I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 149 - And Forms A Whole New World

Chapter 149 - And Forms A Whole New World


“Have I passed the trial?”

Zhou Xuanji asked as he stared at the Hegemon Sword Emperor.

I hope that the Hegemon Sword Emperor is not as bored as the Sky-sundering Sword Emperor, who set up dozens of stages in his trial.

“Not yet.”

Zhou Xuanji was rendered speechless by the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s reply.

“I already defeated you when you were at the same stage as me. What is it that you are still worried about?”

If I were you, I would have handed over the inheritance!

“There is only one more stage remaining. And that is to impress me.”

The Hegemon Sword Emperor continued to speak with an upright tone.

Zhou Xuanji blinked and did not speak.

“Let’s begin. Use your mastery over the Sword’s Way to impress me!”


Zhou Xuanji did not speak. He silently looked at the Sword Emperor.

A million vulgarities went through his mind.

If all he had to do was to talk, what was the previous stage for?

At that moment, the mirage world was totally silent.

On the outside.

The red-robed old man said with a smug tone, “Why did it stop? Is he already dead inside?”

The hill stopped shaking. The calmness was frightening.

Xian Xianghua looked calm, as though she was indifferent.

None of the sword cultivators she brought in before could come out alive, so she did not know about the second stage.

She thought that when the hill stopped shaking, it signaled the end.

But she could still sense Zhou Xuanji’s Qi-signature.

This guy is not dead yet!

Lin Changge quietly looked at the hill, deep in thought.

“Oh, no… It’s the end…”

Chongming Demon Monarch sat on the ground with a blank expression. His hands wrapped around his agonizing face.

If Zhou Xuanji were to die, then he would follow suit for sure.

Even if Xian Xianghua did not kill him, he couldn’t leave Juedi Cliff alive.

In the mirage world.

A while later.

The Hegemon Sword Emperor could not hold it any longer and asked, “Why aren’t you speaking yet? If the trial fails, I will kill you.”

“I have already defeated you, so why is there still a need to talk? Is this the mindset of Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way?”

“A senior in the Sword’s Way is purposely making things difficult for a junior like me.”

“If you are not happy about this, no matter what I say, you will not acknowledge it. What do you want me to do?”

“Are you fooling me?”

Zhou Xuanji’s ingenious words were shot at the Sword Emperor one after another.

He did not make his words too unbearable but shaped his own image like someone who was bullied.

He did not want to die.

“Not so,” the Hegemon Sword Emperor replied, “If you can really show some unique insight, the inheritance will be yours.”

Zhou Xuanji breathed out.

It’s time to perform his true techniques.

My Sword’s Way is the way of 10,000 swords. One sword slays man, two swords sever evil. 100 swords kill the wicked spirit, 10,000 swords sever cause-and-effect. A million swords forms creation.”

“Everything will pass away, but only the eternity of the sword will always remain.”

“Huge trees grow from small shoots. A tall tower is built from accumulated soil. A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. One sword and one will, 10,000 swords overlap 10,000 wills, and forms the Great Thousand World.”

Zhou Xuanji let his tongue loose and began exaggerating as he pleased.

He really knew how to put up an act. He really looked like a grandmaster in the Sword’s Day. His intonation varied, and he had the right emphasis when it came to an eye-catching point.

The Hegemon Sword Emperor listened silently.

Zhou Xuanji’s voice reverberated across the entire mirage world.

A long while later.

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and felt very pleased about his speech.

However, the Hegemon Sword Emperor did not speak.

This made his heart skip a beat. Did I overdo it?

*  It shouldn’t be?*

He took a reference from the ancient wisdom of Huaxia. Could it be that the Sword Emperor did not fancy such words?

“10,000 swords overlap 10,000 wills and form the Great Thousand World… And form the Great Thousand World…”

The Hegemon Sword Emperor suddenly spoke. He talked to himself as he fell into deep thought.

“Well said!”

He suddenly cried out, like a bomb exploded, which frightened Zhou Xuanji.


*  Are you nuts?*

Veins throbbed on Zhou Xuanji’s head as he endured his anger, maintaining a smile.

“And form the Great Thousand World… A world of sword will… Well said!”

“Forming a whole new world with the sword will as its guiding principle…”

“Very good! Very good!”

The Hegemon Sword Emperor spoke with a burst of crazy laughter as he spoke.

Zhou Xuanji was confused.

Could his words drove the Sword Emperor crazy?

The Hegemon Sword Emperor laughed for a long while and was apparently lost in his own world.

“Ahem. Did I pass the trial?”

Zhou Xuanji faked a cough and interrupted.

The Sword Emperor held back his laughter and said, “Excellent, Great Sage. I, the Hegemon Sword Emperor, owe you one. The inheritance is yours to take. If we get to meet after your ascension, we shall be sworn brothers. Your mastery over the Sword’s Way is deep. Those words are just too important to me.”

He waved his right hand, and a giant sword descended from the sky spinning, which landed in front of Zhou Xuanji.

The sword was about two meters long, and its handle was like rock. Two black dragons were entrenched on the blade that was a little broader than his waist. On the whole, the sword looked extremely intimidating and was filled with power.

It seemed as though the sword was tremendously heavy and could split mountains and the ground in two

Next, a storage bag appeared. A giant sword was embroidered on the bag.

“Great Saint that Paralleled Heaven, I will wait for you up there!”


The Hegemon Sword Emperor laughed wildly before the mirage world began disappearing and darkness once again engulfed the space.

Zhou Xuanji returned to the dark cave. The storage bag was in his left hand and the giant sword in the other.

He immediately stored the giant sword into his Supreme Storage for the Sword Spirit to analyze.

After this, he walked out with the storage bag in hand.

He did not probe the content of the bag with his mind, in case he would be tempted to take some things from it, which could result in him ending up dead.

Based on his understanding of Xian Xianghua, this old demonic woman was not here for the sword.

At this moment, outside the cave.

“He’s coming out.”

Xian Xianghua’s beautiful eyes brightened as she spoke.

With this, Chongming Demon Monarch looked up in surprise.

“Impossible… How can it be…”

The red-robed old man was full of disbelief as he mumbled to himself.

The others were surprised too. Could this guy really…

They knew the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s inheritance. Once failed, the challenger would face certain death. So, only a few dared to challenge the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s inheritance.

Ling Changge frowned slightly as a tinge of curiosity flashed in his eyes.

He saw Zhou Xuanji walking out of the cave.

Wearing the White Dragon Golden Robe, he walked out from the darkness, which made them feel like it was the breaking of dawn.

He looked calm as he threw the storage bag to Xian Xianghua.

“Can we live?”

He asked as he prepared himself to fight.

Xian Xianghua received the storage bag and smiled, “Of course. I will send the two of you out.”

After this, she began to probe the storage bag, searching for the treasure she wanted.

The six people from the Hegemon Sword Sect did not make a move. They did not want to taste Xian Xianghua’s terror.

Ling Changge looked at Zhou Xuanji and said, “Sword God Zhou, did you really receive the inheritance from the Hegemon Sword Emperor?”

Zhou Xuanji threw him a glance and said, “He wants to make me his big brother.”

Having heard this, the red-robed old man and the others raged in an instant.

The Hegemon Sword Emperor was their ancestor, how could they endure Zhou Xuanji’s blasphemy!

“Young man, you received our ancestor’s inheritance, and now you even dared to insult him! Be careful, lest we, the Hegemon Sword Sect, put you on the wanted list also!”

The red-robed old man said furiously. With Xian Xianghua beside, he did not dare to attack but threatened with words.

Zhou Xuanji said seriously, “It’s real. He wants to become sworn brothers with me.”

This was a fact. It’s just that the Hegemon Sword Emperor and he did not confirm who’s the big brother.

If Zhou Xuanji had the capability, then he naturally wanted to be the big brother.

“Sword God Zhou, I am Lin Changge. You are a sword cultivator, so you should have heard of me. Will you have a duel with me?”

Lin Changge spoke. His eyes burned with passion like he wanted the duel right here, right now.