I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 140 - Everything Is The Sword

Chapter 140 - Everything Is The Sword


“Damn! Why is this guy’s sword mastery so high. Such smooth switches between sword techniques. He’s the best amongst everyone I’ve met so far!”

Yang Renlong gritted his teeth and stared with rage-filled his eyes.

This World Hero Conference was supposed to be his perfect stage to win the right to succeed the throne. How could he allow the meddling of a nobody?

Di Yu’s face was even more ferocious as he began to put in his full power.

His strength was extremely terrifying. Although Zhou Xuanji blocked the blow easily, his arms were feeling numb.

“This guy is a pure physical cultivator?”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at Di Yu and thought about it in astonishment.

He felt like the opponent before him was like a physically powerful demon instead of a human.

As for Yang Renlong, he was ingenious with his ever-changing spells. Fortunately, his Phoenix Emperor Sword was more powerful.

Yang Renlong pulled a distance from him suddenly. He raised up his right hand with his index finger pointing toward the sky. He drew a circle, and immediately, a circle of purple light appeared on his head.

“Wind, assist me!”

Yang Renlong cried. His voice reverberated across the sea of clouds.

A violent gale came and entered, rushing into the purple circle. Next, he swung his right hand toward Zhou Xuanji.

The purple circle turned to face Zhou Xuanji vertically.

The mighty gale that the circle drew in from its back was transformed into countless wind blades that were shot at Zhou Xuanji.

Di Yu maintained his golden-buddha body and engaged Zhou Xuanji in combat, which prevented his opponent from dodging.

Ding! Ding! Ding…

The wind blades landed on Di Yu’s body, like crashing into a metal, generating a bright metallic sound.

Zhou Xuanji had also activated Golden Invincibility. The Phoenix Emperor Sword deflected most of the wind blades while he tanked the rest with his body.

Golden Invincibility!

Di Yu opened his eyes wide and was aghast.

This sword cultivator had Great Accomplishments in physical cultivation?

Not only him, but the other spectators were also stunned.

In their eyes, although Zhou Xuanji did not have a glorious radiance like Di Yu, they both looked like men made of gold.

This guy also knows the energy techniques of the Buddhists?

“Golden Invincibility. Great Accomplishment of physical cultivation.”

Yang Xindi’s eyes brightened, and he mumbled to himself.

One could see from his eyes that he appreciated such a powerful cultivator.

“Compared to Sword God Zhou and the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou, how does this person fare?”

The general was stunned. “In terms of sword techniques, he may be more powerful, but in terms of real power, he might be lacking a little.” He said hesitantly.

They did not think of the sword cultivator before their eyes as the Sword God Zhou.

They heard that Sword God Zhou was very handsome and could drive 10 legendary swords. His God Emperor Sword was famous all over the world.

This Phoenix Sword Emperor had an ordinary appearance and used a sword that could conjure a phoenix. He was too different from Sword God Zhou.

“Your highness, you want to loop him in?”

The general asked curiously. Yan Xindi nodded.

He smiled faintly and said, “There isn’t an assassin who works for me personally.”

Sword was the king of all arms.

Since ancient times, the weapons of the emperors were mostly swords. Yang Xindi wielded a sword as well.

He fancied Zhou Xuanji’s sword techniques. He was somewhat moved.

Even the Emperor of Great Shang admired Zhou Xuanji’s sword techniques.

“Such elegant sword techniques!”

“This person was a grandmaster in the Sword’s Way. Such unpredictable sword techniques!”

“Phoenix Sword Emperor? Great Shang is also going to produce a powerful sword cultivator?”

“Could he be Sword God Zhou? Didn’t Lin Guanyu came here to search for Sword God Zhou here?”

“Are you dumb? Why would Sword God Zhou use so few swods?”

“If he’s Sword God Zhou, why is he playing around? Surely not!”

The people were in a huge commotion. It was difficult to not mention the recently famous sword cultivator, Sword God Zhou!

Zhou Xuanji did not know about their discussion. He was focused on the battle, thinking about how to defeat Yang Renong and Di Yu.

The two of them were more powerful than Chongming Demon Monarch. He estimated that the two were at the pinnacle of all Astral Projection cultivators.

He did not want to use the God-Emperor Sword in Great Shang.

After the thought, he leaped up and drew some distance away from Di Yu.

And plunged swiftly into the sea of clouds.

Di Yu and Yang Renlong looked up and were both on the alert.

“This sword technique is called Heavenly Lights, which I personally created. Witness its power!”

Zhou Xuanji’s voice resounded across the sky. The sword techniques within the Supreme Legendary Sword System were all self-created, and none of them were known by the people in this world. Therefore, no one would object to his claim that he created this sword technique.

Countless people held their breaths as they looked in full concentration.

Amongst the sea of people, the cultivators who partied with Zhou Xuanji were thrilled.

They remembered the prowess of the Heavenly Lights.

Even Chongming Demon Monarch, who was in the inn, popped his head out of the window to see.

“Holding the sword in my hand as though there was no sword. With the sword in my heart, everything is the sword.”

“The sword in my eyes is the rivers and the oceans, the earth and its mountains, and the Heavenly Lights!”

Zhou Xuanji’s voice came again. His tone was arousing and made the blood of those who heard boil.

Di Yu and Yang Renlong were both anxious. Could it be some legendary sword technique?

On Qingsong Mountain, all the participants opened their eyes wide as they waited for Zhou Xuanji’s sword.

And they saw his sword Qi formed into the sun, moon, and the stars, which rained down like a tidal wave, penetrating the cloud sea and swept up waves of powerful gust that rippled across the sky.

The Heavenly Lights was rapid!

Di Yu’s expression changed drastically. He lifted up his arms to block instinctively.


The Heavenly Lights bombarded Di Yu with an unsurpassed might, such that Di Yu fell down the mountain into the dense and billowing fog.

Yang Renlong opened his eyes wide and instinctively turned his body to dodge.

Another wave of Heavenly Lights descended, which landed on the mountain. Countless trees were toppled, and the entire Qingsong Mountain shook violently.

“Such powerful sword Qi…”

Yang Renlong’s expression changed drastically. Cold sweat could be seen on his forehead.

He suddenly felt that he was in danger.

The entire Chaoge Royal City exploded into a huge commotion.

“Such a powerful sword technique! It looked the power of Heaven!”

“It is really the heavenly lights!”

“With the sword in my heart, everything is the sword… Such a high mastery…”

“This makes me want to learn the sword!”

“Phoenix Sword Emperor? So powerful. I want to become his disciple!”

The people commented excitingly. Even the demons among the humans admired Zhou Xuanji.

In the floating building.

Yan Xindi said in excitement, “I, the Emperor, must have him!”

The general beside him was as thrilled. He exclaimed in amazement, “This person’s sword technique can be ranked top five in the world!”

Learning the sword was easy, but creating a sword technique was difficult.

This Heavenly Lights looked apparently like a legendary sword technique!

If they were to loop in such a talent, how many powerful sword cultivators would Great Shang be able to nurture?

On Qingsong Mountain.

Xu Xianxuan was also exhilarated at what happened. She did not expect Zhou Xuanji to best Di Yu and Yang Renlong.

If this continues, he will really win?


Qingsong Mountain shook again. A horrifying aura exploded and shook all the trees on the mountain.

Streams of golden radiance dispersed the dense fog like the radiance of Budda.

“Phoenix Sword Emperor! I, Di Yu, acknowledge your title as the Sword Emperor! Your sword technique is powerful indeed. I’ve only acknowledged the power of a few people, and you are the fourth. But to defeat me, you still need to be more powerful!”

Di Yu’s voice came from below, solemn and majestic.

Next, he leaped up immediately and soared toward the sky like he was the Golden Buddha himself.

But this time, a cold time swooped down.

Sky-sundering Emperor Sword!

Ranged Sword Propelling!


Immediately, Di Yu’s chest was penetrated by the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword. Blood splattered and his expression changed. His face was full of disbelief.