I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 156 - It Is My Fortune To Have

Chapter 156 - It Is My Fortune To Have


The sun was shining fiercely in the air.

In the forest, Daoya Old Man sat on one of the buildings.

He opened his eyes suddenly, made some calculations on his finger, and his face changed slightly.

“Murderous aura in the air. Bale aura in the fate pattern. An inauspicious omen. Could it be an attack from the enemy?”

He mumbled to himself, and his expression turned grave.

After a short hesitation, he came up to Zhou Xuanji. “Danger is coming. Run or fight?” He said softly.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and asked, “How is the enemy compared to Lin Guanyu?”

Now that he was not weak, there was no need to run every time.

He didn’t believe that he could encounter people as powerful as Lin Guanyu everywhere on the street.

“Of course not as powerful as him, but the enemy is not weak either. According to my calculation, if we fight head-on, the collateral troubles that will come to us will not be less than Lin Guanyu’s threat.”

Daoya Old Man said seriously. He paused a little and reminded Zhou Xuanji intently, “If we run, we need to leave Chen Bantian behind.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned and said, “We have made a promise to him. If he could kill 10 Second Rank demons, we will bring him along. If we leave him behind now, what kind of people are we?”

He hated going back on one’s words the most.

Especially promises regarding life and death.

Back then, when he was captured by Xian Xianghua, he was really worried that she would go back on her words.

If he did not make those promises to Chen Bantian, he would have left immediately now.

“If you want to leave, just go anytime. If you want to stay, then wait for the fight. As long as you are clear about your choice and don’t regret it.”

Daoya Old Man said with a nod. A rare look of seriousness was on his face.

Zhou Xuanji’s mouth twitched and said helplessly, “Can you not make it sound like romantic love?”

What do you mean by ‘just leave if you want to leave, as long as you don’t regret it?’

“Yo, how do you know about love at such a young age?”

Daoya Old Man ridiculed. Looking at Zhou Xuanji’s handsome face, he felt a little dazzled.

It was as though he saw Lady Zhao Xuan when she was younger.

“Of course, I know. I began nurturing a wife for myself since I was two. You think you are better than me?”

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow and said with disdain.

Jiang Xue, who was cultivating nearby, blushed in an instant.

The others burst out in laughter, and Huang Lianxin laughed especially hard.

She was the person who followed Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue for the longest time. She watched them grow up, and what Zhou Xuanji said really made her laugh.

“Ahh.. my Heaven, why wasn’t I that smart when I was young?”

Han Shenbo beat his breast and stomped his feet in great frustration.

“Then, tell me, what is your view about love?”

Daoya Old Man asked as he chuckled. Zhou Xuanji’s proud expression was just like Lady Zhao Xuan when she introduced Emperor Yan of Zhou to him.

“It is my fortune to have, and I will never lose it.”

Zhou Xuanji replied, which made everyone speechless.

A sweet feeling filled Jiang Xue’s heart. She looked down shilly-shally.

Daoya Old Man was stunned. “So imposing.” He smiled and shook his head.

After that, he warned everyone, claiming that danger was about to come, so everyone had to be prepared for battle.

Three days later.

Zhou Xuanji, who was cultivating, suddenly opened his eyes. The others, who were training or cultivating, stopped as well.

“Such a powerful Qi-signature. The opponent must have surpassed Astral Infant and must be an Astral Projection cultivator.”

Xiao Jinghong spoke. He immediately guessed that the enemy must have been powerful cultivators from Haoqi Alliance.

After that, he drew his sword and flew into the air.

“Go wake that young man up. The sun has already risen, and he’s still sleeping!”

Zhou Xuanji spoke with a deep voice. Chongming Demon Monarch quickly dashed into the grass patch and picked Chen Bantian up like chick.

Seeing Chen Bantian’s drowsy look, the bull demon became angry.

This guy claimed that he wanted to live, but he was apparently used to such a life.

He never cultivated at all and just slept for most of his time. Moreover, he would sleep for more extended periods as the days went by.

Today, he slept all the way till noon.

Why didn’t he just sleep until he died?

The others were speechless as well. This guy was bizarre.

Daoya Old Man was in deep thought. A tinge of surprise flashed in his eyes.

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

Suddenly, there were sounds of something piercing through the air. A powerful impetus was revealed, coming toward them fiercely.

“I’m Wang Qixiao, Haoqi Alliance!”

Wang Qixiao’s voice resounded across the sky. Next, he came up to Xiao Jinghong with his men.

He scanned the ground underneath and quickly saw Chen Bantian.

He looked pleased for a moment, before saying with a deep voice, “Hand him over. Or I will kill all of you here!”

Finally, I found him!

“You want to kill us? Then, you stay.”

Zhou Xuanji spoke casually. Right after he spoke, Chongming Demon Monarch, Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and Han Shenbo swiftly charged toward Wang Qixiao.

Wang Qixiao smiled disdainfully. He waved his right hand, and a blast of wind transformed into numerous wind blades and swept toward them.

Chongming Demon Monarch roared and transformed into his gigantic bull form, looking extremely intimidating.

He was a Seven Rank demon, which was equal to Astral Projection. Along with Xiao Jinghong and the other two, it should not have been challenging to defeat Wang Qixiao.

The battle exploded into action!

The men in black from Haoqi Alliance dispersed to attack from different directions and snatch Chen Bantian.

Chen Bantian was still in his drowsy state. He totally did not notice the enemy.

Zhou Xuanji waved his right hand. Numerous legendary swords appeared and were shot toward Haoqi Alliance’s cultivators in all directions.

These underlings could not hold back his legendary swords. They were all either injured or died on the spot.

Daoya Old Man shook his head and sighed, “Another grudge. Great Zhou, Xinhao Sect, Haoqi Alliance, Lin Guanyu… Tsk tsk, he’s better at courting disaster than his father. He really outdoes his father.”

The little black snake stared at him and cried, “Can you stop sighing in amazement? Go and help out!”

Daoya Old Man slapped the snake with his sleeves across the air and sent him flying off, before charging toward the enemies around him.

The battle did not last long.

Soon, Wang Qixiao’s underlings were all eliminated.

While he was totally at a disadvantage facing Chongming Demon Monarch, Zhao Congjian, Xiao Jinghong, and Han Shenbo. He had no opportunity to even strike back.

Actually, even without Xiao Jinghong and the other two, Chongming Demon Monarch alone could beat him up quickly.

Wang Qixiao gnashed his teeth. He quickly formed into a stream of golden light and flew toward the horizon.

“You dare to offend Haoqi Alliance! You will not…”

He cursed and threatened Zhou Xuanji, and others furious as he flew as fast as he could.


Before he could even finish his sentence, Hegemon Jiu was shot into him, causing his body to explode, and he died on the spot.

Ranged Sword Propelling!

Slaying one’s enemy miles away!

Hegemon Jiu was a Glorious Gold legendary sword, which was beyond Wang Qixiao to deflect.

Zhou Xuanji summoned Hegemon Jiu back into his hands.

“That is…”

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and Beixiao Wangjian were dazzled immediately.

Such an intimidating giant sword!

Could it be the beloved sword of the Hegemon Sword Emperor?

Zhou Xuanji stored the sword and shouted, “Collect the equipment and pack your things. We will move to Great Chen after that!”

Since they had already offended Haoqi Alliance, he decided to make a run first.

Haoqi Alliance was an ally to the Great Shang. To offend Haoqi Alliance was to offend the Great Shang. If they were to stay here, trouble would continue to come.

The group had no objections and began doing their work.

Zhou Xuanji walked up to Chen Bantian and kicked his ass. “Are you a pig?” He cursed him, saying, ” How long are you going to sleep?”

“I have the royal bloodline of Yellow Dragon… I’m the Emperor of Great Chen… I’m the ruler of the world…”

Chen Bantian rolled over and laid on the floor sideways, scratching his backside as he mumbled.