I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 150 - Soul Nurturing Bead, A Great Catastrophe

Chapter 150 - Soul Nurturing Bead, A Great Catastrophe


Lin Changge?

Zhou Xuanji frowned. Who is that?

How is it that I have never heard of this name?

Lin Changge smiled confidently and said, “Since you have just received the inheritance from the Hegemon Sword Emperor, I will not make it difficult for you. Give me a time and place. If I win, pass on the inheritance to me. If I lose, I will allow you into the sword library of the Sword Hegemon Sect to study for half a month.”

He was the Exquisite Sword Mind, born with extreme talent in the sword. In the entire Northern Wilderness Region, only a few were comparable to him in the Sword’s Way.

In the Northern Wilderness Region, his reputation was higher than Sword God Zhou’s.

So, he was worried that Zhou Xuanji would reject the duel out of fear. Therefore, he was willing to give way.

Zhou Xuanji muttered, “How potent is the Hegemon Sword Sect actually?”

The red-robed old man snarled, “In all sword sects, we, the Hegemon Sword Sect, are the most potent!”

“What a bluff. What about Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain?” Xian Xianghua opened her eyes and said with a smile.

Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain

The sanctuary of the Sword’s Way in the Northern Wilderness Region.

Zhou Xuanji had heard of it before; it was a place that Xiao Jinghong wanted to go to, and he promised to bring his disciple there.


The red-robed old man snorted coldly and did not speak on.

“How about this?” Zhou Xuanji said, “Next time, I will personally pay the Hegemon Sword Sect a visit.”


Lin Changge asked further. He loved the sword all his life and was desperate to learn the ultimate sword technique of the Hegemon Sword Emperor.

“Within 10 years.”

Zhou Xuanji replied. He had never heard of Lin Changge before.

If Lin Changge refused to let go, then Xian Xianghua would clean him up.

“Very well!”

Lin Changge accepted. For a cultivator, 10 years was not a long time. It was like an instant when a horse galloped past in the blink of an eye.

After that, the six cultivators from the Hegemon Sword Sect left.

Except for Lin Changge, the other five were indignant.

But they dared not to act rashly because of how intimidating Xian Xianghua was.

Xian Xianghua walked up to Zhou Xuanji and passed him the storage bag. She only kept a black bead in her hand.

As she held the bead in her hand, her eyes looked at it with a mesmerizing expression.

“Soul Nurturing Bead, I have finally found you.”

She touched the black bead gently, as though she was afraid to drop it.

Zhou Xuanji fastened the storage bag at his waist and asked curiously, “What is the Soul Nurturing Bead? You did all of this just to get it?”

Xian Xianghua nodded, and her eyes looked as though a multifold of emotions were hidden within.

“The Soul Nurturing Bead can permanently preserve a soul. It’s extremely rare. I have been trying to find it for 1,000 years and I could only find one.”

She said softly as she began reminiscing.

Zhou Xuanji spoke no more.

As for Xian Xianghua’s past, he did not want to know.

There was one state that was seared into his memory.

The more one knew, the more horrible one’s death would be.

After Xian Xianghua finished reminiscing and put away the black bead, she finally looked at Zhou Xuanji again.

Her eyes looked as though she was judging him, which made his heart skip a beat.

“When I was young…”

Xian Xianghua spoke with a sorrowful expression.

“Hold on!”

Zhou Xuanji immediately interrupted her. Not only his, but Chongming Demon Monarch’s scalp also turned numb when he heard her.

Just from hearing the first five words, they sniffed the scent of death.

“You are going back on your words?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with a deep voice as he tried his best to hold back his anger and misery.


Xian Xianghua laughed as she covered her mouth, which appeared to be an act to Zhou Xuanji.

You cover your mouth when you are wearing a veil?

*  Remember that you are an old demonic woman!*

*  Don’t act like a small lady!*

Zhou Xuanji denounced her in his heart. He wanted to say it out loud but dared not to.

Xian Xianghua held back her laughter and said, “I will send you out immediately.”

She waved her right and the demonic Qi rose from the ground, scooping Zhou Xuanji and Chongming Demon Monarch up.

Along the way, Zhou Xuanji and Chongming Demon Monarch were extremely anxious and alert.

They were afraid that the old demonic woman would go back on her promise.


They landed. This time, they did not fall onto the ground pathetically. Xian Xianghua was apparently much gentler.

Or it could have been because she had gotten the Soul Nurturing Bead.

After they landed, Xian Xianghua winked at Zhou Xuanji and said with a giggle, “Don’t miss me.”

The old demonic woman really spoke in such a contrasting tone when she was in a pleasant mood.

Zhou Xuanji smiled but did not speak.

*  F*ck, who will miss you?*

The old demonic woman then turned into a tornado of demonic Qi and swiftly disappeared.

“Haha. I’m leaving. You will miss me, little phoenix.”

Her laughter reverberated across the sky and did not cease after a long while.

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes. Little phoenix?

Chongming Demon Monarch heaved a sigh of relief, “We are finally safe.”

After this, he roared toward the sky, shaking the earth.

“Hiaaa!” Zhou Xuanji cried out as he rode onto the bull demon.

Everything was clear finally!

Moreover, he received the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s inheritance. He felt terrific!

Chongming Demon Monarch flew toward Great Shang, wearing a massive grin on his face.

He took out the storage bag and scanned it with his mind. He found that there were a considerable amount of spirit stones and pills inside.

Other than that, there were many sword and energy techniques, as well as other books.

When he saw the sword techniques, his body shook.

I have an idea!

In the subterranean cavern.

Jiang Xue was cultivating by the lake. Her eyes kept twitching, which made her appear to be very anxious.

The others were cultivating on their own, but they all looked worried. The atmosphere was a little dead.


Xiao Jinghong jumped out of the lake suddenly, and the others gathered around him immediately.

“How is it?”

Jiang Xue asked. She looked distraught.

Xiao Jinghong took a deep breath and said, “The World Hero Conference is over. Phoenix Sword Emperor was the victor. His name is Zhou Menglang, which I think is my Revered Teacher.”

With this, the group was pleasantly surprised.

Daoya Old Man opened his eyes wide and muttered, “He really won the Child of Destiny?”

This guy…

“Yes, and with an overwhelming advantage. He did it with ease.”

Xiao Jinghong nodded. And the group was even more surprised.

The Zhou Xuanji they knew indeed!

Powerful as he always had been!


Xiao Jinghong’s face gradually turned bitter.

Zhao Congjian stared at him and urged, “Faster, tell us! You want us to die from anxiety?”

The expressions of the others did not look good either.

“Tanhua Sect’s Sect Lord attacked Great Shang, claiming to take the Phoenix Sword Emperor!” He said.

“What? Sect Lord of Tanhua Sect?”

Daoya Old Man cried out in surprise. Fear was written all over his face.

Han Shenbo shivered in fear and mumbled, “Oh no… Oh no…”

The Sect Lord of Tanhua Sect was like the legendary boss character for them.

“After that, the Phoenix Sword Emperor disappeared…”

Xiao Jinghong sighed. He purposely gathered information on Xian Xianghua’s identity, which at the moment made his scalp numb.

Jiang Xue asked anxiously, “Who is the Sect Lord of Tanhua Sect? Is he very powerful? Why is he after Zhou Xuanji?”

Daoya Old Man’s face was pale white. He gritted his teeth and said, “Sect Lord of Tanhua Sect, top evil cultivator. I can count on one hand the number of people who can stand up to her in the entire Northern Wilderness Region. Even Lin Guanyu doesn’t dare to trifle with her.”

Jiang Xue’s face turned blank immediately after she heard this, as though her soul was taken away.

The group fell silent.

The little black snake laid on the ground and mumbled to himself, “A great catastrophe… A great catastrophe…”

At this moment, the lake surface burst open. Two silhouettes leaped up.

“What is the Sect Lord of Tanhua Sect! She can harm me?”

Zhou Xuanji’s lively voice came, grasping everyone’s attention.