I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 135 - Phoenix Sword Emperor, The Power of Heavenly Lights.

Chapter 135 - Phoenix Sword Emperor, The Power of Heavenly Lights.


Zhou Xuanji levitated in the air. Although he was smiling, he was a little terrified in his heart.

Although he had the Phoenix Emperor Sword in hand, if he were to be hit by that slash, he would have been crushed into pieces.

Such destructive power!

Chongming Demon Monarch roared at him, and the soundwaves resounded throughout the sky.


Chongming Demon Monarch leaped up and slashed toward Zhou Xuanji.

The demon’s large body did not make his movement slow. In fact, his action was very swift!

Zhou Xuanji used Vibrant Raindrops Sword. His consecutive thrusts accompanied by the rainbow-shaped sword Qi engulfed Chongming Demon Monarch in an instant.

Countless beams of sword Qi landed on Chongming Demon Monarch. The demon gritted his teeth and took the blows with his body without blocking any.

Seeing this, Zhou Xuanji’s eyes lit up.

“Why? Are you scared? My flesh is impenetrable and invincible!”

Chongming Demon Monarch grinned, thinking that he shocked the brat.

“I’m not afraid. Now, I want you even more.”

Having heard of that, Chongming Demon Monarch opened its eyes wide.

He suddenly thought about a legend he heard before.

Some humans had devious and disgusting interests…

His mood immediately turned sour.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji somersaulted back a distance away from him and flew up 1,000 meters high.

“This sword technique is called the Heavenly Lights! Chongming Demon Monarch, submit to my sword!”

With the sun shining brightly from behind him, Zhou Xuanji was like a deity, high and lofty.

The scene made Xu Xianxuan open her pretty eyes wide.

The cultivators who were escaping instinctively turned their heads to take a look.

The two maidservants, who were foraging for some plants, looked up too.

Everyone saw Zhou Xuanji but they could not see his face clearly.

They could only see him swinging the Phoenix Emperor Sword swiftly. The countless sword Qi rained down like a storm, forming into the sun and the moon, and the stars.

The sun and the moon were in front, followed by the stars.

The sword Qi crashed down like a tidal wave but with extreme speed.

Chongming Demon Monarch could not dodge in time. He lifted up his giant blade to block the attack.


The Heavenly LIghts crashed into the demon’s giant blade. The impact numbed his arms in an instant.

Before the tidal wave of sword Qi, the bull demon looked so small.

The scene was awesome visually!

Xu Xianxuan gazed with her eyes wide open. She did not even dare to blink.

The others’ jaws dropped.

Chongming Demon Monarch was suppressed by the Heavenly Lights and began to fall to the ground slowly. The tide of sword Qi did not disperse after he landed on the ground, which continued to push him backward, cutting out two trenches in the ground.

He gnashed his teeth as he stared furiously at Zhou Xuanji. He was aghast.

“Who are you?”

He roared with all his might. He was just sleeping in his territory. How was it that he offended such a powerful cultivator?

How unlucky is that?

“I’m Phoenix Sword Emperor. I fancy your power and your image, so I’m here to recruit you as my mount. How fortunate it is for you, and you dare to reject?”

Zhou Xuanji tried to fake an attractive but majestic voice and spoke arrogantly.

After that, he swung his sword again.

Another wave of Heavenly Lights clashed into Chongming Demon Monarch again.


Chongming Demon Monarch’s armor was shattered into pieces. He shrieked as the blast sent him flying backward, blood splattered from his body.

His gigantic body rolled on the ground, knocking down trees after trees. Finally, he was smashed into a mountain that was a thousand meters away. His body was stuck into the mountain wall and was totally incapacitated.


The world seemed to have become silent.

No one dared to breathe aloud. Everyone was stunned, including Xu Xianxuan.

Zhou Xuanji landed quickly. He walked up to Chongming Demon Monarch with the Phoenix Emperor Sword in hand. “Do you submit to me or not?” He asked.

Using Heavenly Light twice in a row had consumed much of his spirit energy, but he could not show it.

Chongming Demon Monarch looked up with much difficulty. At this moment, he was covered in blood and looked extremely miserable.

“I will not… submit to you…”

Who was he?

Seventh Rank Demon Monarch!

To be able to reside in Great Shang meant that he had extraordinary power. How would he be willing to submit to a human’s authority?

Zhou Xuanji lifted up his sword and thrust it into his abdomen. The bull demon gritted his teeth in pain.

“My sword will continue to go deeper. Are you sure?”

Zhou Xuanji asked calmly. Hearing him, Chongming Demon Monarch’s pupils contracted suddenly.

“Master!” He shouted, “From today onwards, I, Chongming Demon Monarch, will submit to your authority!”

And now, Zhou Xuanji subdued a Seventh Rank great demon.

Xu Xianxian, who was looking from afar, fell into a daze.

The great Chongming Demon Monarch came under someone’s command just like that?

She felt as though it was unrealistic, like it was a dream.

Zhou Xuanji stored his sword and allowed Chongming Demon Monarch to regenerate.

A while later.

The two maidservants returned to Xu Xianxuan. They held in their hands two stalks of purple flowers each, and they turned around to look.

Zhou Xuanji was 1,000 meters away from them. Between them, there was no mist. The ground was torn open, and everywhere was in ruins.

It was hard to imagine what kind of battle happened here.

“Young master, was he the one we recruited previously?” The lady in white skirt asked with a frown.

She remembered her attitude toward Zhou Xuanji and felt really scared.

If Zhou Xuanji were to be an evil cultivator, he would be their nightmare.

Xu Xianxuan took a deep breath and said, “Phoenix Sword Emperor. Have you heard of him before?”

The two ladies shook their heads in confusion.

The lady in the red skirt muttered softly, “The Northern Wilderness Region is so vast. There are many heroes. To become a sword emperor would require power and character. Should we make friends with him?”

“You are not afraid to make the Little Evil Lord angry?” The lady in the white dress stared at her and said with an unpleasant tone.

“What’s there to be afraid about? If he’s angry, he can go and find the Phoenix Sword Emperor. He might not win.”

The lady in the red dress said indifferently. They did not like the Little Evil Lord.

Xu Xianxuan did not like him either.

She thought about it and said, “He wants to participate in the World Hero Conference. We bring him there along the way, which can be considered as making friends. Other than that, we don’t need to be too eager, which might be counter-effective to a powerful person like him.”

Along the way here, Zhou Xuanji neither lost his temper, nor paraded his prowess. She really admired his character.

The two ladies nodded. They were both curious about the background of the Phoenix Sword Emperor.

But they were not infatuated with him.

Zhou Xuanji was not handsome, after all.

Chongming Demon Monarch recovered a little from his injuries. He looked at Zhou Xuanji with complexity in his eyes.

“Pack up. Leave with me later.”

“If you dared to run away, I will have 10,000 ways to find and torture you.”

Zhou Xuanji instructed calmly. He intentionally allowed Chongming Demon Monarch the opportunity to escape to make him feel afraid.

If he did not dare to run this time, he would not dare to do so in the future.

Chongming Demon Monarch left with his head dropping.

His silhouette, which used to look so high and mighty, now seemed so sorrowful.

Like a king fell from his divine pedestal.

An hour later.

Chongming Demon Monarch returned. The bloodstains on his body were washed clean and his wounds began to heal. Such healing power was tempting to Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji asked him to return to his original form, which was a muscular bull with a shoulder height of two meters.

He was a green bull, but his skin was covered with black fur, which looked hideous.

He rode Chongming Demon Monarch and came up to Xu Xianxuan and her maidservants. “Shall we move out? Go to Chaoge Royal City straightaway.”

Looking at the bull under Zhou Xuanji’s thighs, the three ladies were dazzled.

Xu Xianxuan nodded and said, “Sir, please follow us.”