I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 141 - The Power of the Sword Emperor, Nine Dragons Soar.

Chapter 141 - The Power of the Sword Emperor, Nine Dragons Soar.


Ranged Sword Propelling! The sword penetrated Di Yu’s chest!

Even Di Yu’s golden-buddha body was like a piece of paper against it!

Everyone’s jaw dropped, including Di Yu and Yang Renlong’s.

The Sky-sundering Emperor Sword soared up into the cloud sea and disappeared.

Zhou Xuanji descended slowly with the Phoenix Emperor Sword in his hand. He had already stored up the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword.

Although the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword was not as famous as the God-Emperor Sword, he had to be careful.

If, unfortunately, I meet with a fan of mine here, then what?

“Do you think you can still win?”

Zhou Xuanji asked loftily. His face was calm and casual, which was the exact opposite of Di Yu’s.

Di Yu’s touched his chest. The searing pain proved to him that everything was real.

With his golden body broken, his blood Qi flowed messily in his body, and his vitality was substantially damaged. He no longer had the strength to compete for the winner.

Instead of prolonging this painful defeat and bringing more shame to himself, it was better to give up now.

He took a deep breath and cupped his fist toward Zhou Xuanji, saying, “I, Di Yu, willingly admit defeat!”

After this, he turned to fly toward the spell barrier and cried at the top of his voice, “I surrender!”


The entire city burst into a huge commotion. How long had it been since Zhou Xuanji appeared, and now he defeated Di Yu already?

This prince was a grand-disciple of the Fury Buddha!

The Di clan and the Yang clan both descended from the royal bloodline of Great Shang. It began with the Di clan, followed by the Yang clan. They were deeply intertwined and could trace back to a history of thousands of years.

Yang Xindi waved his hand, and in an instant, transported Di Yu to his side.

Di Yu saw Yang Xindi, and he could not help but look down shamefully.

Yang Xindi had high hopes toward him. In the end, he was not even the top 10, which was an embarrassment.

Looking toward Qingsong Mountain, there were at least 500 more participants.

Yang Xindi nodded at him and praised, “You did not lose your composure and bearing. Not bad.”

Di Yu was very powerful. Amongst everyone in Northern Wilderness Region who were at his age, he was considered the pinnacle. Today, he had already put up an excellent performance that was expected of him.

Di Yu looked at Yang Xindi with astonishment. He was totally different from the stern Emperor of Great Shang, who he used to be.

He noticed that something was wrong with Yang Xindi’s expression.

Why is he looking at the Phoenix Sword Emperor so passionately?

The general beside said, “Your Highness, do we have a legendary sword technique in Great Shang?

“There is, but is it as good as the Heavenly Lights?

Di Yu immediately understood. No wonder Yang Xindi did not blame him.

He wanted to loop the Phoenix Sword Emperor in!

At the same time.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Yang Renlong with his sword in hand. “Northern Wilderness’ Twin Dragon. Please enlighten me?” He said with a smile and squinted eyes.

The Phoenix Emperor Sword consumed much of his spirit energy. He could at most use the Heavenly Lights three more times before he depleted his spirit energy.

Yang Renlong took a deep breath. “Why don’t we take out everyone else before we have a final duel?” He said.

Zhou Xuanji replied calmly, “I don’t like to attack the weak. Why don’t you do it?”

Yang Renlong had already fought with Di Yu for a long time and had consumed much of his spirit energy too. He needed time to recover.

He nodded his head instantly and swooped downward.

Zhou Xuanji stayed on the mountain top and meditated as he waited.

Within the floating building.

Yang Xindi shook his head and said, “Renlong is good in every way except that he’s too smart, so smart that his intelligence has become his burden.”

To a certain extent, Yang Renlong was more suitable to become the emperor.

But from an angle of appreciation, Yang Xindi favored Di Yu more, who was less scheming but more determined to become stronger.

Di Yu curled his lip and said, “So scheming.”

If this continued on, although he was still defeated by the Phoenix Sword Emperor, it would be extremely humiliating.

And so, Zhou Xuanji sat on the mountain top and looked down on his surroundings.

Yang Renlong began eliminating the participants below but slowly. He was apparently trying to drag things out.

But he did not know that Zhou Xuanji was pleased for him to do that.

Night came.

The number of remaining participants on Qingsong Mountain continued to reduce.

Until the second day, there were less than 100 left.

Those who remained were all hiding and did not dare to fight.

Because they could not win Yang Renlong.

Xu Xianxuan was also hiding under a tree. She took a deep breath and tried her best to remain composed.

She knew that her power was far from Yang Renlong’s. If he found her, she would surely be defeated.


At this moment, the sound of a foot landing came from above her head.

She looked up and saw Yang Renlong standing on a tree branch, looking down at her with a cold expression.

Xu Xianxuan’s expression changed drastically. She got up immediately and prepared herself to fight.

Yang Renlong suddenly smiled, “So it’s Xu Xian-zi. Then, I won’t attack you.”

“When I take the throne in the future, are you willing to become the empress of Great Shang? You don’t need to worry about the Little Evil Lord. No matter how powerful Haoqi Alliance is, they will not dare to offend Great Shang!


After he spoke, Yang Renlong left with a smile.

Xu Xianxuan was not surprised, but cold-faced.

Her beauty was so extraordinary that it gave her the title of as the most beautiful in Great Shang. But she felt somewhat averse to it.

Yang Renlong apparently treated her like an object.

She tried her best to calm herself. Instinctively, she looked toward the mountain top.

She really hoped that Zhou Xuanji could defeat Yang Renlong.

Of course, she had no feelings toward Zhou Xuanji.

After all, she judged by appearance as well.

Time continued to pass.

On the mountain top, Zhou Xuanji put the Phoenix Emperor Sword on his legs. After a night, his spirit energy had already regenerated. Although it was not to the brim, it was good enough.

He opened his eyes and mumbled, “Sorry, since you are so scheming, then I will not even let you get into the top 10.”

After this, he immediately stood up.

“Yang Renlong, night has passed, and you have yet to clear everyone. Forget it, this means that it’s their fate.”

“Come up, let us fight and determine who the winner is. Don’t turn ourselves into a laughing stock for the world, saying that we bully the weak.”

Zhou Xuanji’s voice reverberated across the cloud sea. His dominating words were praised by many.

Compared to Zhou Xuanji, Yang Renlong’s demeanor was not as pleasant as his.

“This guy is quite bold. He did not wait until the last moment.” Yang Xindi praised.

If he continued to wait, Zhou Xuanji could become the top two even if he lost, but he did not do that.

First, it showed that he had confidence.

Second, it meant that he had his own principles to abide by.

Of course, there were schemes in what he did.

But overall, Yang Xindi still looked to Zhou Xuanji with favor.

If this person were to be nurtured well, he would surely become the second Sword Monarch of Great Zhou.

Or, he might even surpass the Sword Monarch.

Yang Xindi loved to compare with Great Zhou, and so was Emperor Yan of Zhou.

Yang Renlong flew out from the cloud mist toward the top with a blackface. Zhou Xuanji’s words really put him in a difficult spot.

He did not know how to rebut.

“Do it.”

Zhou Xuanji lifted up the Phoenix Emperor Sword and said calmly.

The fiery flame immediately enveloped half of his body.

Yang Renlong snorted coldly, “Then, come!”

He raised both hands, and nine golden dragons soared behind him. They stared at Zhou Xuanji fixedly as they roared non-stop.

“Great Shang’s Royal Spell, Nine Dragons Soar!”

Someone in Chaoge Royal City cried out in amazement, which led to a considerable commotion.

Yang Renlong pushed his arms toward Zhou Xuanji, and the nine golden dragons behind him swooped down at him.

The nine dragons flew in one accord, with great strength and impetus!