I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 163 - The Fear of Great Chen’s Prince

Chapter 163 - The Fear of Great Chen’s Prince


Zhou Xuanji and Zhao Congjian entered Great Chen with their real names. The entry fee was a little cheaper than Great Zhou’s border, and they encountered no trouble at all along the way as they flew into the Great Chen territory.

They were going to River Willow City, which was close to the royal capital.

River Willow City had a population of few million. It occupied a vast area and was surrounded by mountains. A river flowed through the center of the city with countless streams and tributaries spread across the entire city like tree branches.

The climate here was like spring all year round. This city was a rather reputable one in Great Chen, and it was also a center of commerce.

Zhou Xuanji and Zhao Congjian traveled for four days before arriving at Jiiiangliu City.

Standing on a hill and looking at the majestic city in front, Zhao Congjian was a little dazzled.

After all, he had grown up here.

“No matter the truth or whatever you want to do, do as you please. I will back you up.”

Zhou Xuanji said. He was looking at River Willow City as well.

Zhao Congjian nodded. He took a deep breath and said, “Thank you, master. Let’s enter the city!”

As an avenger of blood, he had to conduct clear investigations, or else he couldn’t proceed wholeheartedly.

The two quickly entered the city.

After they entered, Zhao Congjian went to investigate on his own while Zhou Xuanji toured around to buy some presents for Jiang Xue along the way, including some food, wine, and textiles.

He and his companions spent most of their time in the wilderness and rarely had the opportunity to stay in a city. As such, they would buy as they pleased whenever they were in a city.

At this point in time, he was wealthy. His wealth was equivalent to the annual earnings of half an empire.

That previous wave to Haoqi Alliance’s army multiplied his wealth.

River Willow City was prosperous. Willows could be seen all across its crisscrossed streets, along the river, at the corners of walls. At one glance, Zhou Xuanji immediately thought about a famous Chinese drawing, Along the River During the Qingming Festival.

He felt pleasant and began touring around the city.

“Young Master, come in and have fun!”

“Yeah, Young Master, the ladies in our place are very adorable.”

“Come on.”

“Handsome young brother, have you tried women before?”

When he walked past a brothel, the ladies with thick makeup began to call for Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji was a little moved but decided to leave.

He had to maintain his integrity!

At the same time, Zhao Congjian came to a residence that was in ruins. Looking at the slanted plaque, he frowned slightly.

Just when he was about to step in, an old man in tattered clothing walked out.

The hunched-back, old man’s hair was all white, and his face looked like he had been through the vicissitudes.

“Uncle Li.”

Zhao Congjian spoke. After hearing him, the old man stopped and looked up instinctively. When he saw Zhao Congjian, his expression changed drastically.

He quickly walked up to Zhao Congjian and grasped his arms. “Young Master!” He asked anxiously, “Why are you back? Didn’t I asked someone to warn you to never come back! ”

Zhao Congjian was expressionless. “I’m back to investigate what happened that year as well as for revenge.” He said.

Uncle Li immediately pulled Zhao Congjian into the residence and closed the door behind him.

After they entered the residence, the two quickly walked into the courtyard. Uncle Li sighed. “No more revenge. You can’t do it. It was the Crown Prince of Great Chen who did it.”

Zhao Congjian was not surprised. After all, his mother’s family was not of ordinary status. The culprit could slaughter his family without creating a commotion. He must have been someone who was privileged and had high authority.

“Why is he against me? Is it because of Ming-er?”

Zhao Congjian asked. His eyes were terrifyingly calm.

After following Zhou Xuanji, he was even involved in killing the Empress of Great Zhou. Naturally, he was not afraid of Great Chen’s Crown Prince.

Uncle Li sighed. “It is because of Ms. Ming-er. She became the Crown Prince’s wife. If not for her determination to protect me and this residence, you would not have been able to see me either.”

Zhao Congjian frowned. His heart was twitching and aching.

“It was not that Ms. Ming-er wanted to marry him. It was merely because he’s the Crown Prince. If he says he wants to marry someone, who can resist?”

Uncle Li explained. He felt pity for the relationship between the two young people who loved each other.

Nothing remained constant in the world. Many things were outside of their control.

“I understand. I don’t blame her. But, I will take revenge for sure.”

Zhao Congjian nodded calmly before turning around to leave.

“Young Master, you…”

Before Uncle Li could begin to persuade him, Zhao Congjian disappeared with the Eight-step Sword Lunge.

Next, Zhao Congjian did not go straight to the Crown Prince’s Residence. He went to search for Zhou Xuanji instead.

He was not dumb. It was not enough to assassinate the Crown Prince just by himself.

He had to get Zhou Xuanji to help.

However, since the River Willow City was massive, it would take some time to locate Zhou Xuanji.

In a courtyard.

A gold-robed young man was practicing his sword technique. In a pavilion beside him, six ladies sat there and talked about life.

Three of them were maidservants who fanned for their own masters respectively.

At this moment, a soldier appeared out of nowhere.

“Crown Prince, I have an important matter to inform you of!”

The soldier cupped his fist and said. He took a glance at the stone pavilion instinctively, but quickly turned back.

“What matter?” The gold-robed young man sheathed his sword and asked.

The soldier remained silent and did not answer.

“Follow me.” The gold-shirt young man said.

After that, he left the place with the soldier.

“His Highness just left like that?”

In the stone pavilion, a beautiful lady with an egg-shaped face said with a curled lip.

The quiet lady, who sat at the center, frowned slightly. “It could be regarding the army. Recently, the demons have been harassing Great Chen. As the Crown Prince, it has to be on his mind at all times.”

On the other side, the Crown Prince brought his soldiers to the annex hall.

He sat in the head chair and asked, “What is it?”

“Someone went near to Zhao Clan’s residence. He is the Young Master of Zhao Clan.”

The soldier replied formally, “We captured that old man for interrogation and found out that Zhao Clan’s Young Master is here to take revenge.”

Zhao Clan’s Young Master!

The Crown Prince laughed coldly and said, “He wants to find me for revenge? Interesting. How convenient since I want him dead too. Let him come. If you find him in the city, don’t stop him. I want him to see his beloved lady in my arms, and then watch him die with hatred and regret!”

As the Crown Prince, he would not tolerate his woman loving another man.

“Yes, Your Highness!” The soldier responded.

“What about that old man?” The Crown Prince seemed to remember something and asked.

“He’s dead.” The soldier replied truthfully. The Crown Prince nodded in satisfaction before the soldier continued his departure.

After the soldier left, the Crown Prince slammed the table forcefully beside him, smashing it into pieces.

“That guy again! This time I will make Ming-er give up on him totally!”

The Crown Prince said with gnashed teeth. A sinister smile could be seen on his face.

“Your Highness, big trouble!”

At this moment, an old servant ran in in horror.

The Crown Prince asked impatiently, “What is it? Where are your formalities?”

The old servant knelt before him and cried out, “Prince Bantian is back. He even awakened his Yellow Dragon royal bloodline. The Emperor was extremely pleased and made him the heir to the throne. He asked the State Teacher and the State General to teach him!”

After hearing this, the Crown Prince jumped up.

“How can it be?” He roared in rage, “Why did he inform me? What does my father mean? He’s going to skip me, the Crown Prince?”

“Also, wasn’t that guy captured by Haoqi Alliance? Why is he back?”

He really awakened the royal bloodline of the Yellow Dragon?”