I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 162 - Tanhua Sect’s Vice-Suzerain

Chapter 162 - Tanhua Sect’s Vice-Suzerain


With everyone on the alert, a purple-robed, heavily injured man walked in.

When he saw Zhou Xuanji and the rest, he immediately stopped.

Although his hair was messy, he didn’t show signs of fear. A murderous aura emanated from his eyes.

“Tanhua Sect’s Thousand-hands Devil, Qin Gang!”

Daoya Old Man said with a deep voice. Vigilance could be seen on his face.

When the others heard that the opponent was from Tanhua Sect, they became even more anxious.

Chongming Demon Monarch mumbled, “Tanhua Thousand-hands Devil, slaughterer of the Northern Wilderness people…”

Han Shenbo, Xiao Jinghong, and the little black snake’s expressions changed.

The others had not heard of Qin Gang, but since he was from Tanhua Sect, he was undoubtedly not someone ordinary.

“Daoya Old Man!”

Qin Gang looked at Daoya Old Man fiercely when he saw the old man.

He suddenly thought of something and glanced at the others.

“Who is Sword God Zhou?” He gritted his teeth and asked.

Looking for Sword God Zhou?

Xiao Jinghong and Zhao Congjian squinted their eyes and took a step forward.

“I am!”

Zhou Xuanji spoke. The opponent was already severely injured, so he wasn’t fearful.

Having heard this, Qin Gang knelt on the ground and suddenly said with a deep voice, “Vice-Suzerain!

TL: From this point onwards, “Sect Lord” will be translated as “Suzerain.”

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically. All of them were stunned.


Zhou Xuanji frowned. “What do you mean?” He asked.

He thought of something suddenly, and his face turned extremely black.

“Our Suzerain gave the order. Our sect is facing a fatal crisis. She asked me to search for Vice-Suzerain, Sword God Zhou!”

Qin Gang replied politely in a formal tone.

“Such a vicious scheme! She wants to pull my grand-disciple into deep waters!”

Daoya Old Man berated. He was extremely shrewd, so he immediately understood Xian Xianghua’s intentions.

In recent years, Sword God Zhou’s reputation flourished. Once news spread of him becoming the Vice-Suzerain of Tanhua Sect, all arrows would be aimed toward him.

At that time, Zhou Xuanji would become the common enemy of the world!

“Humph, our Xuanji will never go become your Vice-Suzerain!”

Jiang Xue snorted. Somehow, she sensed an impending crisis.

Qin Gang raised his head and said, “My Suzerain had no such intention. This was what she privately instructed me. She asked me to bring you to the old location of Tanhua Sect to obtain the legendary energy technique to prosper Tanhua Sect.”

“And she… was trapped in Duantian Cliff. She will most likely die.”

He said as he gnashed his teeth. Vengeance burned in his eyes.

The group as stunned.

Chongming Demon Monarch opened his eyes wide and chided, “There must be some sly scheme!”

The others were all on the alert.

“Legendary energy technique? Could it be the Great Diabolic Revival?”

Daoya Old Man asked curiously. He sounded full of excitement.

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes at him and said to Qin Gang, “Leave. My heart is solely for the sword. I have no interest in the legendary energy technique of your evil sect. Neither do I have good feelings toward Tanhua Sect.”

He always felt that Xian Xianghua would not do things like this.

So, he did not want to go to Tanhua Sect’s old location.

Moreover, he was about to search for Tianxia Map.

Would Tanhua Sect be more powerful than Tianxia Map?

Qin Gang was anguished and immediately cried out, “Our Suzerain’s life or death all depends on you!”

“Then, the whole lot of you can go and die.”

Zhou Xuanji said without any reservation. He flipped his right hand and took out the God-Emperor Sword Sword straightaway.

Tanhua Sect’s ruthless deeds could only surpass Xinhao Sect. He personally saw how Xian Xianghua arbitrarily killed people based on her mood. She had the heart of a beast.

It would not be a pity for such a sect to be exterminated.

Qin Gang wanted to continue speaking, but Zhou Xuanji approached him with his sword, which made him run away out of fear.

If not for his injuries, he wouldn’t have been fearful.

But he could not fight Zhou Xuanji now.

After Qin Gang left, the group heaved sighs of relief.

“What does Xian Xianghua?”

“Could she really want to hand Tanhua Sect to our master?”

“Even if so, we cannot accept. Tanhua Sect is an intolerable existence. Once we accept it, no one can protect him.”

“Say, could Xian Xianghua fall just like this?”

“It’s difficult to say. There is a saying that disasters last 1,000 years.”

The group began talking to one another. Zhou Xuanji, on the other hand, stored his God-Emperor Sword and started thinking to himself.

He was worried that Xian Xianghua would tell the world that he was the Vice-Suzerain. Even if she had no proof, it was easy to make people suspect him.

Moreover, Great Zhou, Xinhao Sect, and Haoqi Alliance were also on his back.

Jiang Xue sat beside him and held his hand. She accompanied him quietly, without saying a word.

“It seems like we need to leave as soon as possible. It’s best to hide somewhere and cultivate. This is only the beginning.”

Daoya Old Man walked up to Zhou Xuanji and sighed.

He sighed in amazement. The world always said that the beauties brought trouble. Sometimes, heroes would bring trouble as well.

Xian Xianghua had surely encountered many that were more powerful than Zhou Xuanji, so why did she have to target him?

Moreover, she gave instructions privately. This was undoubtedly a complicated issue.

“Let’s head over to Great Chen first. Tomorrow, we will find a place to hide, then I will bring Congjian into Great Chen.”

Zhou Xuanji said, and Daoya Old Man nodded. He was confident in dealing with Qin Gang.

Three days later, Zhou Xuanji and the group hid within a valley.

Daoya Old Man stood on the mountain wall and set up some flags to hide the valley with a spell array.

“You must come back as soon as you can. Do you understand?”

Jiang Xue adjusted Zhou Xuanji’s clothing and urged.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I’m not on Great Chen’s wanted list.”

Jiang Xue nodded. Looking at Zhou Xuanji, who was now half a head taller than her, one could see the emotion in her eyes.

A short while later.

Zhou Xuanji left with Zhao Congjian.

The two traveled quickly until they left the forested area. After that, they began flying toward Great Chen on their swords.

“Do you still love her?”

Zhou Xuanji said with an expression of ridicule.

Zhao Congjian lived in Great Chen with her mother when he was young. Back then, he had a playmate who grew up with him. They accompanied each other for eight years.

At that time, he was quite a famous prodigy in Great Chen, but because of some matters in his clan, he had to return to Great Zhou.

From then on, he turned out to be extraordinarily talented and reached Inner Pellet as young as 18 years old!

He communicated with the girl he grew up with using letters. But later, somehow, it stopped.

After that, when his parents returned to Great Chen to visit their relatives, he asked his mother to inquire about the girl. In the end, his entire family died in Great Chen. Since then, his character changed drastically.

A cultivator from his clan escaped and found him. The cultivator said that although he didn’t know who the enemy was, the enemy claimed to hate Zhao Congjian and wanted him dead. The enemy warned him to never step into Great Chen again, or else he would die a horrible death.

No matter how much Zhao Congjian thought about it, he felt that this has had to do with the girl who was on his mind.

He had neither friends nor enemies in Great Chen after all.

“I got over this already. Now, I just want to know who the culprit is.”

Zhao Congjian shook his head and said calmly.

The two flew over numerous mountains and disappeared into the horizon.

At this moment, a man in black appeared at a mountain top. He took out a scroll and opened it up. The scroll levitated in mid-air as he drew on it.

Red font appeared on the scroll:

Sword God Zhou entered Great Chen without Daoya Old Man!

After that, he kept the scroll and channeled spirit energy into it. The scroll turned into sparkles of light as it drifted into the air.

He turned to look in Zhou Xuanji and his companion’s direction. “Sword God Zhou, you will fall in Great Chen!” He said.