I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 155 - Good Potential, Descendent of the Yellow Dragon

Chapter 155 - Good Potential, Descendent of the Yellow Dragon


“No wonder there were demons and ghosts who wanted to obtain the Tianxia Map so that they can rule over the world?”

Zhou Xuanji asked curiously. He suddenly felt that he should have known more about the history of this world.

But even if he wanted to, it was very difficult.

Because it was difficult to find information about events from 10,000 years ago. History was sealed by empires and other influential parties.

Daoya Old Man stroked his long beard and began reminiscing, as though he opened a memory that was long sealed in his mind.

He said faintly, “In the ancient times, there were the Ghost Emperor and Demon Emperor. In that chaotic generation, humans did not flourish and prosper like they do now. They were even considered food for the other races.”

Jiang Xue, Huang Lianxin, and Beixiao Wangjian looked at him with curiosity and waited for him to continue speaking and unveil the mystery of ancient history.

However, Daoya Old Man did not continue. Instead, he took up the wine and gulped it down.

“Damn, speak on!”

The little black snake cursed to urge him, but was struck down by Daoya Old Man’s wind blade, which almost shredded the feathers on Small Er’s head.

“It’s not that he doesn’t want to speak. He only knows this much,” Zhou Xuanji said unpleasantly. He saw through Daoya Old Man instantly.

The group heard this and rolled their eyes together.

Once again, they turned to look at the blue-robed young man.

“I’m telling the truth. Please trust me. I can’t even keep myself alive now. I don’t want the world anymore. I just want to stay alive.”

The blue-robed young man said seriously with genuine eyes.

Chongming Demon Monarch stared at him and scolded, “You are speaking like the world is really yours!”

The blue-robed young man feared him. He was so frightened that he tucked his neck and was extremely anxious.

“We don’t have the time to send you back to Great Chen, but we will make a trip there eventually. If you are willing to wait, we can bring you along.” Zhou Xuanji said.

He promised Zhao Congjian to go Great Chen, so they could bring the young man along, but not at the moment.

They were cultivating hard to prepare themselves well.

Their adventure would only begin after they became more powerful.

How powerful?

Powerful enough to fight Lin Guanyu head-on!

If one person could not defeat him, it would not be a bad idea to fight him in a group!

The blue-robed young man nodded forcefully and said with excitement, “I’m willing to wait. I’m Chen Bantian. I will join all of you!”

“Get lost. Who said you are going to join us? Wait in the forest on your own. If you can stay alive until the day we depart, then you are qualified to travel with us.”

Zhou Xuanji snorted as he waved his hand. There was no way that he would allow the blue-robed young man to take advantage of them.

Chen Bantian’s face turned bitter instantly.

He gritted his teeth and said, “As long as you let me follow you around, I will do anything you ask.”

Zhou Xuanji was not moved. He picked up a rabbit thigh and chomped on it.

The fragrance of roasted meat entered Chen Bantian’s nose, which made him drool.

Daoya Old Man sized him up and smiled strangely, which made him extremely nervous and frightened.

“I have a task for you. If you can finish it, we will keep you.”

Daoya Old Man said with a smile. The others were all curious.

Chen Bantian’s cultivation had not even reached Foundation Building, which meant that he was totally useless. What benefit was there to keep him?

“Please say!”

Chen Bantian replied. He was a little uneasy.

And he hoped that it was not a task too difficult for him.

“Kill 10 Second Rank demons with whatever methods you so choose.”

Daoya Old Man said casually, and Chen Bantian’s expression changed drastically.

Second Rank demons!

To Zhou Xuanji and the others, these were nothing.

But for Chen Bantian, it could be fatal.

Daoya Old Man ignored him. The group began chatting with one another and pretended that the blue-robed young man was not there.

Chen Bantian bit his teeth and turned around to leave.

No matter what, the only way out for him was this. He had to take the risk.

After he entered the forest, the group stopped talking.

They tracked Chen Bantian with their mind.

They wanted to see what the young man would do.

But they realized that this guy hid in a grass patch and began sleeping.

The group was speechless.

“Just like that?” Jiang Xue could not hold it but asked, “I don’t think he’s going to survive for long.”

The young man was weak in cultivation and was more timid than a girl.

“Let’s wait and see.”

Zhou Xuanji said softly with a calm tone.

Chen Bantian made him feel both angry and funny.

Go down the mountain and sleep?

*  What strange logic!*

Somehow, he wanted to help this young man.

“Don’t underestimate him. He has great potential.”

Daoya Old Man said with a mysterious smile.

“Great potential for sleeping,” Chongming Demon Monarch mocked.

“As the prince of Great Chen, Haoqi Alliance wanted him dead. Do you think the TIanxia Map is that simple a matter?”

Daoya Old Man shook his head and smiled. As he spoke, he touched his long beard.

Zhao Congjian asked further.

But he did not reply.

“You are acting mysterious again. Try to hook us up every time…” Han Shenbo sighed, “You are so…”


The others did not inquire further, which made Daoya Old Man bored.

They continued to drink and chat.

Time passed quickly.

Dusk arrived.

The group returned to their underground cavern. They were planning to move out the next day.

The cavern was dark without sunlight, which was incomparable to above ground.

The second day, they moved into the forest and settled at a considerably spacious place covered in grass.

Within half a day, they built seven small buildings.

Next, they continued to cultivate every day.

Sometimes, Chen Bantian came close to their settlement, but every time he was scared away by Chongming Demon Monarch.

Since then, the blue-robed young man would hide somewhere nearby to sleep every night. It was as though sleeping closer to Zhou Xuanji, and the rest made him feel more secured.

Along the way, he would try to seek out Second Rank demons.

As time went on, they got used to his presence.

A group of men in black clothing stood on a mountain top. There were close to 100 people.

The one standing at the front was a tall, muscular man. He had a full beard and wore a bamboo hat. His eyes were like those of an eagle and a tiny scar was visible at the corner of his brow.

He looked to the horizon and said, “Have you found the descendant of Yellow Dragon?”

The man in black clothes replied formally, “He should be in the forest in front of us, within a radius of 1,000 meters.”

The full-bearded man nodded and spoke no more, as though he was in deep thought.

The men in black behind him did not move and waited quietly for their orders.

At this moment, an ear-piercing sound came from the north.

They looked back and saw a man with white hair, on a cloud, coming toward them. He wore a green shirt and both hands were behind his waist. One could see that he was a highly cultivated person from the calmness on his face.

Once they saw him, the full-bearded man and all his underlings half-knelt down and paid their respects to the white-haired man.

“Lord Wang!”

They cried out in one accord. Their tone was full of reverence.

The white-haired man was one of the lords of Haoqi Alliance, Wang Qixiao. His cultivation was extremely high.

Wang Qixiao flew up to them and said, “Have you caught Chen Bantian? Remember, you must catch him alive.”

“Not yet, but soon.”

The full-bearded man replied. He did not dare to look up to Wang Qixiao.

“But, Chen Bantian could have received help from powerful cultivators. The disciples we sent previously did not come back to us. Their jade tokens were dimmed. They were all dead.”

Speaking of which, he was still quite worried. For some to dare meddle with this, they must be quite powerful.

“I will join you. No matter who, I will destroy them. We must move quickly. When Xian Xianghua attacked Chaoge Royal City, it caused great chaos in Great Shang, but the chaos is coming to an end. Once Great Shang realizes Chen Bantian’s existence, you won’t want to imagine the consequences. Our alliance with Great Shang could be severed because of this as well.”

Wang Qixiao instructed with a deep voice. A tinge of worry could be seen in his eyes.

With the Tianxia Map’s appearance, if Haoqi Alliance did not grasp the opportunity, it would be snatched away by others, and the power balance in the world would be changed drastically.