I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 137 - Yang Renlong! Di Yu!

Chapter 137 - Yang Renlong! Di Yu!


“Sword God Zhou? I’ve seen him before. In all my life, I will only submit to Sword God Zhou.”

Zhou Xuanji replied as he nodded his head. After that, he began to puff up Sword God Zhou exaggeratedly.

“Sword God Zhou’s sword techniques are really top in the world. Other than the Sword’s Way, he has a handsome face, handsome and elegant. No one can compare with him in the entire Northern Wilderness Region.”

“His generosity and uprightness are unparalleled in all history…”

“His knowledge and temperament, no saint could compare…”

“His goals and purposes, higher than that of the immortals and deities…”

Chongming Demon Monarch’s head began to swell as he listened. He could not hold it and interrupted, “Why are you praising him so much? As though you are Sword God Zhou!”

Hold on!

*  Could it be…*

Chongming Demon Monarch looked at him with his eyes wide open, aghast.

Zhou Xuanji looked at him with a faint smile, “Since you know about this secret…”

The bull demon knelt down immediately and said with genuine fear, “Sir Zhou… I’m at fault… I will never leak out your true identity… I swear…”

No wonder!

*  Where did a Phoenix Sword Emperor appear from!*

*  So, he is the Sword God Zhou who recently came to fame!*

Even Beiba Blademaster could not kill Sword God Zhou. How powerful would he be?

“From today onwards,” Zhou Xuanji said with squinted eyes, “You are the mount of Sword God Zhou. Follow me, I will make you into the most powerful demon in the world.”

“Of course, from today onwards, you are in the same boat as me. If my identity is exposed, you will not live either. I killed Lin Guanyu’s sister, he swore to kill everyone around me.”

“You have seen it. He’s nuts.”

Chongming Demon Monarch nodded instinctively. Lin Guanyu charged into Great Shang like a lunatic, claiming to search for Sword God Zhou, and even fought with the Fury Buddha. He’s crazy indeed.

He sighed miserably in his heart. Oh no.

I’m looped into big trouble.

If so, then I will accept my fate!

He looked up and asked, “Master, can you tell me about your duel with the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou?”

The battle on Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle was the one that deified Sword God Zhou. He heard about it even from as far away as Great Shang.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and began telling him about the fight with exaggeration.

Chongming Demon Monarch listened as his blood boiled with excitement. He admired Zhou Xuanji even more.

Eight days later.

Zhou Xuanji left the inn and headed over to Qingsong Mountain.

But Chongming Demon Monarch stayed in the inn. He had too many enemies, so he did not want to loiter around.

Walking on the street, Zhou Xuanji realized that everyone was walking in the same direction.

He listened to the commotion around him as he walked.

“This time around, the World Hero Conference is extraordinary. The Child of Destiny is going to participate as well.”

“Not only that, but even the grandson of Fury Buddha is also going to join. Who knows how spectacular it will be with all these heroes around.”

“Hanyin Divine Sect’s Saintess is here too. I really look forward to it!”

“I heard that this World Hero Conference will award the top 10 with great prizes. I’m not sure if it’s real.”

“The Emperor will be spectating too. If a participant were to be favored by him, then he or she would be on a straight path to success!”

Zhou Xuanji remembered some names.

Child of Destiny, Yang Renlong!

Grandson of the Fury Buddha, Di Yu!

Especially Yang Renlong, who was considered Northern Wilderness’ Twin Dragon along with Great Zhou’s Zhou Yalong.

The world believed that the two of them would split the human world into halves, with each under their control, respectively.

One of them was going to become Great Zhou’s Emperor, while the other, Great Shang’s Emperor. They were often compared with one another.

Yang Renlong and Di Yu had high hopes of winning and were favored by countless people.

To be the winner of the World Hero Conference, one would receive everything he or she wanted.

The winner could become Great Shang’s high official or could be looped in by all the well-known sects.

This was a battle for benefits and fame!

Zhou Xuanji’s target was the Myria-annum Thunder Core Grass, but fame was what he wanted too.

“Sorry, the main character is here. You will all be side-lined.”

Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself and walked along with the throng of people.

The World Hero Conference was rarely held. Sometimes, it was held every 10 years, while at other times, it might not have been held for 100 years.

It was a sole decision made by the Emperor of Great Shang.

This time around, Great Shang’s Emperor wanted to find out who was most powerful, Yang Renlong or Di Yu.

No matter who won between the two of them, the winner could become the heir to the throne!

Unless those old and powerful cultivators came to participate, no one would be able to overshadow Yang Renlong and Di Yu’s performance.

This was the consensus of the world.

Zhou Xuanji continued ahead and heard many other names. They were all top cultivators in Great Shang and each sect’s elites.

Compared to Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection, Great Shang’s World Hero Conference had a more awesome line-up.

Among which there were many powerful cultivators from other empires.

Of course, there wasn’t anyone from Great Zhou.

Great Zhou and Great Shang were arch-nemeses.

After walking for two hours, Zhou Xuanji reached Qingsong Mountain.

In front of him was a sea of people, and outside the city walls stood Qingsong Mountain.

The mountain was higher than the clouds, and it was surrounded by celestial mists. Countless cultivators flew up and down like heavenly visitors.

The cultivators before the city wall leaped up and flew toward Qingsong Mountain.

But most people were waiting at the city walls and were looking up. A huge commotion was going on.

Zhou Xuanji saw that there were many floating buildings not far away that were surrounded by guards.

“16 hours left until the World Hero Conference begins!”

A mighty voice resounded across the entire city, counting down for the World Hero Conference.

Zhou Xuanji leaped up and flew toward Qingsong Mountain.

His movement attracted the attention of many. But when they saw that he looked unfamiliar, many lost their interest in him.

To most people, the World Hero Conference was a battle between famous and powerful cultivators. They were all here for the show.

Zhou Xuanji flew for about 1,000 meters before he reached Qingsong Mountain. Outside of the city was a vast abyss and pervaded by fog, which made it very frightening to look at.

After he entered the forest, he saw many cultivators.

They were either polishing their enchanted artifacts or cultivating, as they waited for the World Hero Conference to start.

They could not start fighting before the conference begins, or else they would be disqualified.

Once, there was a crown prince who had no restraint over himself, and he was forceful expelled, along with the removal of his status as the crown prince. Since then, no one dared to be reckless in flouting the rules.

Zhou Xuanji sat down on a tree.

At this moment, a fragrant scent came.

Zhou Xuanji knew who was coming even without opening his eyes.

“Xu Xian-zi, how are you?”

Zhou Xuanji spoke. It was Xu Xianxuan.

She sat beside Zhou Xuanji but three meters away from him.

She meditated while she asked, “Sir, how confident are you to win this conference?”

For someone as powerful as Zhou Xuanji, he mustn’t have been here to merely participate. He must’ve been here to win.

“If I say I’m fully confident, will you believe me?”

Zhou Xuanji replied. He was not afraid of face-slapping. Whether or not he won, he would leave Great Shang after the conference was over. In such a vast world, he would never meet Xu Xianxuan again, and therefore, there would be no embarrassment.

“I believe you.”

Xu Xianxuan said faintly, “Actually, I want to win first too. If I do so, I will be liberated and no longer be a puppet of my sect.”

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow. He had already smelled the scent of a cliche plotline.

But he did not say anything.

He had enough troubles already and did not want to activate a sub-plotline.

Xu Xianxuan did not continue speaking. The two of them were silent.

Time passed.

More and more cultivators arrived.

16 hours passed swiftly.

Zhou Xuanji estimated that there might have been more than 100,000 cultivators on Qingsong Mountain. The weakest amongst them was Inner Pellet, which was considered horrifying.