I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 161 - The Eight Sanctums, Whereabouts of the Tianxia Map

Chapter 161 - The Eight Sanctums, Whereabouts of the Tianxia Map


There were eight Sanctums in the Northern Wilderness Region, which were independent of the evil and upright sects. Dongyuan Monastery and Merciful Melody Cliff were among the eight.

Han Shenbo was also a disciple of a Sanctum named Hong’an Valley.

If a new empire was to be born, it had to be acknowledged by the Eight Sanctums.

“Your little brother is the Top Monk in the Northern Wilderness Region. What happened to you? Why are you so weak?

“He could fight Xian Xianghua head-on, but how come you can’t even defeat Lin Guanyu?

Zhou Xuanji said with despise, which pulled Daoya Old Man’s thoughts back to reality.

He stared at his grand-disciple and rebuked. “I’m weak? If I’m weak, how would you still be alive? Where is your conscience? You are just like your mother, ungrateful…”

He chided ceaselessly with such intensity that his saliva flew straight to Zhou Xuanji’s face.

Jiang Xue saw this and quickly pulled Xuanji back.

The others burst out into laughter.

Among them, only Daoya Old Man dared to talk to Zhou Xuanji like that. They did not know whether to cry or laugh.

The group continued ahead.

“Tanhua Sect is really that powerful? Even the Top Monk in the Northern Wilderness Region has to go personally?

Zhao Congjian asked curiously. He felt like he encountered a whole new world.

Daoya Old Man walked to the front. He shook his head and smiled, “Back then, Tanhua Sect was unstoppable in Northern Wilderness Region. The Ancient Diablo was invincible. All the empires had to take him seriously.”

So powerful?

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow, but he had no sympathy for Xian Xianghua.

It was better for the old demonic woman to die at Duantian Cliff.

Xian Xianghua’s existence was a blot of shame in his life.

He had never acted with such cowardice before.

“Now, Tanhua Sect is far from what it used to be. Other than the prowess of Xian Xianghua, the others are mere vermin that everyone wants to beat up.”

Daoya Old Man said with a giggle, but his voice was filled with emotions.

The world was like this.

The pendulum of fate turned from one side to another. Success and failure always followed each other.

“Stop sighing in amazement. Could it be that you want to save that old demonic woman?”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes and said unpleasantly.

Although Xian Xianghua was charmingly beautiful and extremely powerful, damn, she sure had some mental issues.

Even if this woman didn’t die, she would live alone all her life.

Who would dare to marry her?

Who could marry her?

Random thoughts came into his mind as he began walking ahead.

Next, they continued their journey.

They encountered numerous cultivators and demons. All who knew their identity either escaped or died a horrible death.

If they dared to attack, Zhou Xuanji and the others would not let them go alive.

Other than that, they heard many cultivators making their way to Duantian Cliff.

In the blink of an eye, three months passed.

Zhou Xuanji cultivated along the way and reached Astral Infant Level Two.

Ever since he broke through Astral Infant, the progress of his cultivation slowed down significantly.

Actually, his spirit energy was far quicker, but because of his high cultivation stage, the required spiritual Qi was just too much.

This day.

They came to Great Chen’s border. Looking at the city wall from afar, they stopped their footsteps.

“Where is the Tianxia Map?”

Beixiao Wangjian asked fiercely and stared fixedly at Chen Bantian.

“Don’t worry. Wait for me to retrieve it!” Chen Bantian cried out.

After this, he pulled open his clothing, took out a dagger, and made a cut on his body. Blood flowed out.

The young man didn’t frown. Ever since his awakening, his cowardice character had changed, and he had great potential.

With everyone watching, he took out a scroll of parchment from inside his chest.

Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin had disgusted looks on their faces.

The others showed signs of interest.

This young man is fascinating. He hid the Tianxia Map under his skin.

“This map records the location of the Tianxia Map, which is the portion that Haoqi Alliance is looking for.”

Chen Bantian’s face twitched. He passed the blood-stained map to Beixiao Wangjian.

Beixiao Wangjian’s face turned green immediately.

Chen Bantian quickly healed his wound as he said, “Everyone, do you all want to follow me back to Great Chen? Although you guys always bullied me, I felt very real and interesting being among you. In the future, when I take over the throne, I will surely make you officials and lords. I will give you everything you want.”

His words sounded was genuine.

Since he was young, he lived in the royal palace. While this was a frightening journey for him, he was happy too.

Zhou Xuanji’s stories, the little black snake’s annoyance, Daoya Old Man’s lack of seriousness, and so on.

Each person had their unique character, which was very interesting.

“What a bluff. Look at you, you really think you can become the Emperor without us? You will be killed by your generals and officials for sure.”

Chongming Demon Monarch spoke with disdain. These words did not infuriate Chen Bantian but instead made his heart warm.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Chen Bantian and said, “Let’s make a bet. How about that?”

“What bet?”

Chen Bantian asked curiously. He always had a reverence toward Zhou Xuanji.

“To see whether I will become the most powerful person in the world first, or whether you will become the Emperor of Great Chen first. If you win, I will give you a big gift. If you lose, you will give me one? How about that?”

Zhou Xuanji asked while he squinted. Within half a year, this guy always served them and did errands for them. Looking at him being bullied, the group was very much entertained.

If he were to leave, it would be really worrying for them.

The young man was weak in character. It was not enough for him to merely rely on his bloodline talent if he wanted to become the Emperor.

“Okay! If I become the Emperor, I will confer you the title of Sword Emperor, so that my commoners will look up to you!”

Chen Bantian said excitedly with a wide grin.

Is this an acknowledgment from Zhou Xuanji?

After this, he bid his farewell with the others and ran toward the border of Great Chen.

“Let’s find a place to rest and study the map before planning further.”

Zhou Xuanji said, looking left and right.

The group had no objections and left.

An hour later, they found a cave to rest inside.

The sky turned dark.

Zhou Xuanji sat on a rock with the map in his hand. Jiang Xue sat beside him and looked at it with tilted head curiously.

“I didn’t expect the Tianxia Map to be hidden in Juedi Cliff. That’s not a good place.”

Daoya Old Man frowned and said to himself.


The marked spot on the map was apparently Juedi Cliff!

Zhou Xuanji had been there before. It was unexpected that he had to make another trip there.

Chongming Demon Monarch said anxiously, “Let’s not go there. The other time we had Xian Xianghua’s protection, but this time there’s no protection.”

Juedi Cliff was so terrifying that only top sects in Northern Wilderness Region like the Hegemon Sword Sect dared to explore.

And based on his understanding, the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s inheritance was not the deepest region of Juedi Cliff.

“I’m no one? I can’t protect you?”

Daoya Old Man, in a fit of rage, kicked the bull demon to the wall. The entire mountain shook and dust fell.

Zhou Xuanji cursed at him, “You want to kick down the entire mountain and bury us under it?”

“Why? I like it!”

Daoya Old Man folded his arms and snorted mockingly.

The old man was getting more arrogant and became even more annoying than the little black snake.

The group really wanted to beat him up.

At that moment, they could hear footsteps from the entrance of the cave.

Xiao Jinghong and Zhao Congjian immediately took hold of their swords and readied themselves for battle as they walked ahead.

Daoya Old Man frowned slightly and probed ahead with his mind.

In that instant, he was so frightened that he jumped up on the spot.

“Oh no!”

He cried out softly, giving the others anxiety.