I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 142 - How About Letting Me Win?

Chapter 142 - How About Letting Me Win?


Nine Dragons Soar was a spell exclusive to the royal family. Each golden dragon was incredibly majestic, standing at 300 meters tall.

Zhou Xuanji stood on the tip of the mountain and swiftly cast the Soul-eater Slash.

Three streaks of demonic sword Qi shot out like claws and immediately tore one of the golden dragons apart.

Shortly after, he leaped up over and above the other eight golden dragons.

And he thrust his sword at Yang Renlong.

Yang Renlong refocused his eyes. He swung his right hand and summoned the purple circle again. The circle absorbed the violent gale and turned them into wind blades that swept toward Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji’s right hand thrust his swords swiftly and cast the Heavenly Lights.

His sword Qi turned into a gigantic tide, with the sun and the moon at the front, followed by the starlights, which did not lessen in magnitude compared to the golden dragons of the Nine Dragons Soar,

The sky rumbled–

The Heavenly Lights suppressed the countless wind blades with unsurmountable domination, which seemed to engulf Yang Renlong.

Yang Renlong’s expression changed drastically. Why could he feel that his opponent’s sword Qi was even more powerful than yesterday?

At this moment, the Soft Velvety Sword suddenly appeared under Zhou Xuanji’s feet. Standing on his legendary sword, Zhou Xuanji used the Eight-step Sword Lunge and came up to Yang Renlong with a single step.

Six-path Sword Shadow!

All of them cast the Heavenly Lights in one accord!

Everything was happening too quickly. Yang Renlong could not dodge in time but only blocked with his arms instinctively.


The Heavenly Lights bombarded Yang Renlong!

Countless people opened their eyes wide as they looked up at what happened. The explosion produced a brilliant radiance, brightening the entire mountain and sky.

Yang Xindi frowned slightly. He was worried about Yang Renlong.

Di Yu was full of admiration. He did not expect the Phoenix Sword Emperor to still have so many techniques hidden.

Afterward, the bright light dispersed.

But the rippling wave caused by the explosion had yet to die down. Yang Renlong, who was covered in blood, fell.

He had already lost consciousness. To fall like that, he would inevitably be severely injured.

Yang Xindi sighed. He swung his right hand and transported Yang Renlong out from within the spell barrier.


The entire Chaoge Royal City was silent.

The people close to Qingsong Mountain were all stunned. Those who stood far away were still waiting to find out what would happen at the end.

Who would win?

Chongming Demon Monarch laid before the window and looked toward Qingsong Mountain. What he saw made him swallow his saliva in shock.

“Too powerful…”

Eight-step Sword Lunge, Six-path Sword Shadow, and Heavenly Lights. If it were him who took the combo, he would have died on the spot.

Too powerful!

He’s invincible!

Zhou Xuanji swung his sword and pointed it downwards. The White Dragon Golden Robe danced in the wind. The demeanor of a sword emperor was in full display, and countless people worshipped him.

“How about letting me win this World Hero Conference?”

Zhou Xuanji spoke, but in his heart, he was relieved.

He hoped that the Six-path Sword Shadow would not expose his identity.

He was too engrossed in the battle and forgot about this.

But he was in Great Shang, and it should have been impossible for all the sword moves of Sword God Zhou to have spread all the way here.

Zhou Xuanji returned to the top of the mountain and sat, instead of eliminating the participants below.


Chaoge Royal City exploded into a huge commotion!

“Too powerful! Yang Renong totally cannot stand up to him!”

“Sword Emperor! Sword Emperor indeed!”

“So, a sword cultivator could be so spectacular also.”

“I want to learn the sword. If the Phoenix Sword Emperor were to create a sect, I want to be in it!”

“Awesome. One battle, and he’s famous!”

“Yang Renlong’s defeat was not regrettable!”

The voice of the commotion in Chaoge Royal City was so loud that it shook the earth.

Countless humans and demons were cheering the Phoenix Sword Emperor. His spectacular performance made everyone admire him.

Yang Xindi’s eyes burned with passion as he spoke, “After the World Hero Conference is over, I will personally hold a feast for him.”

The general asked curiously, “What if he refused to be recruited? What would you do to him?”

Yang Xindi said with a smile, “I will not force him, of course.”

As the Emperor, he had witnessed countless heroes. Never had he forced anyone to serve him.

The general was filled with admiration, and so was Di Yu.

As for Yang Renlong, he was still lying on the ground, unconsciously like a puddle of mud.

“All of you continue your fights, fair and square. I will wait for the last survivor.”

Zhou Xuanji said. His voice traveled across the entire Qingsong mountain.

The participants all heaved a sigh of relief.

At the lower region of the mountain, within the forest, which was pervaded by the dense fog, the tiger demon rubbed his backside instinctively.

“I didn’t expect him to be this powerful…”

Seeing Zhou Xuanji’s real power, he suddenly felt honorable for having been poked by Zhou Xuanji on his backside.

Someone as powerful as Zhou Xuanji could have killed him with one slash, but Zhou Xuanji merely paralyzed him and gave him the opportunity. How could he not admire such a generous and powerful cultivator?

Not only his, but the anger of the others, be it demons or humans, who were poked by the Soft Velvety Sword, turned into excitement.

A female cultivator even fell in love with him.

“Sir poked that place… Could it be…”

The female cultivator blushed and was being affectedly bashful. She thought of how Zhou Xuanji searched her body for the storage rings and storage bags, she was even more embarrassed and desiring for his love.

It could have been because Zhou Xuanji had ignited the passion of all those participants who were camping in a hidden spot, but they charged out and began to engage in an intense fight with each other.

In Chaoge Royal City, at an inn that was four stories high.

A mysterious person stood before the window and was looking at Qingsong Mountain.

She was dressed in purple clothing that was embroidered with many peculiar patterns. A veil covered her fair face, revealing her cold yet charming eyes. A blood flower was painted on her fair forehead and her hair was coiled up with a white jade hairpin.

“Interesting. This guy only had the cultivation of Soul Fountain Level Three, yet he could trounce Astral Projection cultivators. That sword is powerful.”

She mumbled to herself before she turned around and left.

Six hours later.

There were only 12 participants left on Qingsong Mountain, including Zhou Xuanji and Xu Xianxuan.

The actual powerful cultivators were already eliminated by Yang Renlong. Those left were only between Astral Infant Level Five to Astral Projection Level Three.

Finally, Xu Xianxuan was ranked six before she was defeated.

As the Saintess of Hanyin Divine Sect, Yang Xindi would not allow her to die here. When he saw that she was incapacitated, he pulled her out.

Another hour passed.

There were only two persons left on Qingsong Mountain.

Other than Zhou Xuanji, the other person was a muscular man whose upper body was bare. His black hair draped messily behind his back. He looked like a beast in human form.

He flew to the mountain top and faced Zhou Xuanji in mid-air. They were 10 meters apart.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes slowly and looked at the muscular man.

The man took a deep breath and bowed at Zhou Xuanji before flying toward the spell barrier, shouting loudly, “I surrender!”

To be ranked second was already beyond his expectation.

He feared Zhou Xuanji’s power and did not dare to fight.

The entire city exploded in a huge commotion. It was as though their loud voices were going to turn the sky upside down.

Everyone began cheering the name of Phoenix Sword Emperor.

Next, Qingsong Mountain’s spell barrier collapsed. “Very good!” The voice of Yang Xindi’s laughter was heard, “Very spectacular! Tonight, I, the Emperor, will host a feast in the royal palace for you!”

And all the top 10 victors were smiling excitedly.

Diyu flew up to Zhou Xuanji and cupped his fist at him, “Follow me, I will lead you to the royal palace. Let’s make friends along the way.”

He said with a smile, without any unwillingness or anger in his defeat.

He was really convinced of Zhou Xuanji’s prowess!

Zhou Xuanji smiled slightly and was a little thrilled in his heart.

Thunder Core Grass, he’s coming!

Astral Infant, wait for me!

With Di Yu leading the way, Zhou Xuanji flew toward the royal palace of Great Shang. Yang Xindi had already transported himself back, and the floating buildings disappeared alongside him.

The World Hero Conference ended.

The Phoenix Sword Emperor came to fame with this one battle!