I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 136 - Great Shang’s Fury Buddha, Unrivaled in the World.

Chapter 136 - Great Shang’s Fury Buddha, Unrivaled in the World.


Zhou Xuanji and the other nine cultivators met up. When they saw Zhou Xuanji coming, riding on a giant bull, they all opened their eyes wide.

The Phoenix Sword Emperor was that guy just now?

They were all anxious all of a sudden.

Xu Xianxuan ordered the two maidservants to give out the mission rewards.

Zhou Xuanji received a storage ring, which had 10,000 Level Four spirit stones, 10,000 Spirit Gathering Pills, and an Earth Grade spell scroll.

“Next, we will head to Chaoge Royal City. If you are heading in the same direction, we can move together.”

Xu Xianxuan spoke, and six people chose to leave immediately.

Zhou Xuanji was too intimidating for them. Moreover, with Chongming Demon Monarch around, they felt it was too dangerous to stay.

After that, the bluebirds pulled the carriage and flew, while Chongming Demon Monarch walked into the air. The other three cultivators were looking at Zhou Xuanji with envy.

It must be admitted that Chongming Demon Monarch was really awesome and mighty. He was not inferior to the bluebirds at all.

Zhou Xuanji said casually, “I have a snake and two birds. The snake is very despicable. Teach him a good lesson for me when the time comes.”

“No problem,” Chongming Demon Monarch said in a muffled voice.

“You seemed to be unhappy?”

“I don’t dare…”

“Tell me a joke, or else I will flay a layer of skin from you.”

“Ah… a joke?”

Chongming Demon Monarch fell into despair. You are going to torture me so soon?

* Where is your demeanor as a powerful cultivator?*

The other three cultivators looked at each other in dismay. They could not believe that this was a Seventh Rank demon.

It was really miserable.

Finally, Chongming Demon Monarch told a joke stutteringly.

“I don’t really know jokes… Let me say something I think is funny…”

“100 years ago, I encountered a cultivator. He said he wanted beef, and then I was eaten… Hahaha!”


Chongming Demon Monarch burst out laughing at his own joke. He laughed so hard that his body trembled, which painfully squeezed against Zhou Xuanji’s testicles.

Everyone turned to look. Even Xu Xianxuan drew open the veil in the carriage to see why the bull demon was laughing so happily.

Zhou Xuanji was speechless. How is this funny?

The others found it baffling too.

Chongming Demon Monarch was laughing non-stop as though his laughing acupoint had been activated.

Zhou Xuanji became angry. He slapped the bull demon’s head, which made him a little concussed.

His laughter stopped immediately.

“Is it not funny?” It asked sadly.

“Every time I think about this, I will laugh for an hour. 100 years later, I still find it funny.”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes. What a nut!

Seeing this, the others burst out laughing.

They did not expect a Seventh Rank demon to be this dumb. It was really eye-opening.

Half a month later, Zhou Xuanji finally reached the legendary Chaoge Royal City.

Chaoge Royal City looked majestic and extensively developed. Its city gate was 60 meters high, which looked like the firmament in the sky, and was surrounded by mountains. The outline of the city’s buildings was also undulating, which was a sign that the city was built on mountainous terrain.

The royal city had numerous guards circling the air on their black eagles.

Upon reaching Chaoge Royal City’s gate, Xu Xianxuan dismissed the party. To enter the city required registration of their identity. She did not want to mix up with the others.

Zhou Xuanji rode on Chongming Demon Monarch and strolled up to the city gate. Along the way, he had attracted much attention.

Chongming Demon Monarch felt so ashamed that he wanted to die. He could only pretend to be an ordinary green bull, lest he lose all his dignity.

“Sir, what is your name? Where are you from? Why are you here?”

The soldier asked politely. Although Chongming Demon Monarch did not speak, his demonic Qi had already sent chills down their spines.

Chaoge Royal City allowed its visitors to bring their demons in, but they couldn’t hurt people.

“Zhou Menglang. From Black Rock Village outside the border. I’m here for the World Hero Conference.”

Zhou Xuanji replied calmly. There are countless villages in the world, the village that he made up on the spot might have really existed.

After that, he threw out a piece of Level Two spirit stone.

The soldier took the spirit stone before registering for Zhou Xuanji.

Even Chongming Demon Monarch had to register.

Zhou Xuanji named him Ah Cow. After all, the bull demon was as reputed in Great Shang as Gulan Demon Monarch was in Great Zhou.

Chongming Demon Monarch met Gulan Demon Monarch before. The former despised the ambition of the latter.

Soon, Zhou Xuanji received his own identity tag and entered the city.

He was still riding on the bull demon and planned to settle down in an inn.

There were many broad streets in Chaoge Royal City, but they were still crowded. All sorts of stores lined up at the two sides of the streets and no one set up shop on the floor.

All the passersby were cultivators. Most of them had reached the Foundation Building stage.

Zhou Xuanji even found someone at Inner Pellet and Soul Fountain amidst the sea of people.

An hour later.

Zhou Xuanji found an inn. Before he entered it, Chongming Demon Monarch turned into a human form, which was two heads taller than Zhou Xuanji. He had a muscular build and wildly messy hair. All of this made him someone to be avoided.

Seeing that Chongming Demon Monarch took on a human form, the passersby were not alarmed.

The State Teacher of Great Shang was a demon. This was an empire in which demons and humans co-existed.

And it was because of this, the Great Shang Empire was demonized in Great Zhou’s view.

Zhou Xuanji booked a guest room. When he was walking up, the server looked at Chongming Demon Monarch and him with an extremely peculiar sight.

The bull demon was a little nervous, and he felt chills in his spine. He was considering whether to escape right away.

After they entered the room, Zhou Xuanji sat on the bed and said, “You just cultivate on the floor.”


Chongming Demon Monarch nodded. After that, he sat at a corner obediently.

It was what he wanted. He really didn’t want to sit in the same bed as Zhou Xuanji.

In the next few days, Zhou Xuanji did not leave his room but asked the servers to help gather information about the World Hero Conference.

He heard that the World Hero Conference did not need registrations. As long as he was there at the venue eight days later, he would be considered a participant.

The venue was on Qingsong Mountain behind Chaoge Royal City.

By participating in the World Hero Conference, he would risk his life. It was normal for people to die on Qingsong Mountain. So, the number of participants was not extremely high, because they needed to have the capability.

Chongming Demon Monarch did not leave the room either. He was very well-behaved.

He frankly admitted that he was afraid of Great Shang’s Fury Buddha.

“Fury Buddha is really that powerful?”

Zhou Xuanji asked curiously. If he could defeat Lin Guanyu, he had to be at the Great Realization stage as well.

“Of course,” Chongming Demon Monarch nodded and said, “That old man killed a million ferocious demons with one palm-strike and had become greatly reputed. He used to be Great Shang’s Crown Prince and used his money to indulge himself in debauchery. One day, he came to a realization and decided to embark on a pilgrimage to the West for Buddhist Scriptures. After he achieved Great Accomplishment in the Buddha’s Way, he returned and purged demons in Great Shang. This is why Great Shang is so prosperous today.”

In other words, he had already fought everyone in Great Shang, and was unrivaled.

Speaking of this, Chongming Demon Monarch shuddered. Apparently, he had been thrashed by the Fury Buddha before.

Pilgrimage to the West for Buddhist Scriptures?

Zhou Xuanji blinked his eyes. How interesting!

Chongming Demon Monarch reminded him, “Don’t create trouble in Chaoge Royal City. Beiba Blademaster came some time ago and was beaten by the Fury Buddha. I even heard the fight from the forest.”

“Beiba Blademaster is dumb. He came to Great Shang in search of Sword God Zhou. What a lunatic.”

He looked up at Zhou Xuanji and asked, “Oh yeah, have you met Sword God Zhou before? Is he really that powerful? Xinhao Sect, Great Zhou, and Beiba Blademaster were all after him. Tsk tsk, he’s really amazing!”

“Such boldness. I admire him!”