I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 138 - Intense Conference, Unrivaled!

Chapter 138 - Intense Conference, Unrivaled!


“The World Hero Conference is about to begin!”

The mighty voice came again and reverberated across the entire Chaoge Royal City.

After the voice spoke, Qingsong Mountain began vibrating violently. A translucent screen rose from the dense fog surrounding Qingsong Mountain. It rose towards the sky and enveloped the entire mountain.

Thunderclouds billowed as gathered toward the mountain.

The sea of clouds was split open before a silhouette landed slowly.

He wore a black emperor’s robe. The strings of beads shook on the crown that he was wearing.

His body was muscular and his face intimidating, as though he was a monarch in the legends who looked down upon all living things.

Great Shang’s Emperor, Yang Xindi!

Zhou Xuanji looked up at him, together with the other 100,000 powerful cultivators.

Yan Xindi spoke expressionlessly, “Every one of you are heroes across the world and are famous in your respective regions. Today, you are gathered here for the World Hero Conference because of the word ‘hero.’ The rules for this year’s World Hero Conference are not as complicated as they were in the past.”

“You will be ranked based on how long you survive. The last survivor will be the winner.”

“Either you die, or you fly to the boundary of the spell barrier and admit surrender.”

“Remember, you must only shout out your surrender after you reached the border of the spell barrier. Or else if you get killed, it’s your fate.”

Yang Xindi’s words shocked everyone.

Such ruthless rules. Powerful cultivators could kill 1,000 with just one skill.

Fortunately, Qingsong Mountain was extremely tall. They could find a place to hide shamelessly.

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow slightly. He was not aversed to the rule, because it was the most time-efficient.

“I, the Emperor, declare that the World Hero Conference officially begins!”

Yan Xindi cried mightily. His voice shook the heavens.

After the Emperor’s declaration, a wave of earthshakingly, horrifying auras exploded from Qingsong Mountain.

“I am Yang Renlong. I will wait for all of you on the mountain top. Who dares to compete with me!”

An arrogant but imposing voice came from the mountain top. He was looking down on everything mockingly.

Zhou Xuanji got up slowly and took out the Soft Velvety Sword.

Xu XIanxuan got up after him and glanced at his sword. “Not using your full power straightaway?” She asked.

“I don’t slay the weak ones.” Zhou Xuanji replied calmly.

If he used his full power, how would he be able to fight later on?

He was merely at Soul Fountain!

His spirit energy capacity was only considered mediocre in the World Hero Conference.

Xu Xianxuan looked at him intently and said, “Sir, why don’t we work together and get into the top 10?”

Her cultivation was at Astral Projection. Even by herself, she could get into the top 50 easily. But to get into the top 10 was difficult for her.

Zhou Xuanji glanced at her and said proudly, “A fierce tiger fights solo. Only the weaker wolves fight in packs!”

After that, he ran down the mountain and disappeared into the dense fog.

Xu Xianxuan was stunned, followed by anger. She stomped twice.


“What a bluff. Apparently, you are afraid.”

She snorted coldly, before running up the mountain.

Zhou Xuanji descended swiftly into a remoted region. He walked to a place under a giant hard rock.

All of Qingsong Mountain’s rocks were tough to break. Even if there was an intense battle above, there weren’t many rocks that came rolling down.

Just when Zhou Xuanji sat down, he saw someone lying in the grass not far away.

He wore green clothes and a green headcloth. With the help of the fog, he merged into the grass patch perfectly.

“Damn! A camper!”

Zhou Xuanji cursed in his heart. After that, he came to that person’s back with the Eight-step Sword Lunge.

And he thrust the Soft Velvety Sword forward.


That person made a weird sound, which sounded both painful and pleasant, and made Zhou Xuanji’s brow raised.


It seemed like he accidentally thrust the sword into his asshole.

That person gave a cry before he laid motionlessly on the ground.

The Soft Velvety Sword came into effect. That person became strengthless and could not even speak.

Zhou Xuanji returned to his original spot and waited patiently.

The other person in the grass patch looked at him with anger and fear. The expression in his eyes was as though he wanted to tear Zhou Xuanji into pieces.

The battle above was intensifying. Even by hiding at this place, Zhou Xuanji could hear it clearly.

Sometimes, a dead body fell and disappeared into the abyss.

Zhou Xuanji waited quietly.

Half an hour later.

The camper moved a little. Zhou Xuanji waled over and thrust his sword into his ass again, before returning to his original spot.


That person roared desperately and furiously in his heart.

He was going to die here even before he could do anything?

At this moment.

A tiger demon ran down from the mountain, which looked horrified. He was covered in blood and had apparently experienced an intense battle.

He ran past the giant rock that Zhou Xuanji was hiding under, but he did not notice him.

With the help of the Qi Obscuring Incantation, it was as though Zhou Xuanji was not there.

Instead, the tiger demon noticed the other person who laid in the grass patch.

He grinned, “What a shameless guy!”

He straightaway walked over and killed the camper by breaking his neck.

After that, he took off the camper’s clothes and wore them before hiding in another patch of grass.

Just when he laid down, he felt his backside getting pierced by a sword. It was painful, but there was also an indescribably pleasant feeling that made him feel so relaxed.

And then, he saw Zhou Xuanji behind him, wiping the blood off the Soft Velvety Sword.


The tiger demon sighed miserably. He was too careless.

Zhou Xuanji dragged him out from the grass patch and returned to the giant rock to hide.

After a while, several cultivators ran down again.

There were all pierced by Zhou Xuanji’s Soft Velvety Sword and laid paralyzed on the ground.

Zhou Xuanji did not kill the tiger demon, using him as bait to lure more enemies.

And so, the cycle went on.

After an hour, there were hundreds of silhouettes lying on the ground. There were both humans and demons, and all of them laid motionlessly in despair.

On the mountain top, two people were engaged in intense combat. They clashed and bombarded each other ceaselessly like two streams of rainbow-like lights.

They were Yang Renlong and Di Yu!

Yang Renlong looked really like Yang Xindi, like a younger version of the Emperor. He wore a golden robe and a gold-dragon crown, which looked very intimidating.

The bald Di Yu wore a kasaya and a string of beads around his neck. Each bead was the size of an infant’s head. His dense and bulky muscles were packed full of power, while his skin turned golden in color like a Buddha statue.

The two fought like deities, shaking Qingsong Mountain violently. Many cultivators and demon kings were fighting small skirmishes respectively, and even the thick fog could not block off their silhouettes.

In the royal city, a vast commotion thundered.

“Yang Renlong is so powerful! The Child of Destiny, indeed!”

Just as expected, the World Hero Conference was a duel for the two of them!”

Golden Buddha Statue. Did Di Yu attained Great Accomplishment?”

“Too powerful!”

“I think that they will injure each other badly, and someone else will come to defeat them both.”

“Hahaha, you must be joking!”

Countless humans and demons were discussing in the city. Cultivators were flying toward the border of the spell barrier once a while to surrender.

But many still lost their lives even before they could reach the border. The situation was extremely horrifying.

Xu Xianxuan scurried across the mountainous terrain quickly, leaving a trail of blood splatters behind. She was able to fully demonstrate the power of her Astral Projection cultivation, and no one could catch up with her.

She looked up into the sky. Under the sea of clouds, Yang Renlong and Di Yu were like two suns, looking high and lofty.

“He’s still not going to make a move?”

Xu Xianxuan thought about Zhou Xuanji. With his power, he would surely be able to compete with Yang Renlong and Di Yu.