The Crown Prince laughed wildly and said sarcastically.

Zhao Congjian’s face turned ice-cold when he heard him.

His enemy admitted before he could even ask. How could he not be filled with rage?

“Or, you wanted to see Ming-er?”

“Ming-er gave birth to two children for me. You jealous?”

The Crown Prince of Great Chen said provokingly. The soldiers circled around them.

“Do the two children look like Congjian?”

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow and asked. The Crown Prince’s smile froze the moment he heard him.

Qin Gang could not hold it and burst out laughing.

“If you want to die, I will kill you first, and then torture him slowly.”

“Soldiers! Get him!”

The Crown Prince shouted furiously. The nearby soldiers drew their swords and charged at Zhou Xuanji immediately.

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

Zhou Xuanji took a step forward. Numerous legendary swords appeared around him and shot toward the surrounding soldiers.

The soldiers didn’t have high cultivations and could not handle his legendary swords at all.

Blood splattered!

The legendary swords either decapitated the soldiers or cut their throats. One after another, the soldiers fell to the ground.

“Be careful! Your Highness!”

A black-robed old man behind the Crown Prince pulled him back quickly.

At this moment, 100 soldiers laid on the ground in a pool of blood. All the legendary swords turned and pointed at the Crown Prince of Great Chen.

“You dare to attack near the Emperor. Such arrogance!”

The Crown Prince was scared. He roared in shame and anger.

Zhou Xuanji raised his right hand, and the Chicken Slaying Sword appeared. He snorted coldly, “Brat, you’ve kicked into a metal board! I will let you experience the fear of death today!”

He walked toward the Crown Prince with his sword in hand.

The black-robed old man dashed toward him with a palm strike.

Zhou Xuanji raised his left palm to strike back.

As the two palms met, it became a wrestle between their spirit energy. The ground beneath them crumbled in an instant!


Zhou Xuanji backed up four steps, while the black-robed old man backed up only one step.

“Humph! You are merely at Astral Infant, and you want to harm the Crown Prince?”

The old man said with disdain. He was already at Astral Projection and had watched the Crown Prince grow up, so he had to protect him.

But he was aghast at Zhou Xuanji’s swords.

So many swords…

*  Could he be…*

*  Impossible!*

How could Sword God Zhou only be at Astral Infant?

Zhou Xuanji smiled as all the legendary swords gathered above his head.

A huge pressurizing aura exploded from him, violenting shaking the Crown Prince’s Residence and the nearby streets.

“Hold him back for me.”

Zhou Xuanji said before he walked forward.

The black-robed old man struck at Zhou Xuanji with his palm again.

At this moment, Qin Gang moved into action.

He came to the old man’s side as though he teleported. He swung his right arm, which slammed into the old man’s throat.


A horrifying force flipped the old man to the ground straight away. With his feet in the air, the old man’s body smashed into the cracked floor.