I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 139 - The Sword Emperor Became The Centre Of Attention.

Chapter 139 - The Sword Emperor Became The Centre Of Attention.


In the lower regions of Qingsong Mountain.

Zhou Xuanji laid onto the ground and was resting carefree.

The humans and demons around him looked at him in rage. If their bodies were not so weak, they would have surely fought Zhou Xuanji to the death.

A female cultivator scurried down like a spirit monkey.

When she saw what was around her, she was shocked.

With her dagger in hand, she was on the alert.

“So many people are lying here. Could it be the doing of some powerful cultivator hiding shamelessly here?”

She was alarmed and extremely anxious.

At this moment.


She felt her backside pierced by something all of a sudden and she immediately fell to the ground strengthless.

All the humans and demons on the ground sighed.

They had one more person to accompany them.

Zhou Xuanji was expressionless. He quickly returned to his spot and continued to camp.

He suddenly thought of something, and he plundered all the storage rings and storage bags of both the humans and demons.

And because of this, everyone was even more furious with him.

All of them were staring at him, ferociously with bloodshot eyes.

Seeing this, he poked each human once and each demon twice.

Time continued to pass.

Zhou Xuanji continued his plunder.

Two hours later.

There were less than 10,000 cultivators left on Qingsong Mountain.

Most of them were fighting in their own battles. It was really intense.

Zhou Xuanji remained calm.

There were still a lot of people up there. Let them continue to burn.

Four hours later, there were only 1,000 participants left on Qingsong Mountain.

Almost all the participants were injured.

In one of the floating buildings above Chaoge Royal City, Yang Xindi sat on his throne with two maidservants massaging his leg.

A general that stood beside him said with a smile, “Both Yang Renlong and Di Yu had the demeanor of an emperor. It’s truly Heaven’s blessing on Great Shang.”

Yang Xindi nodded with a smile.

Great Shang was different from Great Shou, in which the members of the royal family fought against each other to become the successor to the throne. It was a dog-eat-dog situation among the princes, and even the royal harem was involved.

In Great Shall, no one was willing to compete for the throne with Yang Renlong and Di Yu. Both of them had a noble deal too.

One of them would become the emperor, while the other would become Great Shang’s guardian.

In partnership, the two of them will lead Great Shang to conquer the world.

So, no matter who won, it was a win for Great Shang.

“How is the performance of the girl from Hanyin Divine Sect?”

Yang Xindi asked all of a sudden. He was referring to Xu Xianxuan.

The general muttered, “So so. She was camping conservatively in the forest. She will not be a threat to the two of them.”

Hanyin Divine Sect was extremely influential, and in fact, they did not lose to Xinhao Sect. Great Shang treated Hanyin Divine Sect as a distinguished guest.

Not only Hanyin Divine Sect, but Haoqi Alliance was also a friend to Great Shang.

Yang Xindi said intently, “That girl has a unique physique and knows her manners. She’s very talented too. It would be good if she can become the future empress of Great Shang.”

With this, the general’s expression changed. He immediately understood what the Emperor meant.

But doing so could offend Haoqi Alliance.

“This matter still requires careful deliberation.”

The general said hesitantly but did not attempt to convince Yang Xindi straightaway.

At the same time.

On Qingsong Mountain.

Yang Renlonga and Di Yu gasped as they drew their distance from each other.

“Di Yu, you have grown stronger again.”

Yang Renlong wiped off the bloodstain on his face. With the corner of his lips raised, he smiled brilliantly.

He was exhilarated. He really enjoyed the battle in which he fought freely.

Di Yu maintained his golden body and smiled, saying, “Of course. You are not bad, either. Looks like it’s not easy for us to determine who is more powerful.”

The two burst into laughter as they looked at each other with heroism. They ignored all the participants below.


At this moment, a fiery sword Qi soared toward the sky from the thick fog below. It transformed into a phoenix that soared into the sky.


The sound of the phoenix resounded across the entire Chaoge Royal City.

Countless people shut their mouths and looked over.

Yang Renlong and Di Yu turned to look instinctively.

In the forest, Xu XIanxan saw the phoenix through the gaps between the lips. Her eyes brightened as she mumbled to herself, “He’s finally going to act.”

In the floating building.

Yang Xindi squinted and said, “Such a powerful sword Qi. Could it be that a grandmaster in the Sword’s Way participated in this year’s World Hero Conference?”

The general beside him was also stunned. I did not hear of any powerful sword cultivator coming to participate?

With everyone’s attention, Zhou Xuanji rose up from the dense fog with the Phoenix Emperor Sword in his hand.

The right half of his body was aflame like a fire god incarnate, mighty and lofty.


Everyone exclaimed in amazement. They could not believe their eyes.

“Who is that? Such a powerful aura!”

“I didn’t expect someone this powerful to be among the participants of the World Hero Conference!”

“What does he want to do?”

“This show is getting more spectacular!”

“Is he going to challenge Yang Renlong and Di Yu?”

The people commented. Everyone was curious about Zhou Xuanji’s identity.

Even the participants on Qingsong Mountain were looking at him with astonishment.

Zhou Xuanji flew up to the top of Qingsong Mountain quickly and stood at equal height with Yaang Renlong and Di Yu.

He smiled and said, “Sorry to put the two of you under my shadow. I will be the winner for this World Hero Conference for sure!”

“If you are not convinced, you are welcome to test it out!”

After that, he raised the Phoenix Emperor Sword up high. A fire phoenix stretched its wings behind him as it roared. It was intimidating and impressive.

Yang Renlong squinted his eyes while Di Yu frowned.

Both were thinking about who this person was.

“Humph, you think you are good enough to win?”

Di Yu snorted coldly. His arms jerked, and his body bulked up like a monster in human form. The golden radiance on his body became extremely glaring.

He threw a punch at Zhou Xuanji.


A buddha-voice exploded. A giant golden fist clashed toward Zhou Xuanji like a gold mountain. It split the clouds and mist in two, which looked magnificent.

Zhou Xuanji smiled with disdain and slashed back.

Tempest Slash!

The fiery sword Qi swept across, clashing together with the giant golden fist, followed immediately by an explosion.

The expressions of Di Yu and Yang Renlong changed. They swiftly passed trough the smokescreen produced by the explosion and charged at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji flipped out the Soft Velvety Sword on his left hand. With the two swords in hand, he activated Dual Sword Mode and fought the two at the same time.

The three moved so quickly that they made the spectators dizzy.

Zhou Xuanji entered into the sword will mode. His battle instincts made his sensory organs extremely sharp. He was able to block every attack that came from his opponents.

He was not disadvantaged. Instead, he fought with the demeanor of a grandmaster of the Sword’s Way, calm and fearsome.

The scene made the jaws of countless people drop.

This extraordinary sword cultivator could stand up to Yang Renlong and Di Yu!

“How can it be! Who is he really?”

“He’s Phoenix Sword Emperor! He’s the one who subdued Chongming Demon Monarch!”

“Chongming Demon Monarch? That famous Seventh Rank bull demon?”

“Phoenix Sword Emperor? Why haven’t I heard about him?”

“So powerful. Doesn’t feel like he’s weaker than the Child of Destiny!”

In the royal city, the cultivators who were on the same mission as Zhou Xuanji revealed his title.

They were all exhilarated, as though the Phoenix Sword Emperor was their good friend and that they were honored.

Yang Xindi frowned. He was thinking about where this powerful challenger came from.

Such a powerful cultivator should have already become reputed across the world. He should have known.

Zhou Xuanji’s two swords were like the wind. His sword techniques were unpredictable. Sometimes, he used White Crane and the Fiery Sword Technique, while at other times, he used the Vibrant Raindrops Sword and Thirty-six Paths Jade Xiao Sword. Yang Renlong and Di Yu were both having difficulties facing him.