I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 157 - Nineteen Years Old, Wicked Song Sword  

Chapter 157 - Nineteen Years Old, Wicked Song Sword  


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Two hours later, Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and the rest packed up everything.

They surrounded Chen Bantian with peculiar expressions.

Chen Bantian was still sleeping on the ground. He was even snoring loudly.

”What is happening? He doesn’t seem alright…”

Beixiao Wangjian asked with a frown. He shouldn’t have been sleeping like this no matter how much he loved sleeping.

Could it be that he ate some poisonous fruits?

The little black snake came up to him and slapped his face 10 times with his tail, but the young man did not wake up even while his face was already swollen like a pig’s head. The prince of Great Chen was still dreaming about becoming the ruler of the world.

Zhou Xuanji kicked the little black snake away and asked Daoya Old Man, “Tell me. What is wrong with him?”

The old man maintained a shrewd smile.

As though he was saying: Quick, ask me, I know.

Having heard this, the old man stroked his beard and shook his head. “This guy has the royal bloodline of Yellow Dragon, similar to your royal bloodline of Great Zhou.”

”Every empire has a royal bloodline. Only the direct descendants of the founding emperor can be born with such talent.”

”The Great Chen Empire has been there for a long time. Its ancestor was a reincarnation of the ancient Yellow Dragon, extremely powerful.”

”This guy is going through a transformation into the Yellow Dragon. Of course, the process is perilous. He had only a 10% chance of succeeding.”

”If he dies, our trouble will be even greater.”

If Chen Bantian died, they would become the next target of the Haoqi Alliance.

Tianxia Map was just too tempting.

Daoya Old Man lived for such a long time, he knew this deeply.

Zhou Xuanji said, “Chongming, carry him. We need to depart. If he died on the way, then we will not go the Great Chen, but find a place to continue cultivating.”

The group nodded and moved out.

Along the way, they did not neglect their cultivation, especially Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and Beixiao Wangjian.

Zhou Xuanji demanded that they train their sword techniques as they walked.

And so, while the group moved ahead, one person was dancing with their sword on the left, right, and at the back. It looked rather scenic.

Outside Great Shang’s border, the sky was clear and bright.

”Analyzed that the Sword Owner has turned Nineteen Years Old. Gacha begins!”

”Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Amethyst] Wicked Song Sword, [Silver] Dog Culling Sword, [Bronze] Ten-thousand Firewood Sword!”

Zhou Xuanji heard the Sword Spirit’s voice as he walked.

He smiled.

Another Amethyst legendary sword!

It seemed like as he continued to grow, he became luckier.

But it was a pity that Amethyst was no longer the grade that he desired.

He was hoping more for Heavenly Soul, Intimidating Spirit, or other legendary swords of higher grades!

Ordinary Ore, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Amethyst, Glorious Gold, Heavenly Soul, Intimidating Spirit, Celestial-shaking, God-slaying, Armageddon!

He was excited just by the thought of it.

At this moment, information about the three swords appeared before his eyes.

Sword Name: Wicked Song Sword

Grade: Amethyst

Description: Wicked Song Sword, contains within itself the Wicked Song Spell Array. Once activated, the wicked song can disrupt the enemy’s spirit energy and blood Qi during battle.

Sword Name: Dog Culling Sword

Grade: Silver

Description: Kills dogs easily, as easy as plucking hair.

Sword Name: Ten-thousand Firewood Sword

Grade: Bronze

Description: With this sword, splitting firewood is a piece of cake!

Zhou Xuanji blinked. The Wicked Song Sword was not bad; it was an Amethyst one after all.

But is the Dog Culling Sword and Ten-thousand Firewood Sword for real?

He was a little speechless and felt that the Supreme Legendary Sword System often gave him some rare and strange swords.

It was like an unknowable power controlling his fortune and he was not sure whether to laugh or cry.

He took out the three swords to inspect them.

At the same time, Daoya Old Man stood on Chongming Demon Monarch and was observing Chen Bantian.

Chen Bantian laid flat down and snored. Saliva was drooling from his mouth, and his face was sinister.

”I am the ruler of the world… You lowly peasants dare to interfere with politics… I, the Emperor, am invincible and undefeatable… You should all bow down to me…”

”Come… Get me my Tianxia Map…”

He was mumbling and was deep in his dream every day.

Daoya Old Man rubbed his chin and talked to himself, “Interesting, it seems that he could really awaken the royal bloodline of the Yellow Dragon. But I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not.”

He turned to look at Zhou Xuanji instinctively.

Zhou Xuanji was playing around with his swords and did not notice him.

”The royal bloodlines conflict with one another, but if one side submits to the other, it will help the other’s fortune.”

He whispered to himself before he began calculating with his fingers.

He wanted to calculate Zhou Xuanji’s fate in the future.


Suddenly, he vomited a stream of blood. Blood splattered on Chen Bantian’s face along with his saliva, which also rained on the bull demon’s head.

”Damn! What are you doing?”

The bull demon was angry. He stopped suddenly and threw both Daoya Old Man and Chen Bantian down.

He quickly transformed into his human form and took out a piece of cloth to clean his head. His face was full of anger and detest and felt extremely disgusted.

The others gathered around too.

Daoya Old Man had the highest cultivation of them all. Why had he vomited blood all of a sudden?

The old man got up from the ground and pointed at Zhou Xuanji with tottering hands. “You are in trouble! He cried out in fear, “Big trouble!”

With this, everyone was shocked and horrified.

It was their first time seeing the old man so horrified. Even facing Lin Guanyu, he appeared to be calm.

”What did I do again?” Zhou Xuanji felt gloomy and asked.

Who would be happy about someone telling them that he was in trouble all of a sudden?

Moreover, the one who told him was his grand-teacher.

”I calculated your fate just now. It was chaotic, which made me suffer terrible feedback.”

”I’ve only encountered such a situation twice.”

Daoya Old Man tried his best to calm himself down, but the expression of worry and horror in his eyes would not go away.

Xiao Jinghong frowned. “Who was it the last time?” He asked.

”Beiming Huangtao…”

Daoya Old Man replied. He was trembling when he spoke this name.

Beiming Huangtao?


The group was confused.

”Beiming Huangtao? You dared to underestimate him; you really like to court with disaster!”

Chongming Demon Monarch wiped his head and cried out in shock.

His words made everyone more curious about who Beiming Huangtao was.

Zhou Xuanji was also curious. He stored his swords and walked toward Daoya Old Man.


At this moment, the ground began shaking violently, as though there was an earthquake.

The group turned around and saw the horizon on the East was covered with billowing dust. The ground split open, as though some gigantic monster was coming at them from under the ground with massive impetus.


Zhou Xuanji shouted immediately.


Chongming Demon Monarch roared. His body grew in height to almost 300 meters. His horns pointed to the sky, and his fur was like it was on fire, which made him look like a devil that charged his way out of Hades. He was extremely intimidating.

He punched the ground.


The ground crumbled immediately. A terrifying force traveled ahead unstoppably and clashed with the incoming mysterious being.

Another earthshaking sound of an explosion came. A stream of black light beamed out from under the ground and instantly penetrated Chongming Demon Monarch’s chest like an arrow. Blood splattered across the sky.