I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 147 - : Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way, Hegemon Sword Emperor

Chapter 147 - : Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way, Hegemon Sword Emperor


Seeing the male cultivator walking toward Xian Xianghua, Zhou Xuanji could not help but mourn for him in his heart.

When he was still seven steps away from the evil cultivator, blood gushed from his body. He died on the spot.

The two female cultivators who came with him were stunned. Before they could even scream, they followed the fate of their male companion and laid on the ground in a pool of blood.

Three move lives were taken.

Zhou Xuanji and Chongming Demon Monarch fell silent.

The inn owner and the waiter were silent too. No one dared to offend Xian Xianghua.

The evil cultivator looked satisfied and began eating without care.

After that, no cultivators entered the inn. After the waiter settled the three dead bodies, peace returned.

For Zhou Xuanji and Chongming Demon Monarch, this meal created too much pressure.

The old demonic woman took two full hours to finish her meal.

She took out a silk scarf to wipe her mouth before she got up and said with a smile, “Let’s go.”

The waiter could not hold it but said, “Madam… The bill…”

Zhou Xuanji looked at him in shock. The expression in his eyes was as if he was saying: Brother, have you lost your mind?

Just as expected.

The moment the waiter finished speaking, he fell to the ground, covered in blood.

The inn owner’s body trembled as he looked in despair. “Son…” He mumbled.

Xian Xianghua stopped walking and asked, frowning, “He’s your son?”

The inn owner nodded numbly. He was in both anger and despair, yet he did not dare to show it.

At this moment, he felt like his whole world had crumbled.

“Then, you can accompany him. A family should be united.”

Xian Xianghua waved her right hand. The innkeeper fell to the ground and his blood painted the wall.

Zhou Xuanji fell silent.

Chongming Demon Monarch was so afraid that he took one big step and got out of the inn.

Xian Xianghua walked out of the inn, chuckling. Zhou Xuanji followed behind her.

He felt like a ball of flames was burning in his chest.

He was not a saint, but he was furious about what Xian Xianghua did.

No wonder she was only considered the top evil cultivator, rather than the most powerful person in the northern Wilderness Region.

After they left the inn, the evil cultivator waved her right hand, and a demonic Qi scooped Zhou Xuanji and Chongming Demon Monarch up.

Following this, Xian Xianghua did not make any stop.

Zhou Xuanji kept silent.

The atmosphere was strange.

As they were enveloped by demonic Qi, Zhou Xuanji could not tell the time.

He was contemplating his escape plan.

He always had a feeling that, even if he passed the trial of the Sword Emperor and gave the evil cultivator what she wanted, he would still have to die.

Chongming Demon Monarch had the same thought. He laid on the ground like a dead body.

He wasn’t sure how long had passed since.

Zhou Xuanji and Chongming Demon Monarch fell to the ground without anticipation.

Although it was painful, they did not make a sound.

Xian Xianghua could not hold it and turned around to ask, “How long more are you going to hold it in?”

Zhou Xuanji did not reply.

The female cultivator walked up to him and held up his chin. “You look quite cute when you put on an unhappy face. But it would be a pity if you died during the Sword Emperor’s trial.” She said with a smile.

Zhou Xuanji twisted his head and broke free from her grasp.

“Juedi Cliff?” Chongming Demon Monarch suddenly shouted in surprise.

Zhou Xuanji immediately looked around. The thunder clouds billowed above his head, and he was surrounded by the wilderness. Trees were a rare sight. Only dead trees stood on the undulating hills that were covered with bones.

Looking around, he could only describe his feeling with two words.

Bleak and desolate.

“Follow me.”

Xian Xianghua said. After that, she led the way.

Zhou Xuanji and Chongming Demon Monarch followed her unwillingly.

Along the way, Zhou Xuanji was observing.

The bull demon said that Juedi Cliff was a dangerous place. It contained ancient curses and most of the people who entered this place died.

But after he looked around for a long time.

He still could not see the danger.

“Stop looking. With me around, you cannot see anything.”

Xian Xianghua said with a smile. “If you can walk out alive, you might miss me in the future. I can give you a sense of absolute security.”

Zhou Xuanji sneered. Old demonic woman, please? I’m always feeling so uneasy and frightened following you.

After walking for a few hundred meters, they stopped.

Xian Xianghua pointed to a cave in front of them and said, “Go in. The inheritance of the ancient Sword Emperor is inside. Your goal is to take out everything from inside.”

Zhou Xuanji looked ahead. The cave was two meters tall and one and a half meters wide. It was totally dark and he could not see the end to it.

Chongming Demon Monarch swallowed his saliva and asked, “How many sword cultivators have you tried?”

The evil cultivator replied calmly, “Not many. Twenty-something.”


Who were the pitiful ones who were forgotten by her?

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and walked inside.

He took out the God-Emperor Sword and Sky-sundering Emperor Sword and walked into the cave without hesitation. He neither stopped nor looked back.

“Hopefully, it will be a success this time,” Xian Xianghua mumbled as if in deep thought.”

If even Zhou Xuanji failed, she could only look for the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou.

Chongming Demon Monarch was praying too.

If Zhou Xuanji failed, he would be dead for sure.

After entering the cave, Zhou Xuanji could feel that everything around him was swirling. The darkness was occupied by a powerful light.

After he steadied his body, he realized that he was already in the air.

The mirage was similar to the inheritance of the Sky-sundering Sword Emperor.

“I am Hegemon Sword Emperor. The Way of the Hegemon Sword dominates the world always!”

A majestic voice resounded and shook the heavens and the earth.

Zhou Xuanji looked over and saw a 300-meter tall shadow appear in front of him.

Hegemon Sword Emperor of the Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way!

Zhou Xuanji had heard of this name before. He was the latest of the nine. After him, they were no more real Sword Emperors in the world. Only the self-proclaimed Sword Emperors remained.

The Hegemon Sword Emperor left many legends in the world. He had slain an immortal who was lost in the human world. His sword pierced through the air. He ascended in bright daylight and was worshipped by all living things.

“You dare to accept my trial?”

The Hegemon Sword Emperor asked. His voice was devoid of any emotion.

“I dare!” Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and said.

Based on what Xian Xianghua said, the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s trial must have been more complicated than that of the Sky-sundering Sword Emperor’s.

A shadow that was a little taller than Zhou Xuanji appeared. The shadow had a giant sword that was as wide as his waist, in his hand.

Looking at the silhouette, Zhou Xuanji could see that it was the Hegemon Sword Emperor.

The gigantic shadow said, “Defeat me when I’m at the same stage as you!”

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow and asked, “Defeat you when you are at the same stage as me? Or is it that your cultivation is the same as mine, but your sword techniques are greatly accomplished?”

If it was the former, he had the confidence of slaying the Hegemon Sword Emperor with one strike.

But if it was the latter, then he had an insult for him and was not sure if he should have said it.

The Sword Emperor did not reply but charged at him with his sword straightaway.

In an instant, the Sword Emperor was already in his face, slashing at him with the giant sword.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes sharpened and quickly blocked with the God-Emperor Sword.


Two legendary swords clashed together, and the Sword Emperor was sent flying from the impact of the legendary sword.

Zhou Xuanji smiled. My Glorious Gold legendary sword is still more powerful!

The Sword Emperor leaped up to Zhou Xuanji’s head and thrust the giant sword down on him. The impetus was as massive as a mountain.

Zhou Xuanji used the Tempest Slash, and his sword Qi blasted upward.


Unexpectedly, the Sword Emperor suppressed and dispersed Zhou Xuanji’s sword qi, continuing to press downwards.

Zhou Xuanji immediately dodged the Sword Emperor’s attack with the Eight-step Sword Lunge.

Just when he appeared, the Sword Emperor appeared beside him with the giant sword coming at his neck, aiming to cut his head off.