I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 151 - Heaven Grade Sword Technique, Sky Dominating Divine Sword

Chapter 151 - Heaven Grade Sword Technique, Sky Dominating Divine Sword



Jiang Xue was so pleasantly surprised that she burst out into tears and jumped into Zhou Xuanji’s arms.

The others surrounded him and began asking him questions caringly at the same time.

“Revered Teacher, what happened?”

“You were not captured by Tanhua Sect Lord?”

“Good chap. Nice work. You really won the World Hero Conference!”

“Come, tell us about it!”

“Yeah, faster, tell us.”

The group was both excited and curious. Zhou Xuanji told them everything from the World Hero Conference, to meeting Lin Guanyu, and finally receiving the inheritance from Hegemon Sword Emperor, without concealing anything.

The little black snake straightened up his body, spat his forked-tongue, and looked toward Chongming Demon Monarch.

The bull demon sensed his gaze and turned around.

Their eyes met.

It was like the tip of a needle verses the awn of wheat.

“He’s the black snake that master was talking about? Very conceited?”

The Seventh Rank Demon thought to himself while squinting his eyes and raising a brow.

I must teach him a good lesson!

The little black snake did not know the demon counterpart’s thoughts, but thought to himself, This guy looks really quite powerful. He’s a bull demon too. It seems like I will have another mount to ride on.

After Zhou Xuanji finished recounting, everyone sighed in amazement.

“Master, you are really fortunate to have turned something so dire into a fortune!”

Huang Lianxin said with admiration. The rest were in great admiration too.

Zhou Xuanji spoke about it casually, but everyone knew the difficulty of his situation.

A battle with Hegemon Sword Emperor who was in the same cultivation stage?

And he still had to convince the Hegemon Sword Emperor with his insights in the Way of the Sword?

In the whole wide world, who could have done it except for Zhou Xuanji?

Daoya Old Man rubbed his chin and muttered, “It shouldn’t be the case. Xian Xianghua released you. She’s not acting like herself. No man captured by her will escape alive.”

Jiang Xue hugged Zhou Xuanji’s arms and said proudly, “Of course, our Xuanji is so handsome. She must be moved in her heart!”

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, and Han Shenbo heard her and burst out laughing.

The little black snake came up to them and asked, “How beautiful is Xu Xianxuan? She’s the most beautiful woman in Great Shang. Were you moved by her?”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him and said, “You have no food for this month.”

With this, the little black snake’s expression turned bitter in an instant.

“I… I’m sorry…”

The little black snake scurried close to him and pathetically begged for his forgiveness.

Zhou Xuanji ignored him. Jiang Xue snorted and stared at it. “Add half a month more!” She said.

The little black snake was like he was struck by lightning. His face instantly became extremely sour and sad.

Zhou Xuanji passed a Thunder Core Grass to Daoya Old Man and said, “Old man, recover soon.”

His grand-teacher chuckled and left with the Thunder Core Grass.

“I received quite some sword techniques. After I mastered them, I will distribute one to each of you.”

Zhou Xuanji said to Xiao Jinghong and the others. The reason why he did not give all of Hegemon Sword Emperor’s sword techniques to them was not because he was petty. Not everyone possessed the Supreme Legendary Sword System like him.

Mastering one sword technique wold take them numerous years or more.

Giving them too many sword techniques at one go would make them feel very lost.

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, and Huang Lianxin were all pleasantly surprised.

Shortly after, Zhou Xuanji introduced Chongming Demon Monarch to them and announced that the bull demon would be the tank of the party, which aroused the curiosity of the group.

Such a luxury to have a Seventh Rank great demon as a tank!

Chongming Demon Monarch did not know what being a tank meant, but he still patted his chest and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, I will do well as a tank!”

Many years later, it was a promise that he exceedingly regretted.

The group dispersed.

Zhou Xuanji pulled Jiang Xue to a corner and whispered to her.

While being captured by Xian Xianghua, the person he missed the most was Jiang Xue.

In this world, he could forget everyone but Jiang Xue alone.

Jiang Xue looked delighted. She held tight to Zhou Xuanji and told him the things that happened on her side.

After Zhou Xuanji left, some demons and cultivators passed by. Some demons even intruded their cavern, but they were dealt with.

The two chatted for a long while until they were both exhausted.

Jiang Xue walked aside to cultivate while Zhou Xuanji began inspecting the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s sword technique.

There were 13 sword techniques in total and three energy techniques.

He already had the Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation. It was not good to cultivate multiple energy techniques, which could mess up the flow of spirit energy and cause the Golden Core to crumble.

The best sword technique was a Heaven Grade one, named Sky Dominating Divine Sword.

Amongst the others, there were five Earth Grade sword techniques, while the rest were Black Grade.

“Finally, a Heaven Grade sword technique!”

Zhou Xuanji probed into the scroll on his hand pleasantly. Next, numerous images appeared in his mind.

It was a shadow dancing with a sword. Its silhouette was the same as the Hegemon Sword Emperor.

The core of Sky Dominating Divine Sword was domination!

A single slash could dominate everything and cut the sky into half.

Zhou Xuanji faced this slash in the trial before. If not for his numerous legendary swords, he might not have deflected it.

The Sky Dominating Divine Sword had 109 sword moves. After stringing them together, one could master the Sky Dominating Divine Sword.

Each of these moves changed the direction of the flow of the spirit energy. After 109 moves, the spirit energy would flow through one’s entire body, forming an extremely dominating impetus.

He took out the Chicken Slaying Sword and began practicing.

Looking at him practicing his sword technique, Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, and Huang Lianxin stopped theirs. They watched him from afar.

After 100 rounds, he attained Small Accomplishment for the Sky Dominating Divine Sword.

After 300 rounds, Great Accomplishment.

After 500 rounds, he realized the sword will of the Sky Dominating Divine Sword.


The entire cavern shook violently, and everyone turned around to look.

Zhou Xuanji stood motionlessly with the Chicken Slaying Sword in his left hand. A faint white radiance enveloped his body like a layer of flame Qi burning. He gave off an extremely fierce aura.

Just by standing there, the rest felt an indescribable aura of domination.

“Heaven Grade sword technique…”

Daoya Old Man opened his eyes wide and cried out in surprise.

With this, everyone was shocked.

Heaven Grade!

Regardless of whether it is a spell or energy technique, once a technique reached the Heaven Grade, the difficulty of mastering it increased exponentially.

Most of those who obtained a Heaven Grade technique might not have mastered it in their entire lifetime.

Zhou Xuanji only took such a short time!

Although they were used to it, when they heard that it was a Heaven Grade sword technique, they were still aghast.

Zhao Congjian looked at his own hands and gritted his teeth.

There’s no end to comparison!

Zhou Xuanji continued practicing his sword techniques.

The Top Tier Earth Grade sword technique, Icy Sound Wave, was a suitable combination with the Heaven Sound Sword.

After 500 rounds, he realized its sword will with ease.

Xiao Jinghong and the others turned their heads as they didn’t want to look any longer.

The more they watched, the more worried they became that they might lose their minds.

It was Chongming Demon Monarch’s first time seeing Zhou Xuanji practicing his sword techniques. The bull demon was petrified and stood motionlessly on the ground.

This guy’s talent…

No wonder he could receive the inheritance from the Hegemon Sword Emperor…

With such talent, he could become unrivaled in the Northern Wilderness Region within merely 1,000 years and thrash Xian Xianghua freely!

He was suddenly excited. Only at this moment did he feel that it was fortunate for him to serve Zhou Xuanji.

Such a huge fortune!

Within 10 days, Zhou Xuanji mastered all the sword techniques from the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s inheritance.

“What a freak… a freak…” Daoya Old Man said as he shook his head while channeling his energy to heal his injuries.