I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 159 - Levitating Sword in the Vast Sky, The Invincible Glorious Gold

Chapter 159 - Levitating Sword in the Vast Sky, The Invincible Glorious Gold


With the God-Emperor Sword, Zhou Xuanji’s momentum was unstoppable. Before he reached Astral Infant, he could fight the Sword Monarch head-on with the God-Emperor Sword. And now, he only became more powerful.

He tossed out the Phoenix Emperor Sword, before quickly grasping Hegemon Jiu with his left hand.

Hegemon Jiu was a Glorious Gold legendary sword, which came from Hegemon Sword Emperor, who was one of the Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way. It was recorded as a divine weapon in historical manuscripts.

A layer of white radiance shined brightly from Zhou Xuanji’s skin on top of the God-Emperor Qi that enveloped him. This made him all the more imposing.

With two Glorious Gold legendary swords in hand, Zhou Xuanji felt that everything in the world was so small.

“Such a massive power…”

Zhou Xuanji thought with fascination. He smiled as he looked at the God-Emperor Sword and Hegemon Jiu.

Evil cultivators from Haoqi Alliance charged toward him from all directions like carp moving down the stream. All kinds of spells were cast toward Zhou Xuanji like a tidal wave.

He raised Hegemon Jiu and swept a full circle with it. All spells exploded and dispersed immediately, followed by a mighty gale that blasted outward.

Magnificient and imposing!

Hundreds of evil cultivators were literally blown away!

He raised his left hand and used the Sky Dominating Divine Sword!

He slashed forward!

A giant wave of sword Qi of hundreds of meters long swept toward his front unstoppably. It was supremely swift.

Thousands of evil cultivators could not dodge it in time. The moment the sword Qi crashed into them, they were blown into ashes and left nothing behind.

The sword Qi continued ahead and finally disappeared into the horizon!

All the evil cultivators were frightened and began backing off.

Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, and the rest were also able to take a break from the fight.

Numerous legendary swords levitated behind Zhou Xuanji’s back. Together with the God-Emperor enveloping him, the picture was incredibly majestic and impressive to the eyes.

The evil cultivators dared not to get close to him out of fear.

“He is Sword God Zhou… The Sword God Zhou who injured the Sword Monarch!”

“It’s really him… No wonder he dared to offend the Haoqi Alliance.”

“So powerful. He’s almost undefeatable!”

“I feel like even the Right Aspotle cannot defeat him!”

“What should we do now?”

The evil cultivators grasped their enchanted artifacts tightly. They were backing off from Zhou Xuanji as they spoke.

Fang Yuan, who was engaged in combat with Daoya Old Man, noticed what was happening.

The Sky Dominating Divine Sword previously had given shivers down his spine.

“I didn’t expect Sword God Zhou to be with you! No wonder you had no fear!”

Fang Yuan said coldly, but there was no fear in his voice.

“Why? Daoya Old Man, whose palms were radiating with silver light, laughed, “Are you afraid?”

He was shocked in his heart too.

With all the legendary swords out at the same time, it was just horrifyingly powerful!

This guy had most likely possessed the power to fight the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou. He might even have surpassed the Sword Monarch!

Fang Yuan did not reply but continued to fight with Daoya Old Man.

Zhou Xuanji did not stop.

He sharpened his focus, and all the swords behind him were shot out like a meteor storm, fierce and powerful.

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

Endless air-piercing sounds could be heard.

The evil cultivators were all greatly frightened and began dodging desperately. It was a pity that the legendary swords were quicker.

The evil cultivators shrieked as they were pierced by the legendary swords, while some were shot in the head. Blood splattered into the air and rained down like.

“Such domination…”

Chongming Demon Monarch opened his eyes wide and swallowed his saliva as he muttered softly to himself.

It was his first time seeing Zhou Xuanji controlling so many legendary swords.

It was just too dominating!

If he had used his full power during the World Hero Conference, the duration for the entire conference might have been halved.

No wonder he could pass the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s inheritance trial.

The others were extremely excited.

They were the ones who witnessed Zhou Xuanji grew more powerful by the day until now.

“Awesome. My master indeed!”

The little black snake said thrillingly. Han Shenbo wanted to pull him off but to no avail. His arm was aching from the tightening constriction.

After Zhou Xuanji killed thousands of evil cultivators, he turned to look at Fang Yuan, who was high up in the air.

Sensing his gaze, Fang Yuan was shocked.

Such a murderous aura…

Without a word, Fang Yuan turned into a ball of black Qi and flew toward the horizon.

Zhou Xuanji tossed out his God-Emperor Sword, which was shot out like a stream of black light flashing across the plain.

Ranged Sword Propelling!

A pity; his Ranged Sword Propelling only brushed past Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan’s reacted much faster than Wang Qixiao.

He quickly disappeared into the horizon.

As their leader vanished, the underlings from Haoqi Alliance escaped with everything they could, even to the point of hoping their parents had given them an extra Dantian.

Zhou Xuanji stored his sword and the God-Emperor dispersed as well.

“Not bad. Awesome work. Soon, you will catch up to Emperor Yan of Zhou.”

Daoya Old Man flew to his side and smiled satisfactorily as he patted Zhou Xuanji’s shoulder.

Zhou Xuanji said calmly, “Quick, go and see what’s happening to that guy.”

Chen Bantian’s spasm was only getting more intense. He was roaring like a beast and was obviously experiencing great pain.

The two landed swiftly.

Xiao Jinghong, Beixiao Wangjian, Han Shenbo, and Han Shenbo began looting the battlefield.

Daoya Old Man squatted beside Chen Bantian and said with a frown, “He had entered the most crucial stage of the awakening. If he could make it, he would be able to soar into the sky from then on!”

The little black snake spat his forked-tongue and said, “Like how I felt when I turned into a dragon!”

“You are a dragon? Why do you look like an earthworm?”

Chongming Demon Monarch asked curiously. His words pierced through the little black snake’s heart like a sharp sword.

The bull demon knew his identity and intentionally pierced his heart with this insult.

“He has the royal bloodline of Great Chen. I have the royal bloodline of Great Zhou, so do you think I have an awakening?”

Zhou Xuanji asked expectantly. Isn’t Great Zhou very powerful and high in prestige?

Daoya Old Man rolled his eyes at him and said, “You don’t have that hope. Your bloodline leans toward your mother. But Zhou Yalong could awaken the bloodline talent of his Great Zhou ancestor.”

Zhou Yalong!

Zhou Xuanji’s expression turned coldly instantly.

A tinge of vengeance also flashed in Huang Lianxin’s eyes.

After half an hour, Xiao Jinghong and the others came back. The gathered more than 10,000 storage rings and bags. Along with the wealth and treasures in them, they exploded in wealth.

“Sis, please account these with Lianxin.”

Zhou Xuanji instructed. Women loved to do such things the most.

The ladies had no objections but nodded, smiling.

He walked up to Chongming Demon Monarch and took out some spiritual medicine. “Recover well. How useless… Why would you take it like that? In the future, you will spar with me. I will heap to strength your physique!”

The bull demon felt a little sad; it was not that he was not powerful enough, but he didn’t know that his opponent was Fang Yuan.

After that, the bull demon carried Chen Bantian, and the group continued their journey ahead.

Three days later.

The shocking news spread all across Great Shang and the bordering kingdoms.

Sword God Zhou was on Haoqi Alliance’s wanted list. They claimed Sword God Zhou was the Phoenix Sword Emperor.

This news shook the whole region.

The Phoenix Sword Emperor was a powerful sword cultivator who appeared in Great Shang. He was even acknowledged to be comparable with the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou and was someone who the top evil cultivator sought. His reputation had surpassed even Sword God Zhou.

No one expected Sword God Zhou to be the Phoenix Sword Emperor!

The news spread quickly to Xinhao Sect and Great Zhou, which caused a significant ripple as well.

Countless people cried out in amazement. How powerful was Sword God Zhou now?

Even Haoqi Alliance’s Right Apostle could not defeat him!

The world was making guesses on how long Sword God Zhou could live after offending so many powerful parties.