I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 144 - Top Evil Cultivator

Chapter 144 - Top Evil Cultivator



*  Wants me?*

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow. The voice was extremely unfamiliar to him; he had never heard it before.

Her interest in him was most likely not a piece of good news.

Could she have been sent by Lin Guanyu?

Zhou Xuanji was instantly anxious. From her tone, she sounded apparently very powerful.

And seeing Yang Xindi and Yang Zhong’s expressions again, he understood that one crisis after another came. What a catastrophe.

Yang Xindi got up and said with a deep voice. “You stay here. She’s a top evil cultivator. She slaughtered countless cities and kills people without blinking. If you were to be caught by her, you would die for sure!”

After that, he walked out with Yang Zhongtian.

Top evil cultivator?

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes wide. This title sounded really powerful.

In the Northern Wilderness Region, the upright had yet to suppress the evil cultivators.

Great Zhou had Xinhao Sect as an opponent. Great Shang formed a partnership with Haoqi Sect. It was enough to show how deeply rooted the influence of the evil sects was.

However, Xinhao Sect and Haoqi Alliance were not the top evil sects.

Whoever it was, Zhou Xuanji did not know.

He decided to ask Daoya Old Man after he got back.

Booom! Booom! Boom…

Multiple explosions of various intensities could be heard coming from outside. The palace that Zhou Xuanji was in was also shaken.

A horrifying demonic power was unleashed on Chaoge Royal City, which shocked Zhou Xuanji.

He was not even this anxious when he faced Lin Guanyu back then.

This woman is really powerful!

He walked to the window carefully and looked outside.

He could see the royal palace engulfed in demonic Qi, which looked like a black tornado. Countless Great Shang’s imperial soldiers were levitating in the air, waiting for the battle to begin.

The demonic Qi was like the world-destroying evil demon. A look at its silhouette was enough to cause great fear.

Yang Xindi stood on the tall wall and shouted, “Xian Xianghua, Great Shang had never offended you before. Why don’t you give us some face?”

Xian Xianghua?

This was a lovely name. But when he saw her demonic aura, Zhou Xuanji shuddered.

“What is Great Shang to me? I want the Phoenix Sword Emperor. If you don’t give it to me, I will end Great Shang at your hands!”

Xian Xianghua’s voice came out from the demonic Qi, full of mockery.

“Amitābha! Sect Lord Xian, you are too imposing. This is not a time in which your Tanhua Sect can do anything you like.

“A majestic and stern voice resounded. A name immediately came to Zhou Xuanji’s mind.

Great Shang’s Fury Buddha!

A golden beam of radiance came from the back of the palace he was in and opposed the demonic Qi.

“This is going to become a fight between the immortals!”

Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself. He immediately activated the Qi Obscuring Incantation to prepare himself to flee.

He already had the Thunder Core Grass in his hands, so he didn’t really care about Great Shang.

It could be that Great Shang would only be safe if he left.

After the thought, he turned around to the window facing the other direction and leaped out.

With the coverage of numerous palaces, Zhou Xuanji took turns here and there along the way to avoid being discovered.

“Fury Buddha, it seems like you are really in over your head. Back then, when I was unrivaled, you were only a little monk.”

Xian Xianghua’s voice came again. The arrogance in her voice made Zhou Xuanji even more anxious.

Old devious woman!

*  Even the Fury Buddha was inferior before her?*

Zhou Xuanji ran even faster.

He turned and glanced at the Fury Buddha. He was almost 300 meters tall and was covered in golden radiance. He looked extraordinarily mighty.

What an impressive Golden Buddha!

Zhou Xuanji praised in his heart and swiftly escaped the royal palace.

He did not forget about Chongming Demon Monarch.

The entire Chaoge Royal City was in a mess. He noticed that there were many ruins in the city, which was most likely the doing of Xian Xianghua.

Soon, Zhou Xuanji found Chongming Demon Monarch.

The human and the demon’s eyes met. Without a word, they dashed toward the city gate straightaway.

They did not fly, lest they expose themselves.

Zhou Xuanji rode on the bull demon’s back and looked back occasionally.

The negotiation between the Fury Buddha and Xian Xianghua had already failed. The old demonic woman had a bad temper and already started attacking. Countless Great Shang’s royal soldiers surrounded the billowing demonic Qi in battle.

It looked like celestial soldiers fighting the forces of evil.

“I really don’t understand. It’s not enough for you to offend Beiba Blademaster, now you even found trouble with that old devil.”

Chongming Demon Monarch could not hold it and complained. He sounded exasperated.

When he heard that Xian Xianghua wanted to find Zhou Xuanji, he was so afraid that he almost peed in his pants.

As a demon who lived for 1,000 years, he understood well what Xian Xianghua’s name meant.

It meant slaughtering!

It meant ruthlessness!

He shuddered at the thought of those horrifying legends.

Zhou Xuanji said in confusion, “I didn’t do anything to offend her. It’s my first time hearing her name. Could it be that she was mesmerized by my spectacular performance during the World Hero Conference?”

The bull demon snorted and did not continue to speak.

They ran along the street as fast as they could. Suddenly, Zhou Xuanji saw Xu Xianxuan at a glance.

She was standing before an inn with a dozen female cultivators behind her.

She was stunned when she saw Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji nodded at her politely and continued his escape.


Chongming Demon Monarch dashed out of the city gate. It had to be mentioned that the royal city was well-guarded. Even in such a situation, the soldiers were still guarding the entrance. They did not stop them from going out, but they would not allow them to come in again.

After they entered the forested area, Chongming Demon Monarch began sprinting at full speed.

Even after they were hundreds of miles away, they could still hear the blasts that came from Chaoge Royal City, which shocked Zhou Xuanji.

There were always people who were more powerful and worlds one had never seen indeed!

Before this, Zhou Xuanji felt like the Sword Monarch was already the ceiling.

But now, compared to the Fury Buddha and Xian Xianghua, the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou was nothing!

After two hours.

Zhou Xuanji could no longer hear any noise coming from Chaoge Royal City.

He did not relax his guard but instructed the bull demon to continue sprinting.

Two days later.

Zhou Xuanji rode Chongming Demon Monarch and continued his escape. They were sprinting on the grass plain.

The bull demon traveled quickly. At such a speed, they could leave Great Shang after a day.


At this moment, a terrifying incoming blade Qi split open the grass plain and swept up two rows of dust clouds that were dozens of meters high. It was coming at them with unstoppable impetus, like a dust storm.

Zhou Xuanji’s expression changed drastically. Even before he could give the orders, Chongming Demon Monarch had already dodged swiftly.


Zhou Xuanji cursed in his heart. He took out the God-Emperor Sword and was prepared to fight.

Beiba Blademaster, Lin Guanyu!

With formidable enemies both behind and in front of him, his situation was dire.

He could see Lin Guanyu walking over with his blade from the horizon.

He said coldly with bloodshot eyes, “Sword God Zhou, don’t think that I can’t recognize you just because you changed your face. I will never forget your Qi-signature!”

“Beiba Blademaster… Oh no… Oh no…” Chongming Demon Monarch mumbled to himself as his limbs were shivering out of fear.

Beiba Blademaster was so powerful that he could stand up to the Fury Buddha.

The Blademaster could cut him in half with one slash.

Zhou Xuanji shouted, gritting his teeth, “Lin Guanyu! I advise you to leave now. The top evil cultivator, Xian Xianghua, is right behind me. She showed me a great favor and has decided to take me as her disciple. Do you want to make her your enemy?”

Since I cannot beat him, then I shall intimidate him with a lie.

“You think that I will believe in that?” Lin Guanyu said with a frown, “Xian Xianghua, that old devil will favor you? She dislikes men the most. If you really meet her, consider yourself lucky if she doesn’t tear you into pieces! ”

After that, he continued to walk forward, with an expression of extreme determination to kill Zhou Xuanji.